Audi Presents: An Avant Story

Audi Presents: An Avant Story

Everyone has their own story, how they got to this moment. Mine began, before I can even remember. My father, my mother, and me. Our family, together. In her love, in his strength, my passion was instilled. Many other times and many other places, that wouldn’t be true. But here, always, it was. For me that lit a match inside I never wanted to go out. So, I didn’t let it. Now that match is a torch. Guiding my life towards its fuel. Even to things they tell me I can’t have, yet anyway… Until then, the fire I imagine, is stoked here. From the beginning, I dreamt of the beginning. But time and age steal our unicorns away, if we let them. A dream can only get you but so far. Eventually you’ll want, you’ll need, something real… Something you can see… Something you can feel… Something that makes the visions of what could be, more vivid than before. Who am I kidding? If it were that easy, it wouldn’t be worth the heartache. Years would pass before something reeled me back in again. So, life goes on, and me along with it. We don’t get to choose when our next chapter starts. It’s the moments we least suspect that change everything. Yep, that was one for me right there. Little did I know, how many more moments like this I was in for. It’s funny how quick priorities change. Now it’s my turn to help her find that fire, wherever that takes her. Well, ok I might have nudged her, just a little…. Everything begins with a dream. What happens next is up to me, because now, the dream is real.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. when you see him grow and having his own kid while he stil has his dream. that took me and i almost went crying. thnx audi

  2. When I heard the 2005 generation RS4 for the first time in real life, I automatically knew right then and there, that it was the car that I was going to do anything to get. I am still on that journey. All I know, is that I will get one, one day! Audi's can evoke so much passion in people that they become more than just a car. This video gave me chills!

  3. Сильный ролик. Очень красиво и воодушевляющие, даже не смотря что это реклама.

  4. to get an rs4 from 2008 i would have to collect money for 14 years … and after 14 years it would be a 25 years old car … from second hand car

    great video , master pice

  5. Чет не понял , он женился на ней из-за тачки ?! Что за поклонение 4 кольцам ?!

  6. If you watch really closely, you'll see the MIL on in all of the OBD cars…..? just kidding, I love these cars.

  7. Brings tear to my eye 😀 I would still prefer the best of them all RS2. It's like everyone's dream. One day I will resore one by myself 😀

  8. German vision, when a people of color can marry only others with a color…. Or maybe whites don't buy anymore audi.

  9. Really good and fast cars, but with design getting worse generation after generation, even nostalgia can't save the RS..

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