Are Used Bikes Worth It? – The Truth about my Devinci Wilson (Learn from my Mistake!)

Are Used Bikes Worth It? – The Truth about my Devinci Wilson (Learn from my Mistake!)

Is it worth it to buy a used bike? That’s what I want to ask you guys See I’m the kind of person who always likes to buy new things rather than used I really like to take care of my things and make them last long But when I was looking for a new DH bike last year, I was thinking to myself This time I’m ok with getting something used especially since I don’t have as much money to spend, and I really do want to have a 26 inch DH bike. I did a lot of research on what I would like and ultimately I’m actually very happy with the Devinci Wilson Now there is a crucial mistake that I made when buying this bike that I will never make again And I want to make sure you guys don’t make this mistake either Basically I didn’t give myself the chance or the time to really check this bike out Properly to see if it was really worth the 2500 dollars I spent on it Basically I was just trusting the sellers word that it was in mint condition And I did ask him a lot about the bike through texting just to kind of Ensure that I would be getting a good quality bike and basically he says that He only ridden it about ten times in the past two years, and I thought that sounds pretty good He said he was not the original owner But he knew the guy that he bought it from and that the original owner had upgraded Many of the parts in his bike so not much of it was stock He was saying the bike was pretty mint and that the rear shock was just newly rebuilt just before I got it Now just to meet the guy with the bike I needed to travel about five hours and across two ferries just to get to him. And so I really wanted to make sure that This was worth my while, and I was feeling comfortable and confident that this bike will be great for me and worth the money So I committed an entire day to traveling there and back now to top it off I only gave myself about five minutes max to meet the guy after the ferry, look at the bike, pay him, put on my bike rack and then get Back to the ferry for the return trip since I would literally be taking the exact same ferry back that I came on Which would leave about five-ten minutes after it arrived. So I was in a really rushed state I needed to make sure I got back on that same ferry so I didn’t have to wait so long for the next one Now that is not something I will ever put myself through anymore when buying something used and worth this much money Since I really didn’t know what I was even buying He basically just told me that the front wheel was just missing a spoke and that’s about all otherwise it was all running great He says and I believed him since I didn’t have the time discover the multitude of issues I would soon find I mean when you first get on the bike the first thing you notice is the suspension and it really did feel nice on this Bike, and so of course that feels great. That’s wonderful and one of the first things I started to notice was there’s some major top out in the rear shock So I took it to the bike shop to ask them what how exactly to fix that and why that was and They noticed that the rear coil was really damaged with a whole lot of paint chips I had never even seen that before and that the coil was tightened way too tight which causes a lot of stress on the shock And so I did get a new coil as well as new frame bearings at the same time and that Did seem to help a bit and then I quickly noticed that the rear rotor was actually bent So I had to replace that of course, so I didn’t realize at first but I soon found out that the whole rear triangle is actually not the original rear triangle and So that means that this bike must have gotten wrecked pretty badly to require those replacements and even with the replaced rear triangle The chainstay also had a dent on it still. I didn’t for sure know it was a dent Until I peeled back a bunch of tape and paint that was put over top of that part of the chainstay Then I realized oh,
There’s actually a dent here The wheels really needed a truing more than just simply putting a spoke on the front wheel they were both pretty wobbly And there’s also a flat spot on both wheels Most noticeable on the back one of course I would see comments from people saying that these wheels are bomb-proof I mean if so then this bike literally went through a war But I did get the wheels trued so they’re certainly better than they were before Now one of the really annoying things I found is that this hub is actually slightly shorter than what the bike would fit which would be a 150 millimeter hub, and so that means you are slightly squeezing the rear triangle into the hub to make it fit properly But when I did that I realized that with my new rotor the brakes would Constantly be rubbing up against the disk. And you couldn’t adjust the brake pads anywhere further out They would always have to be rubbing against the disk and so what I ended up having to do is put this Washer there, and some bike shops kind of didn’t entirely recommend it But I mean that’s literally the only way I can get this wheel to be rolling normally The rear axle also didn’t seem to line up perfectly with the rear hole, and I thought that oh Maybe it was just that the axle was bent, and I’m not sure if it really is But we ended up discovering that it must be because of the chainstay having that dent in it that must be prying The back end out slightly so that the axle doesn’t quite line up I mean I was noticing that it was really annoying to take the back wheel on and off and then Basically, then I realized Oh that must be why, because the axle just doesn’t quite line up properly And I mean there’s some other things you could just see like the damage done to the bash guard Looking at the skid plate. It just, I don’t know like it Honestly this bike honestly went through a war it looks like no joke I just don’t really know how you do that to a bike I guess I just never really done that kind of damage to a bike before Well Ok maybe I should watch what I say But still it just makes me worried, like how was this bike really treated? You know to have all this damage to these parts, and it just does not look normal I mean, I mean there are some bolts that were getting kind of stripped so they were harder to take out There’s a couple really weird little things like the rear brakes were in the wrong holes of the chainstay So the brake pads weren’t a hundred percent on the disc one of my shock bolts was actually too short They were both the same length But the top bolt is supposed to be longer and so that means that the top bolt was always kind of half in The nut so that was sort of weird so yeah, there’s some weird things like that I need to fix up me and my friends also bled both my brakes But we realized that the front brake still didn’t work properly and then when local bike shop told me that oh the front brake lever Is actually