Asheville Used Cars at AutoStar Westgate

Asheville Used Cars at AutoStar Westgate

The concept behind Autostar is to help the
community and the people that need automobiles that can’t get automobiles. If they’ve got
tough credit, bad credit, you know, no credit we’re the guy that can get things done when
other people can’t. We’ve got over forty lenders, millions to lend for people and we’re out
here strictly to really help families. That’s what Autostar is about. We’ve had instances
where people have had that proverbial four-twenty-five credit score instead of a seven-hundred, everybody
said “no” but they came to Autostar, we got them started, we showed them how to get into
a loan, how to get it going, they made their payments on time for ten to twelve, fifteen
months, their credit score is all changed and now they have that good credit score that’s
reporting on their bureau, which enables them to go out and buy cars from us again as repeat
customers with a much, much better interest rate. When we originally started the franchise
it was started back in July of two-thousand and twelve in Canton [NC]. We opened the lot
up in Canton, it originally was a “buy-here, pay here” lot. And what we had originally
done was we had taken our investors monies and we put together loans for several hundred
families that needed cars, they didn’t have cars, and because they didn’t have cars, they
couldn’t get a job, couldn’t go to work. The idea was “the only way to fix this is to get
them a car so they can go to work and have a job”. And so this was the concept that lead
to the start of it, to help the community, get the community back where they were getting
jobs and working and then from there we evolved where we acquired several other sub-prime
lenders that were willing to carry the paper, as opposed to us, report on the credit bureau
so that it fixed and built their credit reports so that they would be in a position to be
a “prime” buyer as opposed to a “sub-prime” buyer the next time around. One of the benefits
of our franchise is that we have so many locations, we’re able to keep, on average between five-
and seven-hundred vehicles at all the different locations combined and with our web access
people can actually go online to our web, do their virtual shopping, see a car, like
it, call the store that they want to see the car at, have the car brought there, and it
makes the convenience of the purchase so, so, so easy for them and at the same time
it gives us the ability to move inventory from one location to another as they need
it to, you know, take care of the public for their needs. We have what’s known as a “BDC
[Business Development Center]”. And our BDC is trained and put together to really, really
take care of the customer. We don’t drop the ball. We don’t stop until we’re finished.
When you come to us and you ask us to try to get you a loan and get you done, it’s not
a one-day or a two-day process, in some cases it is because they’ve got better credit, but
with the tougher credit that process could take up to a week and we’re one of those guys
that we don’t quit until we accomplish the goal, try to find the car that fits that model
and of course, sometimes the consumer has to bend a little bit – maybe a little money
down or co-signer, but as long as they’re flexible and willing to work with us, we can
put together – usually – a pretty good loan for somebody so that they’re very, very satisfied
in the end.

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