ASG Motorsports Twin Turbo Torana – Haltech Heroes

ASG Motorsports Twin Turbo Torana – Haltech Heroes

Hi and welcome to another episode of
Haltech Heroes. Today we’re on the Gold Coast in Queensland. We’re here at ASG
Motorsports with Aaron Gregory and he’s about to show us through his awesome
Torana. So, before you got to this, I suppose,
before ASG Motorsports How did you even know how to build this,
where did you come from, where did you start? I started, believe it or not, as an apprentice,
I did my time as a cabinet maker in the street right opposite to where
our workshop is now. and during my time as a cabinet maker
I was doing a lot of surfing and walking across the road building cars in a little workshop across
the road after I was finished at the cabinet shop and that’s where it all sort of began.
building my own cars and learning how to do things from experienced mechanics
from motorsport backgrounds a lot of years ago. And my love of cars
just grew, and people asked if maybe I could work for them with their race cars
with their drag cars and things while I was still a cabinet maker
and it evolved from there. So right now, it’s Monday, the beach is packed, the cafes are full… and we’re cruising in an eight second street car… Doesn’t get any better! Everything about this car has been set up and designed for being driven. Apart from a hood scoop which is just a little hard to see over today coz we don’t have the 2 inch on, we have the 4 inch… I didn’t even notice it until you said something… Well, we definitely put a lot of work into making sure the cooling systems work on these cars This car’s got a really good transmission cooling system at the back of the vehicle it has cooling fans on the transmission
they’re thermally controlled by the Haltech engine management system and the SmartWire system that we have onboard we really don’t have a problem.
When you take the time to build the package properly it’s the result you get. It’s driving around today… the water temperature is 69 degrees you know and we’re cruising around at 40kph in traffic and we have no problems with anything. We do a lot for our Queensland customers with their RB30 engines, we’ve got plenty of our street RB30 packages that are backed by Haltech engine management, flex fuel, that are running like low 9 second passes full street cars, so we do do a lot of different vehicles It’s not specifically just turbo LS. We’re at ASG Motorsports, how about we go straight in have a bit of a look around and you can introduce us to your other family… That is a very very neat looking…
Well, straightaway it’s got an intake manifold that I recognize as LS.
A little bit unusual to see on the twin-turbo car but can you tell me a bit
about well what the engine is and the intake set up? So the engine is purely one of our street packages that we build for all our customers so if we have a
customer come in with an engine that would like a little bit more than say
700 – 750 horsepower at the wheels we change the block from a factory 6 litre
alloy block and we use a LQ9 cast iron block which is what this is we do a
stroker kit in there with a rod and piston package that we put together and
we use a cast 821 head as you see on here and it’s
the standard LS7 intake manifold and standard 90 ml drive-by-wire throttle
body and this engine is a hydraulic cam engine genuinely one of our street
packages and that’s where we where we put this whole package together is to be
able to do what we’re doing here today is open the bonnet and say to you Scott
this is what we can give you it’s going to make a thousand or twelve hundred at
the wheels on E85 and you can go shopping in it. So being hydraulic there’s not a huge amount of maintenance in this thing? This engine’s been in the
car since the second week of December it’s had fuel in it since the second
week of December and it’s never had the rocker covers off it since the second
week of December. So a true streeter. Yeah definitely and that’s including
we’ve been to the track multiple times now we’ve run eight one and a hundred
and seventy one unfortunately the whole back to our eighth one from being a
seven second pass isn’t the engine or the car it it’s actually we’ve reached
our limitations of a couple of things and they come around safety so we really
need a second parachute at that speed which we haven’t got on the car we do
need another set of injectors because we’re are about 90 percent duty cycle on
24 pounds so um yeah we need to get a bigger set of injectors or a second set
of injectors and you can’t do the second set naturally on the standard intake so
we’re just allowing this to be that’s the limitations of that street package
it’s interesting that you said you’ve got with we’ve got a stock Inlet and
stock electronic throttle body which I love that I asked about in a sec but
stock inlet manifold ease that like the dumb thing on on Ellis
look it’s not if you want to have that really fancy sheetmetal intake look if
you want to go down that expense they started around three and a half thousand
dollars and go up to about seven thousand depending on which which
company’s manifold you buy or we build but at the end of the day we’ve found no
issues with the standard intake manifold on this package and on our other
packages we do like in via Commodores than that to reach seven hundred to a
thousand horsepower like I said this car clearly at thirty two hundred pounds one
hundred and seventy one mile an hour makes quite a bit more than a thousand
at the wheels but we’ve found no limitations to it there are definite
benefits to the sheet metal intake like I say we can go to a dual injector setup
we definitely get a bigger Planum volume you know which helps horsepower in that
as well but I don’t believe that this holds this package back then if it’s
there and it and it works that’s awesome electronic throttle old school muscle
man congratulations that’s awesome why why are using
electronic throttle on this for two reasons
accelerator cables are ugly I’m running an accelerated cables for a nice engine
bay is probably about the single most ugly thing I think you can do to a car
so if you can run a drive-by-wire throttle body with a really nice fitment
in the pedal we use a standard Jam pedal in there it cleans up the engine bay
immediately it’s 90 mil which is what we usually typically go to in size like
that 90 to 100 mill throttle body is capable of you know somewhere around
1500 horsepower without any sort of restrictions and this probably the the
single best thing about drive-by-wire throttle it’s the best idle motor in the
world yeah right no nothing worse than when you jump in even your street car
that makes a few hundred horsepower and a thing doesn’t cold start or idle
properly how do you find this thing goes for doing cold starting and like you
could be forgiving like it makes close enough to a thousand you can be
forgiving to say it doesn’t start perfectly I disagree I believe it does
start perfectly the ability to be able to control the throttle body under the
different environments allows us to have perfect idle and perfect start ability
you know and we have no issues with air flow restrictions like you do with some
idle motors that donation passin up air due to the type of
camshaft or specific volume of air required under cold start environments
so this really does give us an no limitation idle motor which I love it’s
such a big deal for a cut especially in Auto as well we’re knocking it in and
out of gear means to be right definitely we we honestly we use this 90 ml
drive-by-wire throttle and that pedal in so many different engine conversions and
it’s not just bolted on to an LS engine you know we use them in Toyota Supra is
when we do drive-by-wire conversions because they they house a 90 ml throttle
