Are these NEW $2300 Nissan GTR aftermarket LED Bolt Headlights as good as OEM?

Are these NEW $2300 Nissan GTR aftermarket LED Bolt Headlights as good as OEM?

it’s gonna be like oye bloke! why are you
blindin me? and then this guy you’re not gonna be able to see and you’re gonna
rear-end him so I blow that deal maybe what do you think all right what’s up my dudes welcome to the fly
ride channel if you haven’t seen any of these before we talked about lights lots
of GTR stuff all kinds of different cars but today it is definitely a GTR video
we’re gonna be talking about the first ever aftermarket headlights made for the
Nissan GTR and that car has been out since 2009 so I hope you guys like it
if you have any comments any questions anything about the channel just post
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thanks guys so this is the North American spec
headlights and they are what come factory on the 2015 through seventeen
GTR this is basically what you’re gonna see on any car that comes factory now
this this car is actually modified it’s an older GTR that’s got a front end
conversion and it’s got the new style headlights on them and just with talking
with this customer just a second ago he looked at the new lights and he said I
actually like them better I like the look of them just how they look not even
bolted to a car just on the bench over there so kind of a good indication about
what’s gonna happen right now but the first thing we need to do is to at least
do a nice thorough job turning on the lights showing the turn signals showing
the low beams the high beams all of that documenting it and then just letting you
guys decide what you like better because a lot of guys are gonna always say OEM
is best and I get that and in most cases I agree in this case there’s some
upsides to these Valente headlights that I’m really really into and I’m just
excited to get to show this and the last little bit is where you’re gonna show
the JDM slash like UK style headlights for our overseas customers and get to
compare the light output so you know what the difference is and you’ll also
know why you can’t have these cool new lights so unless we work some miracle or
we can change the insides out it’s definitely not gonna work to where we
can sell these to overseas guys because they’re made for left-hand drive only so so that’s the side-by-side I’m gonna get
the other aftermarket light on right now so the crazy thing about these lights is
that a lot of people are upset about them they thought that somebody was
trying to pass them off as om and I really don’t get that because you look
at the light it’s got a ton of crazy bright LEDs and the top section of it
and I’m like who’s trying to fool who I don’t I don’t get it like that’s clearly
a different light it just in my opinion looks a lot better than the stock
factory bolt I like the darker finish on the lights and I know overall they’re
just a super good aftermarket set of lights so I’m into it I definitely don’t
have anything negative to say about these things so I think all it’s gonna
come down to now is the test of time how many people have these on their car how
they do after six months after you know a year or something like that and and
just how the lens holds up all these little factors we can’t know upfront but
everything I’m seeing on these lights after having worked on tons and tons of
these gt-r headlights is these are good and I’m definitely all about it so if it
matters to you I don’t know if it does but as a guy who works almost full time
on building GTR lights it’s a weird job but it’s my job I
I totally say go for it if you like these lights buy him whether for me or
from somebody else doesn’t matter they’re good like I said before the
customer who brought his car and has the factory lights he saw these he was like
I like those I think I want to get those and stove the factory so people are
buying them I get hit up a lot about him right now because they’re brand new but
I can tell you they are not knockoff lights these are Depot / Valente I don’t
know how you want to call it it’s just an aftermarket light and it’s not
supposed to be om its om style with LED on top
and that train is freaking loud sucks it just came by but I’ll wrap up with that
you tell me what you think all right so just because I have a set
here that’s being modified this is what the insides of the headlights look like
the projectors themselves on the factory unit so the only reason I show you this
is because this happens to be a right hand drive version so if you look it’s
got that step if I can adjust this so you can see a little bit better alright
so see how that step is lower on the right side than it is on the left
but then the North American headlights that you can see like these Valenti’s on
the right they have the step lower on the left side than on the right that’s
so the guy that’s oncoming traffic doesn’t get blinded and the car in front
of you can still see the bumper but if you had these which are the you the UK /
JDM spec then you would not be able to do that you’d be blinding people to the
side of you and you wouldn’t be able to see anything in front of you but you can
tell the cutoff line on the JDM is still substantially sharper than on the u.s.
spec yeah it’s just a lot sharper because I’m trying to show the
difference between the factory US spec and these so that’s the UK spec so
that’s why you UK guys can’t have them because they will aim on the wrong side
of the road so I’m sorry I hope I made it clear though with that video is that
that little line is gonna be a problem because it’s gonna aim on this guy’s
front windshield he’s gonna be like I bloke
why are you blondie me and then this guy you’re not gonna be able to see and
you’re gonna rear-end him so I broke that deal maybe what do you think

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  1. Hey why do you have conflicting info on your website page for this particular model. It indicates 2015+ and then at the bottom it indicates Plug and Play for all years of GTR 2009 – 2017…  So whats the deal ?

  2. Hi, I've been trying to get in touch with you guys to get my headlights done for my 2016 tC. No response through the e-mail survey i filled out twice… Whatsup wit dat?

  3. If the lense is not glass I'm not sold. Plastic lenses are cheap. Cost more to mold glass. But glass looks clear forever, and plastic gets dull.

  4. The cutoff line is a big deal based on your country.  When I ordered my Morimoto Projectors for my headlight mod, I had to specify LH drive since I live in the US.  I'm sure you could modify the new GTR aftermarket headlights with different projectors with the proper cut off for the RH drivers if they really want them.  I especially like the brighter LED turn/hazards.  A much safer design, and adds more mod options for your team.  Look forward to seeing what you guys do with them!

  5. Bought these lights from Flyryde. They were shipped quickly and came properly boxed and protected. Easy bolt on install and they look FANTASTIC. Love the very slight tinted look too.

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