leaking? You actually need a new holding brake lever, so so I will be getting that pretty quickly here, so yeah I’ve been having a lot of frustrations with this bike but the cherry on top of all of this Was that I discovered that it wasn’t even the size large frame that I wanted in the first place And this was actually back in November when I discovered this after doing some measuring myself And I got a local bike shop to confirm that this blue frame was actually a size extra large And well that just pissed me off so much I mean I ended up just putting the whole thing for sale And I was thinking of just giving up on this bike and basically. I just find another size large Olsson, I ended up having a couple offers to trade the front triangle with some people that wanted to upsize their bike and so that Seemed to be my best option so that is what I ended up doing So we spent an evening swapping everything onto his front triangle this time. I am not using paint thinner to clean my frame I’m just using wd-40. I have since learned that you do not want to use paint thinner on carbon frames I apologize to you all for my mistake After swapping the front triangle I got to learn a lot about how my bike is put together and how to take my bike apart? and I really do like to learn more about bike maintenance so I can do more work myself in the future in that way I Can make sure things keep clean and in good working order It was when we were swapping the front triangles that I really realized I need to get this new chainstay sooner than later so I can help line up the rear axle properly now for some reason it didn’t come in matte black like I wanted so I Just painted it with semi-gloss black spray-paint one thing I love about getting something like this is I see it as a blank canvas to put some of my creativity to Work, so I decided to give it a custom paint job So I matched the yellow of the frame and painted my own stripes onto it vaguely Resembling the original paint job for this bike the original change say says DaVinci, but I made it say something a little bit different I Think I ended up spending about a thousand dollars on fix ups and everything and maybe a couple upgrades So it really would have been more Cost-effective and stress-free to just get a brand new DaVinci Wilson when they had some good sales on But I’m not gonna be too regretful because this way I get a sweet 26 inch bike and I think it looked great And I’m actually pretty happy with this bike after all of my fix ups and upgrades to it I mean I’m gonna buy like a brand new D H bike at some point anyway, but even when I do, I think I’ll just keep this bike anyway It’s just cool to have a an older 26 inch really nice feeling D H bike you know And I’m really happy with how it feels now either just think it feels really great The geometry is like perfect for me, and I just don’t see a reason to give it up even when I do get new bikes Now my cranks are perfectly fine but they certainly look faded so I decided to take them off and give him a fresh new look I sanded them with some 220 grit sandpaper And then I gave him a few coats of spray paint that same semi-gloss black that I was using I’m really happy with how they turned out Now while I am painting all these parts. I might as well touch up a couple spots on the frame at the same time And I also figure while a bike is apart I might as well clean up these parts to make them look good and work as well as they can Don’t worry, I will still be replacing this bash guard soon enough back in 2011 I won a straight-line package from some contests on pink bike now I never really used this chain guide though, so I thought this would be a great time to finally use it I’m really stoked in the colour though I think that the green works quite well with the colour gradient of the rest of the bike I’m not sure if I should have anything else in green though I Swapped out my handlebar with a race face atlas. It’s a 30 millimeter rise 785 millimeter wide bar the color is called Cash Money gold. I think it looks really cool, although I did buy it for my blue frame I kind of think it worked better with the blue frame And so I’m not sure if I would have bought the same bar if I had known I was getting this frame So I don’t know what do you guys think I? Have also been stocking up on some more parts like 26 inch wheels rims and tires I mean when I see a good deal I really want to take advantage of it now especially if 26 inch wheels are not being made so much anymore So I got this old Sun Ringel intense mag 30 rim for just 30 bucks brand new But it is pretty old and it’s kind of heavy, but I want to have some fun with it and make it look awesome So I painted it just like I did with my cranks I Also bought this photo for hub used off of someone It’s in Nice shape and then one of the bike shops was able to find me some really good deals on whole complete wheel sets so I paid just $290 for this whole wheel set with alex rims superb eh and then I put some of my own tires onto this thing and these wheels are ready to go as soon as I get my New chainstay installed I will be making another proper bike trick video once. I have finished putting all the other upgrades onto this thing So I was really stoked to be able to get these 2.5 inch Magic mirrors because I don’t seem to be able to find these very easily for 26 inch wheels I was able to get them for Cheaper from one of my shops that could order them because they seemed beyond clearance so I grabbed two of them And they’re actually pretty fit you can see they’re actually 64 millimeters wide that’s actually the widest sidewalls I’ve ever had in any my tires before so I just love fat tires I think they’re just like the coolest thing and I also bought these Max’s minion DHR 2 for the rear wheel The 2.4 inch I’ve got a lots of tires I’ve got lots of stuff stocked up now And I’m pretty stoked You can always see the current build of this bike if you visit my profile on kit comm slash Jordan booze master the link is In the description there you will find Affiliate links to all the items which I use and of course when you purchase through those affiliate links I get a small commission And it’s just a simple way of helping out this channel you can also find lots of information on my website Jordan boost master calm as well So let me know what you guys think of the work, I’m doing on my bike do you think there’s anything? I should change or change up or fix to make it look even more epic and Have any of you guys had any bad stories of buying a used bike or something like that where it was just a terrible experience Similar to mine or anything like that I’d love to hear about them in the comments below Thank you for watching I want to give a special Thanks to my boost master patrons If you love downhill and freeride or just love riding mountain bikes then consider subscribing And if you like to see more content and keep your rolling on two wheels then check out my patreon page

