Are keyless entry systems safe? | ADAC

Are keyless entry systems safe? | ADAC

car theft for dummies this video shows
how quick and easy car theft and be with a keyless entry system this is how it
works one person extends the range of the key
fob left somewhere in the house the thief’s accomplice can then open and
start the car within a matter of seconds when you have a car with a keyless entry
system you just carry your key fob in your pocket once you’re within two to three metres of the car it
will recognize the key fob and will unlock upon touching the door handle and start when
the driver sits in the car to steal his kind of car all you need is
to extend the range of the key fob from a few metres to several hundred metres
the car thinks that the key is quite near all you need to do is start and within seconds drive off without leaving any visible
traces ADAC wants to find out Are keyless entry systems really that easy
to trick? the unsuspecting victims are sitting in a cafe with the key fob on the table now all
the fraud still has to do is sit nearby with the simple range extender the
second thief outside opens the car door unnoticed and drives off this theft
method worked well in the ADAC test the tief can drive the stolen car until it runs out
of fuel or if you simply leaves the engine on while refueling you can
virtually drive wherever in other words taking the stolen car out of the country is
no problem ADAC had a simple wireless extender
built for the test every day ADAC examines a brand new cars for the
ADAC auto test car reviews the results so far a disillusioning So far we’ve tested over 20 vehicles of more
than a dozen brands and in each case we’re able not only to open the car
within seconds but also to drive off illegally ADAC calls on car
manufacturers to remedy the problem and to systematically protected car
electronics by measures which are already standard elsewhere

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Just another useless modification. There is no point at all to use systems like that. It isn't much of a deal to start normally your car…

  2. Well yes they can steal the vehicle, but now once they drop it off at a chop shop, or a boat/transport for a foreign country they will need to shut it off at some point and restart it. At which point it will be unable to be restarted, and the car will have been reported stolen by that time. Also the auto dealerships will not reprogram a new wireless key for a car reported stolen without police intervention.

  3. Buy ZEDER and he will never can turn on your car with key or without key too…noone is can start car which have ZEDER security system..

  4. Why not cut the engine when out of range of the key? Simple solution. I mean, what if you leave the fob on top of your car and drive away? Next time you want to start your car you're stuck.

  5. Why not use key ignitions (the keys are cheaper to replace, can't be hacked like this, still have their draw backs though but it seems better then this alternative)

  6. all you need to do is remove the battery cable whenever you left your car, wow seems to have a lot of work to defend your keyless car, haha imo

  7. What a pain, this would mean removing the battery out of the fob until you need it… over wise investing in an expensive kill switch

  8. how about a voice recognition. like when you try to open the car by pushing start . theyll never start unless the owner says "Engine Start" i saw that from a movie

  9. There is another danger when a thief steals your car. The car owner's identity may be compromised should there any be important documents or items inside the car.

  10. I would think that after a few minutes, the keyfob will go to sleep to preserve its battery…thats why the car has the buttons on the side.
    BTW my car (a Nissan Sentra)
    has one of these and its very discriminating. it will not let you start the car unless the fob is actually inside the car (yes it can tell the difference)
    I guess the "intelligent key" marketing isnt ALL smoke amd mirrors

  11. To bezprzewodowe 'udogodnienie' pojektowani Ci sami idioci, którzy stworzyli te supernowoczesne słupki, bramy – pułapki, wysuwające się z jezdni pod samochodami i działające jak jak gigantyczny widelec przebijający auto niewinnej ofiary. Co złego było w immobiliserze? Obecnie można tworzyć jeszcze bardziej zaawansowane immobilisery wykorzystujące 128bitowe klucze publiczne do szyfrowania.

  12. Warum zum Teufel macht der ADAC englische Videos? Wofür steht das D noch mal? So kann man Mitgliederbeiträge auch verschwenden.

  13. It have immobilizer, the car will turn off at certain distance but On/off switch is needed for the key. Imagine standing beside ur car & someone just open the door to steal whats inside.

  14. I have one device like this, and I know who make this device. please contact me in Telegram, my username: dylaniva
    or mobile: +79675908481 (add number in your contacts before and search in telegram app) I can make proof photo or video. thanx

  15. It will open any car, and can also start it. There are different devices available (code grabbers). Write!

  16. We develop a similar device, and have found out that all cars equipped with the Keyless Go system have no protection against a repeater of Feniks-2

  17. These electronic devices, such as those that can only be bought in Russia, in unsafe pages, there is not any in Germany, which is the original name of this device!

  18. This is bullshit. why not introduce a switch on the remote. at night or when you are away you turn off thr remote. simple..the way we turn of our wifi on our mobile devices. 😉

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