Audi Q5 buying advice

Audi Q5 buying advice

This was the best-selling Audi last year. In the world. That’s an achievement,
because the car is nearly eight years old. It was introduced mid-2008. It’s 2016 now, so it’ll be eight years old this year. We’re talking about the Audi Q5. The reason why it’s a bestseller probably
has to do with it not being a Q7. It is an SUV, though, and rather luxurious. It has nice engines and a wide choice thereof,
and a wide choice in editions. So yeah, I think that’s why. Maybe people think it’s cool, I don’t know. Either way, today we’re going to see if it’s
a good choice for a second-hand car. With eight years on the market,
there are a lot for sale. The Q5 sits on the MLP platform, the same
platform as the Audi A4 and Porsche Macan. The Q5 got a facelift in 2012. There were a number of changes to its appearance;
squintier headlights, different bumpers, etc. The most important change was the introduction
of the 8-speed automatic transmission. Before it was a 7-speed S tronic,
the facelift added an 8-speed S tronic. Also, the 3.2 FSI engine was dropped
and replaced by a 3-liter TFSI. There’s a choice between diesel and
gasoline engines ranging from 141-335 hp. There should be one for you. The top engine is the SQ5 TDI plus,
but it’s still fairly recent, so you won’t find a lot of those second-hand. ENGINES
gasoline ENGINES
diesel Not counting the lease offers, about 150-155
Audi Q5 are for sale on Marktplaats at the moment. The gasoline/diesel engines distribution
is in favor of the gasoline engines. About 55% has one. Hybrids are available as well.
When we shot this video, two were for sale. The other 45% has a diesel engine. The manual transmission
isn’t very popular in the Q5. About 25 are for sale at the moment. The other cars all have
an S tronic automatic transmission. The prices range from
15,000/16,000 euros for the 2008 cars until 95,000 euros for a newly
broken-in SQ5 built last year. Of course there are things to watch out for. To begin, the Audi SQ5 has a 2-liter
TFSI engine, which is thirsty for oil. Horror stories are rare, but they are out there. When choosing a 2-liter gasoline engine,
keep an eye on the oil level and top off / change regularly. In addition, the S tronic automatic
transmission had a recall in Australia. Asia and Russia got their warranty extended
to five years or 150,000 km (93,000 miles), whichever comes first. This had a reason, because there were
a lot of complaints about this transmission. More than average. About faltering transmissions and breaking clutches. There hasn’t been a recall
or extended warranty in Europe, but there are more and more signals
the Audi dealer is involved and does repairs for free or with a discount. That’s a positive trend, but in the end it would
be nice to get it solved like the rest of the world. There has been a recall for cars with a glass sunroof. These had to go back to the dealer
because they needed to be fixed. Sunroofs could shatter when
they were cracked, falling into the car. That’s not very nice, of course. This mostly happened at low temperatures,
so probably not a lot in the Netherlands. However, it’s important for you to know. I can imagine you want to take
your Q5 on a winter vacation. You don’t want to find your car filled with snow
in the morning because the sunroof gave way. Check if your car has had the recall. There has also been a recall for the 3-liter TDI
from a certain period, March-December 2012. If your car with 3-liter TDI was built within
that time frame, it had to go back. There was a problem with the brake assist. It affected 676 cars in the Netherlands, which
got a recall letter to have this problem fixed. Of course, check if the recall was answered to
so the car got its update. Speaking of recalls… The 2-liter TDI available in the Audi Q5
is involved with the Dieselgate scandal. This car may need to go back
to the dealer to be fixed. There are stories about the 3-liter TDI as well,
which may have the same problem. We’ll have to wait and see what’ll happen. We’re done with the recalls,
but there’s one thing left. There are horror stories about
electronic gremlins in the Audi Q5. The central locking may not work, electronic
things dying, so check if everything works, if all the buttons work, if the A/C works, etc. Test everything electronic during your test drive. Those were all the things to
watch out for in the Q5. It’s not that bad. There are some big issues with
the DSG transmissions and TSI engines, or rather well-known issues. In all, it’s a reliable car and
doesn’t break down a lot. The car we filmed today is
a 2-liter Audi Q5 on gasoline. Post facelift, so it has the
8-speed automatic transmission. It has the pretty S line package. It’s for sale at the Pon Dealer in Barneveld. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale for which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Slokje olie? Zeg maar gerust slechte olieschraapveren. Voor auto's tot 5 jaar oud en 100.000km is er een coulanceregeling, valt je auto erbuiten dan betaal je ongeveer 8000 euro voor de reparatie…

  2. "eigenlijk valt het allemaal wel mee"

    Ja tuurlijk wuif de dure reparaties maar weg alsof het niks is. Een Volvo XC60 om maar eens wat te noemen is een stuk goedkoper in onderhoud.

  3. Je zegt: De Audi SQ5 is geleverd met de 2.0 tfsi motor die olie lust. Dit klopt natuurlijk niet, het is een Q5 met TFSI motor!

  4. zeggen ze wel eens wat over franse auto's…. daar is de lijst korter, ER BESTAAT COULANCE IN FRANKRIJK IPV VAN VAG WEINIG TOT GEEN.

  5. The Q5 has a very sensitive transmission, it's clutch can be easily damaged and costs a fortune to replace (around 1800 euro), the transmission mecatronic is also subject to be broken and costs more than 3000 euro to replace. The interior gets noisy as it's getting old, the back seats are making a lot of noise on bumpy roads, the turbo might whistle at 60k KM and eventually needs replacement.
    If you are buying a second hand Q5, first never buy an Audi that did more than 50k km, make sure that the previous owner had it serviced at the dealer and first check would be the transmission, drive the car and perform slow accelerations and try to sense light shaking while going from 0 to 30 km/h, also lookout form harsh downshifts

    10 years Audi owner, currently owner of a second hand low mileage Q5 2010

  6. Very expensive to maintain, it has problems in its transmission, and very old interms of desgin, Audi will change the body by the end of 2016, so it's value will drop dramatically

  7. The 8-speed transmission is a Tiptronic not S-tronic and SQ5 uses the 3.0 TDI not 2.0 TFSI. Otherwise great video as usual.

  8. Thanks for video I am glad that you have mentioned about petrol engines oil consumption. Rumor says that audi fixed this problem with oil consumption but I cannot find confirmation anywhere. I would be bery grateful for any information about it.

  9. the hybrid q5 is a little faster than the sq5, i own a 13 q5 hybrid and just drove a 17 sq5, the reason is i live at such a high elevation the electric power makes up for the power loss, its quite interesting.

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