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  1. A brand new carbon framed DH bike is five to ten grand. Yes I you but a used bike it will need fixes. Do your research before you buy.
    And buyer beware.

  2. I just bought a used stuntjumper comp alloy 2018 650b and it was mint condition perfect nothing wrong at all except the back shock won’t lock out other than that no paint chips or anything

  3. If it will make you feel better, I also screwed up big time when buying used bike. Mine was delivered to me, it was cheap, but with many problems. And many were immediate to fix.

  4. Theres a big difference between a rider with finesse and one riding like a gorilla. You can both get to the same destination but one bike ends up like the one you bought. No biggie at this point.

  5. Buying used is a great way to save a ton of money. But when buying just make sure you know what you are getting.
    You didn't bother to check it out – that's on you.
    Road bikes are not that hard to buy used. Off road bikes are harder to buy becasue they could have been badly abused.

    II've only bought used road bikes and they turned out to be great deals and I saved $1000s on the two I bought.

  6. I have always used Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean my bikes, metal & carbon but not on gears & moving parts etc. It’s ok to oil based cleaners & solvents for that stuff. Guy Gone is great for removing glue residue from tape & other adhesives. Hope that helps. Sorry you had so much trouble with the used bike. 😬🚴🏾‍♂️👍☮️

  7. Lets be honest as you're an excellent rider, nearly any bike like that has been used and abused, its  downhill bike not a show bike

  8. Next time you buy something used don't do it over text do it over the phone that. That way you can pressure them.

  9. Dude… state of the thing in the pics at 2:22 on… was it like that when u bought it..?!?!
    Also never buy at night from a guy who seems rushed/in a rush or can only meet up not at his house or at urs… I bought a Scott 900 rc like that and sure enough, one of the drop
    Outs was cracked!

    You can save ALOT of money if ur careful though… not sure I would buy a DH bike second hand in a hurry… but I bought my hardtail (a whyte 29c) in fresh custom paint with a mint Sid fork , xt group and new but heavy shimano wheel set and decent finishing kit… I’m gonna swap out the Xt set for SRAM axs and some lighter Xc race wheels and a few other bits… I reckon it’ll owe me about 2k gbp (about 2400 dollars). You couldn’t get a mid spec canyon for that here… so it is worth shopping around second hand… but never buy off someone who seems dodgy… I learned that the hard way

  10. I'll never buy new. I bought a 2017 Evil Following a year ago for $2800. It was basically in new condition. Has Shimano Di2 xtr groupset, and brakes. Shimano carbon hybrid wheels. Fox 34 forks etc.etc.
    I'd never pay $5-6k for a bike. I'll let someone else pay and lose money.

  11. Inspite of the 'bad' deal, look on the bright side, you learned a lot about bike maintenance, now you have learnt to put bikes together, custom paint bikes, you have gained a new understanding of your machine, that 's a lot of learning.

    Also consider the experience you gained, now you know exactly what to look for when buying a bike, perhaps the same experience could apply for other instances in your life. Now that's something you don't learn in books or college..

