Arizona Bus Club brings people, classic cars together

Arizona Bus Club brings people, classic cars together

(Mike Baleda) You meet a lot of people in a bus Everyone has a Volkswagen story They want to come up and talk about it and They want their picture taken (Kristy Siefkin, reporting) Whether it’s a “Ribbie” A “Westie” Or a “Double Bubble” The Volkswagen Minibus epitomizes freedom and fun (Car honks) And the Arizona Bus Club is keeping the
bus’ history humming (Engine starts) (Richard Kimbrough) For one guy, it might be an original paint, logoed panel van For another person, it might be the fully
decked out, 23-window deluxe (Kristy Siefkin, reporting) Richard Kimbrough was the fourth member to join the Arizona Bus Club Which started 27 years ago At one point, Richard owned 40 buses Now, he’s down to 27 (Richard Kimbrough) I’m definitely on the recovery program now So I try not to buy anymore (Kristy Siefkin, reporting) Michelle Evans says Volkswagens are in her blood In fact, she almost delivered her son inside this VW Olga the Disco Bus (Michelle Evans) I was going to have a home birth and I asked my midwife if I could have him in the bus and she said of course but i won’t overdo so I ended up having to have him in hospital (Kristy Siefkin, reporting) I wasn’t born in a VW Bus, but it turns out I spent a lot of time in one Headed to the park with my sister and dad In my mom’s arms on camping trips but unlike But unlike Greg Pickrel, I’m not sure what
happened to our bus (Greg Pickrel) My father, he sold it to my sister They gave it to their son, who drove it to high school And I bought it from him about six years ago and then I restored it (Kristy Siefkin, reporting) The Arizona Bus Club, or ABC for short Celebrates buses from all decades Members from the nonprofit restore one
VW Bus each year And raffle it off for charity You’re clear to pop it up, and I think the material’s in pretty good shape Some people have never turned a wrench before and they get together and find jobs that you’d do Whether it’s cleaning parts or taking things apart or sanding We get people dangerous equipment and we say “Here are some safety glasses and gloves, and go at it!” (Kristy Siefkin, reporting) Roy Jonas has managed several club projects including restoring this bus, in honor of Jerome’s fire department The town hosts ABC’s annual Jerome Jamboree at the historic Gold King Mine (Michelle Evans) Some people call it kind of a mini “Burning Man”, but it’s not as bananas (Kristy Siefkin, reporting) For 50¢ a ticket, Jamboree attendees can enter to win the restored bus Mike Baleda’s wife won this raffle bus: a 1966 Riviera They call him Bogart and have driven him across Arizona and Colorado (Mike Baleda) In Monument Valley, the buses were not loaded they took pictures of the bus rather than the monument. Everywhere we went, people would ask they can get inside the kids get pictures inside (Kristy Siefkin, reporting) The proceeds from the raffle benefit local charities like the Epilepsy Foundation and Dogs R Vets And though fundraising is ABC’s mission It’s the sense of community and connectedness that keeps this club rolling along (Darla Amatasin) That’s even better than the bus part it’s just that just the people are so wonderful (Michelle Evans) We do caravans, we even go take all our buses and go on a float down the river I mean we just do everything together (Group chants “ABC, ABC”) Kristy Siefkin, FOX 10 News

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