throttle body in our package for the performance side of things we’ve used
them on circuit cars that we’ve got with track cars because we can do a lot more
advanced functions with a with the engine management system controlling the
drive by wire as well for other items and you know I don’t think there is
really a single more used item on the cars these days as there is with
drive-by-wire throttle and I completely agree
so look moving down through it we mentioned before the fuel system that
we’re nearly out of fuel with this thing how’s the fuel system setup so what are
we running we’ve got a couple of fuel pumps in the back of the car with a fuel
cell and we we use a magnet for your pop on this car just being that it’s a
street car right some of our race car packages we use mechanical fuel pumps
but this card just runs electric so we can just drive it anywhere and do what
we want like I say the limitation we have currently at the moment is finally
have 2200 CC injectors in there on a standard manifold only I love only 220
pound or 220 CC in depth yeah okay regulator and again the same regulator
that we see in every serious car well this regulator is a regulator that we’ve
used for a long time with cars that run a lot of fuel pressure and the reality
of why that regulator specifically is in this car is because it was the spare
regulator to an r35 full tube chassis race car that we built some years ago
and we had a full spare engine package and parts for that so I’ve been slowly
using up consumable items that I had left over and that was one of them this
car doesn’t necessarily need that you know extreme reach
regulator for the higher fuel pressures but we had it and we used it same as the
system’s one remote oil filter on the CVR adapter and everything we had it so
we used it and put it into the car it’s a nice pizza
it is exhaust manifolds and turbos they’re all made here at ASG Motorsports
they just a cast manifold with a four in one merge that we make here all the
fabrication is done by myself we don’t run an intercooler on the car we believe
that with the 85 and how sort of you know data and things that we’ve found we
find that we don’t believe that we need inner coolers so some people are still
using them but we’re not using an inner cooler on this car and we’re leaving us
with a lot more room for a better radiator system and a better cooling
system we don’t have a restriction in front of the radiator that you know you
struggle to cool the radiator with by trying to pull air through an
intercooler and quite clearly it’s not hurting the
power no of course not and to make the power
what sort of turbo shards are using huh these are another story a bit like the
regulator these are a pair of 71-75 they’re quite outdated believe it or not
we bought these turbos I think it was eight years ago for a customer’s job
when we were in Perth customers made a deposit never picked up the turbos never
went through with the job so we got stuck with them so they got bits it onto
the tirana along with the regulator and the oil filter it’s funny that with all
of this stuff it’s just it’s such a nice package yeah well we spent a lot of time
trying to set things out when we build a car and as much as this is my own car we
do the same build with every project we do here if we’re doing a full build like
we’re doing on their customers VL Calais here the car gets built completely to
the point where everything is mounted the car is wired running turnkey then
it’s completely stripped and we decide where we’re going to fix things repair
things tidy it up and then it gets sent for paint so it’s such a nicely
presented engine bay that we may as well go inside have a look as I know there’s
just as much detail in the middle and in the boot as there is out here so that’s
going look inside all right down in here it’s
beautiful it’s not what you’d expect out of so fast and quick the dash is very
different to a normal Tirana what’s up with this like you’ve got obviously
thank you you’ve got everything on show for us it was mad the mounting bracket
what’s up with this what is this it’s a it’s a 5/8 inch thick piece of billet
aluminium the full width of the car that we’ve had cnc’d had all the negative
pockets machined into it the house the – the smart wire and the ECU and in the
process to try and make it look a little sharper I just had my logo engraved into
it with the CNC but it was a different aspect of what we do with the cars to
show that you know we can do more than just put a folded sheet of aluminium
with an auto meter gauge in our car it’s about you know showing the quality of
the finish and the product that we present you know we’ve put the race pack
smart Y system together with the switch panel and everything at the top we have
no indicator arms or anything on the car they’re all done through the switches up
here and you know everything’s controlled completely by the the Hal
tech and the and the smart wire system we’ve got the auto shifted down here
what’s going on with the the air solenoid on the back of you well when we
get the get the car into a bit more of a let’s let’s go real fast mode it’s a bit
easier if you can have two hands on the steering wheel with these cars I’m sure
you’ve seen videos of this thing standing on the back bumper bar on a set
of radials so the co2 bottle you have behind you runs the the co2 shifter here
so that changes gears for us when we’re racing it also controls the dual
solenoid haltech co2 boost control system that we have and we’re also doing
some other co2 control in the car that no one else in Australia is doing at the
moment but it’s just purely makes it easier for us to shift we can have our
hands on the steering wheel control the trans brake in the bump which is all
managed through the 100m solid-state relay that we get through haltech and
just banks driving the car a little easier and a little safer
and you know what in something like this safety number one you don’t want to
write yourself off number two you don’t want to scratch this thing we try not to
but we have we have scuffed the beaver a bit but except the rebar yeah that’s
that all you want yeah yeah that’s it but the cards are really well presented
car for what we’ve tried to achieve we wanted a pro Street look we didn’t just
want to like a hot it up or a modified tirana
so that’s why there’s extensive changes in things to do with the dash and the
crash pad and you know the way the door molds and stuff are all done and you
know the cars just finished off quite a lot different to most of the other
trainers that you’ll see yeah the trimming inside here even the smelling
here is like it doesn’t well first I don’t know how you got the tirana smell
out of it has been any for 50 years yeah it doesn’t smell like a tirana
doesn’t smell oily doesn’t smell fuelie it’s just a normal car it is it is and
look I can’t take full credit for that for the interior we have a good friend
of ours from the local trim shop here his name’s Jam I did absolutely
everything else on this car with some good mates of mine but the interior the
actual trimming itself of the seats and the door cards in the crash pad that’s
all done by Jam and you can see that he’s done a fantastic job getting all
that crash pad to mould around the roll cage and you know integrating everything
else into the design and the fitment of what we wanted with the car man it’s
beautiful I absolutely love it mate thanks so much
for taking the time out with it today I know we you know take down for Drive
pick us up from the airport showing us the beach giving it a few I really
appreciate I’ve had an awesome day so I can’t thank you enough not a problem
anytime to drive the car is a good time for me
well guys that’s all we’ve got time for today as always thanks very much for
watching my name’s Scott and we’ll see you next time you

