Audi A4 (B6) Convertible buying advice

Audi A4 (B6) Convertible buying advice

We thought it would be great
to drive a convertible in summer. We do have a bit of rain. This is the best moment to test a convertible. What problem can occur with every convertible? Even convertibles with a steel folding roof… Leakage, of course, so you
do want to drive in the rain. This generation Audi A4 convertible is getting old. 2005 was the last build year of this generation.
We’re talking about the B6 here. It was succeeded by the B7,
which is more of a big facelift, but there were changes under the hood. We will not discuss that one in this video. Back then it was a modern design. It radiates soundness and quality,
unrelated to it being sound and good quality. It does look like that, though. I associate it with solid aluminum. It still has a timeless appearance. It is not a very sporty convertible, especially not
with this engine and this automatic transmission. However, it is a nice travel companion. It is quiet, so you can keep driving it in winter. The engines are funny. Nowadays we are used to
4-cylinder engines in this class. There is only one for this
A4 convertible; the 1.8 turbo. The rest are V6 engines, including the TDI,
or a V8 in the S4. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel There are plenty of cars for sale on Marktplaats,
even though this car was built for only four years. 100 cars, of which 10% has a diesel engine. A convertible with a diesel engine is special. Prices start at 5,000 euros, but the cars get more fun when
you have more money to spend. The number of things to watch out
for isn’t that bad considering its age. However, there are a number of things
you really do need to pay attention to. One is the transmission. The automatic transmission comes
in two flavors: the regular Tiptronic and the Multitronic with the smart stick from DAF. Over the years it turned out
to be a problematic transmission. Its nickname is the Multitrauma
transmission, which says it all. You have to make sure it works quietly. Shifting to drive should not
result in bangs and clunks. When you accelerate,
strange things should not happen. A lot of these transmissions have been worked on. In the maintenance history you want
to see a transmission flush. That is a thing to watch out for
with more automatic transmissions. The Multitronic transmission is a risky choice. If you find a A4 convertible with quattro AWD,
it will always have the Tiptronic transmission. If you want play it safe, choose a quattro. Another important thing to watch
out for with every convertible: if the top is in good condition. It is a wear part, more or less. This means when the car gets older
you will have to replace or repair it. Check if it is not worn through at the folds. It is OK to see something in the top’s fabric. Also check for strange things
where it connects with the body. Open and close the top a few
times to see if it works smoothly. It does not go very fast with
this A4 convertible, but it works well. There are no huge problems with the engines. The gasoline engines’ ignition
coils die relatively often. You will have to replace them, which is annoying. It is not a very expensive fix, though. The 2.4 V6 is a relatively old engine. The 3-liter V6 is more powerful,
but has about the same fuel consumption. If you have the choice, choose the bigger engine. The fuel consumption is more or less the same. Another thing: when you
feel the clutch pedal vibrating in an A4 convertible with a manual transmission,
this may be caused by condensation in cold weather. There is a modification kit for this. I can’t imagine cars this age
to not have been modified, but keep it in mind. If you feel the clutch pedal vibrate
when you lift, this may be an easy fix. There may be small problems with the interior. This was a time when they
started using soft-touch buttons. They wear, but can be made to look better. It is not a big problem. The hinge of the glovebox can break. That is annoying, because it
will not stay closed properly. The locking mechanism of the center arm rest… You hear it, but you can’t see it. It is broken in this car as well. I only noticed when I put something in there. It doesn’t bother me, but it is not very neat. That is all for the problems. We found this car at Autobedrijf Baarse in Aalsmeer. It is waiting for you and that beautiful
summer, so the top can be opened. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale for which we may shoot a video,
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