    On the whole I think you paid 2500 for getting the knowledge and experience. So it's not bad after all

  12. bad title. should have been how not to buy used frankly. then you set a bad example of putting LL THAT LOOT INTO IT too. ijs. like the seller u made it seem cool to do. the seller ripped you off period, then you played yourself on top of it. not a good look lol

  13. Hi! I bought used bike, just because new Full suspention bike cost's more, than two my month salary 😀 I had to fix small things and buy new tires (Slightly used, yes) :D. Riding in forest now very comfortable. Hello from Russia.

  14. You need to name and shame that seller. What an a-hole covering up all that damage and lying about the condition of that rig. Hope karma gets him. 👎

  15. Thanks for these kind of videos, it's helpful to see how many parts of a bike can be broken. Still i was surprised that the price of fixing it was a 1000. I thought it would've been way more.

    Anyhow I'm a newb in this, I've did some mountain biking in the past but more road cycling. And I was looking around for 2nd hand mountain bike with a hard tail. Seeing that the bike i was looking for was from 2009 made me think.. maybe i should look at brand new bikes. I bought a new bike for a 100,- more. So let's see what's going to happen, anyway..i'm excited 🙂

  16. You drove 5 hours each way to buy a bike that could be and actually ended up being a sack of sh”t. Fk that! The bike had been ridden hard every day.

  17. Not a bought bike, but a year ago I got a badly beaten up bike that was gifted to me by a friend.
    The wheels both had more dings in them than a chinese phonebook. They were both so messed up that it completely removed the paint at one spot on the rear triangle, and every rotation of them on the road felt like someone was kicking me in the nuts… The fork on it is an Suntour xct with the preload dial stuck at the highest setting, so it doesn't compress until you shift your entire weight on it while holding the front brake. When I first disassembled it, I found that it was filled with water (???) and sludge, and the stanchions had tons of rust on them. The brake pads were also badly contaminated and the brake lines were filled with what looked like engine oil.

    So far I've paid around $400 in new parts but every time I get her into a rideable shape something breaks after ~50km.

  18. Here in BC you have to travel long distances just to find a good deal on a used bike; South East, Mid East, and the Northwest Coast of our Province is where all the good deals are located according to PinkBike. Unfortunately this is inconvenient since most of the population of Mountain Bikers live in Metro Vancouver.

  19. Was considering a used bike. Now I have a lot more to think about, more questions to ask. Your vid is a big help, learning from you mistakes. THX.

  20. dude that bike is awesome , if you dont have a crack on the big triangle it is for sure. He prob bent the rear wheel when he crashed and destroyed the small triangle

  21. Any bike I've bought has been used. They've all been less than 2 years old and at 50%+ off msrp. I usually have to fix up an item or two or just be ok with some dents here and there, but the value in a used bike vs a new bike is undeniable. You just have to have realistic expectations and do an excellent inspection. The BIG word of caution, is anytime you see tape or any other material on the frame that can be hiding damage. I had a guy lie directly to my face when I asked him if his frame protection was put on to hide damage. Luckily it was an aluminum frame and not critical.

  22. Sold my bike after literally riding it 5 times and twice on trail because of lifestyle changes. The new owner drive 2 hours and sent me a thank you for taking care of the bike

  23. I'm glad that in France we have Hidden Flaws Warranty in the law ("Garrantie des Vices Cachés) that force a scammer like that to take back his bike and give back our money (plus money for extra expense like travel cost). That's completely unacceptable to have a seller saying mint condition and sell a bike in this state.

  24. Once when I still played video games, I drove 50 minutes to go buy a portable console, when I got there I asked the guy to go in the fast food restaurant next to us so we could sit down and I could take a good look at it, I noticed the unit was in bad shape and it wasn't worth it, he was trying to scam me by telling how great the unit us. Till this day I regret driving almost two hours two ways for nothing, but 5 hours my man? You are out of your mind.

  25. "Are Used Bikes Worth It?" …Should read, "People are basically shitty, and I'm a fool to take a complete stranger at his word". Buying used is a great option for many things…competition level mountain bikes, where hard riding and punishment is par for the course, not so much…unless you do your homework.
    Edit: "I don't know how this bike was damaged…" Not your problem…oh, I guess it is because you failed to do your homework. You shouldn't be willing to travel even an hour without complete confidence in your seller's claims. "Ridden 10 times…second seller"…not bloody likely. It is very easy to request lots of detailed pictures of the bike…you're spending $2500. If he isn't willing to provide you with all that you request, be prepared to walk away. Also, it looks like he was located in a remote region, which gives you the upper hand in negotiations, as most people are not willing to travel that great a distance for anything less than an amazing deal that they then beat the seller down on even further. Tough lesson to learn…let's hope you did learn from it.