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  3. i really love these videos, you guys are doing better and better every episode, my friends car i tune has a stock ls3 intake manifold and we go [email protected] @3400lbs, single 210lb bosch injectors on e85, your buddy here might want to look into them, drop in on ls3/ls7 intake

  4. @haltech this gentleman might be interested in how a gentleman named Matt with a channel called Sloppy Mechanics solved his issue of injector limit on a standard ls7 intake manifold.

  5. Funny theres plenty of data showing inter-coolers are VERY useful, maybe not so much in a drag car cos you can just use the E85/ menthanol can be used to cool stuff but theres a reason OEMS and alot of race trams use them

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  6. The Torana hatch is my favorite Aussie car ever, BUT, who thought it was a good idea to record audio inside a racecar ??
    RE: 3200pounds, It has a full cage but how can a Torana weigh 1451kgs when the max weight new was 1183kg ??

  7. I like this machine as the thought process is taking a path less traveled. Sure it’s another LS but it’s not just a conversion slapped in for a skid, the idea of utilising the cooling effect of E85 negating the need for a charge cooler is spot on. Big turbos operating in their efficiency Island don’t need a cooler on E85, it’s not quite methanol but close enough. Good quality throughout this entire build, keeping the stock intake and electronic throttle just demonstrates the ability of this workshop. Hands down the best I’ve seen 👍

  8. If it doesn't start very well…. an old mechanic told me to pour a bit of fuel into the distributor and it will fire right up!!! But if you have efi… you just cover your bearings with lapping paste when building the engine and it makes it easier to start,,,!!! Is this true???

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