  26. I would never dare to sell such a bombed-out bike, being concerned about the new riders well-being. That guy selling you this is just a scumbag. I truly hate egoistic idiots like that.
    Lesson learned for you, I guess… Inspect what you are buying. And dare to say "Nope".

    On the other hand: I bought my road bike here in Germany from someone I only knew from e-mails. Made a background check which revealed he is a scientist. He told nothing but the truth, sold me a decent bike and was completely reliable. GREAT GUY!

  27. 5 hour trip one way just to spend 5 min looking at the bike not even bothering to check it out. i dont think the right question is "are used bikes worth it?"

  28. Well uhhhh this video has 1.6 million views. Soo thanks to all the jerks making critical comments for paying Jordan back many times over his effort in sharing this detailed account of his mistake, as well as smart and progressive solution.

  29. Welp I am back in the hunt. I bought a 2016 DB Cooper originally $2k but picked it up for $650 not even 6 months old. I have ridden it around so many trails the past 3 years it has been a fun run for my first real bike. It was used and never had a problem. Until today, I sheared and snapped my rear triangle off because I suppose I had no more travel in the suspension from a drop I landed. I have to say the bike was not defective or anything wrong from being used. I guess it was me that messed up!

    Its NOT some kind of 100$ item… its a "God Knows how much it cost new" item that costed you USED 2.500$ DO NOT mess around with this kind of money… thats why you better buy stuff from the OFFICIAL BUY&SELL Platforms.Over there sellers – DO accept items back… in 90% of a time.
    Maan… i feel bad for you and i would GLADLY spend another day – to go and brake the guys legs for essentially FRAUDING me(if i was stupid enough not to check it at the spot – IT DOESNT MEAN HE HAD TO LIE… thats nearly an Offence)

  31. I had a rear brake rub I could never get rid of until I saw your spacer trick in this video… Fixed in 2 minutes now! It sure looks like the original hub but I guess it isn't 😅 Thanks man.

  32. Just generally click on your stuff in the description and click on the link "My Devinci Wilson build", and just underneath your picture it's writen "Biking Expert"….(sorry but I laugh)… I think you really need to change that after watching this vid.

  33. Hmmmm. Whe buying a used mtb for $2500 you have him meet you at a trail, give him $100 to hold if you wreck it, ride it for an hour, and then decide. Imho $2500 for used should be ready to role. If not…pass.

  34. Only a complete moron would drive 5 hours to buy a second hand bike. Bro, you are such a douchebag. Obviously after that huge journey you're more likely to buy it. Idiot

  35. At a minimum you spin wheels check for loose deralluier and crank. Make sure brakes work and cables are free. Hope you learned a lesson. “The most growth we get is from pain”.

  36. The best giveaway that this bike was well used was the polished cranks, this cycle shoe polishing does not happen after 10 rides, more like 10 epic adventures.

  37. Sounds like the original was run over or fell off during transport. Anyway, lesson learned. Too bad it cost 2,500.00 (++++) to learn.

  38. All this fucking complaining and it's still not the right bike ,man u fucked up but after watching the complete video you have a very nice bike man and maybe one day I can own one just like it . Great job man and thanks for the story

  39. I bought a used bike that was exactly what they said it was and paid 1/3 for an almost new bike. I did meet them at the local bike shop where it was bought originally (the owner brought the receipt) and they looked it over for free. I had just looked at new bikes at this shop the week before and felt a little funny, but they were really great! I love the bike and in less than 6 months I put more miles on it than they put on in 5+ years. I love the ride every time I get on it and every once in a while find out something special I never noticed before. I did feel a bit bad on how long I spent looking at the bike and how long it took at the bike shop – but everyone was great and no pressure. I did find out something else. The wife, with the new baby (which is why they were selling it), was selling her husband's bike for less than he thought. It was a bit awkward when the time came to pay and she corrected him on the cheaper price. By then I realized what a steal I was getting and felt a bit bad – I really did. I love this bike – I will wear it out as I ride it everywhere – on/off road to work, on the beach (wash it good), in the woods. I never leave it out anywhere – the bike shop said that if I did, it would be stolen, even with a lock on it. Oh, by the way, I put the first scratch ever on it the 1st day of riding.

  40. So basically, you got ripped off because you didn't spend the time and look it over… Personally I recommend buying used bikes if you want to save a quick few bucks. Just don't do what this guy did and look over the bike before you buy it.

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