Audi Q7 buyers review

Audi Q7 buyers review

Audi first showed the Q7 at
the 2005 IAA in Frankfurt. It was well received, so Audi decided
to produce it right away. They stocked up late 2005, the first
cars entered the showrooms early 2006. The Q7 was well received, especially because
the base model is still luxurious. Air suspension and quattro are standard,
and with a small bench you can seat 7 people. That was a feature not available on
the BMW X5 or Touareg back then. Speaking of the Touareg: the car sits
on the PL71 platform, which means it shares technology with
the Touareg and Porsche Cayenne. This made it cheaper for Audi
to develop this car. Don’t expect to buy a real off-roader
with the Q7; it’s a 4×4 for on-road use. The handling shows. You can drive down a farm road and
play in the mud or snow, but don’t expect to beat Land Rover Defenders
in the Sahara with this car. The central differential can be locked if you
want, but in a Q7 it won’t be used often. The Q7 got a facelift in 2009, with
sharper lines and LED, etc. Typically Audi. For the engine you can choose starting
from a 230 hp V6 diesel until the cool V12 TDI with 493 hp
and 738 ft lbs torque. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel The V12 got its own suspension etc.
to make it the sportier edition. It makes it the most wanted edition. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot
of those on There are 5 for sale at the moment. They are by far the most expensive
model in the range. Expect to pay a lot of extra money
compared to the other Q7s. 87% of the cars is a diesel, which isn’t
a surprise in our country. When you want a color,
you’ll have to look hard. There’s a chance of 1 out of 10
to get a blue or brown one. 43% is black, 40% is grey, and 10% is white,
so there’s not a lot of color there. About 160 Q7s are for sale. Prices start at
14,000 euros for a high mileage diesel. Prices go up until 100,000 euros. There is one exception I haven’t included;
a Q7 for 190,000 euros. That’s a special armored version,
which has its value. An armored Q7 is available, which
may be interesting for some people. PRICES
minimum, average, maximum Maintaining this car isn’t particularly cheap. This has to do with a number of things,
mostly because it’s a big, heavy car. Next to the money you spend on fuel,
there’s wear on the brakes and tires. The Q7’s tires need to be aligned well, else the
front wheels are eaten within 9,000 miles. This has to do with alignment and
tire pressure, so check the latter regularly. Speaking of tires, the 21 inch rims
look fantastic. This car has them. It looks really cool, but it doesn’t
benefit the comfort. If you get 21 inch, check if you
think it’s comfortable enough. You may think it’s hard and bouncy. This can be caused by the wheels. Another comfort thing: the S line
has a stiffer suspension. Again, check if you like it or rather have a
more comfortable version of the Audi Q7. Another thing is a small recall
for cars before July 2007. This had to do with the automatic trunk lid.
It could suddenly close on its own. This shouldn’t happen, so check if it has
had a recall to fix this problem. This was done by replacing the motor
and updating the software. Check if all electronic gadgets work.
This car is loaded with them. You just need to check it. As I said, the Q7 is no hard-core off-roader,
but that doesn’t mean the previous owner didn’t test what he could do with it.
Check for damages underneath. Someone may have been too optimistic
and hit a rock. Things may be damaged you do
not want to be damaged. Another thing to watch out for is the sunroof. Drainage canals may get clogged,
causing water to flow into the cabin. That’s nasty, so if that’s the case,
ask the seller to clean it thoroughly and you won’t have this problem
for some time to come. Finally, you can buy an Audi Q7 as a 7-seater. The 2 seats in the back aren’t very spacious.
So if you buy it to transport 7 people, check if it really fits. It’s not suited
for 7 adults going on holiday. It just won’t fit. We borrowed this car at Autohaas
in Apeldoorn. It’s a 3-liter TDI. It looks cooler because the previous owner
decided to make it look like a V12 version. It has bigger rims, sporty bumpers, etc. It has the Audi Select label, which means
you get a 12 months warranty. That’s nice on such an expensive
car like the Audi Q7. THIS CAR Thanks to
Autohaas Apeldoorn Subs – Maru

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Very good reviews from Autoblog. They show a lot of knowledge on cars, so glad that they have English subtitles. These reviews on older cars are pretty interesting

  2. `Zou het erg leuk vinden, als je ons ook het interieur van binnen laat zien, dat geeft toch wel een mooi overzicht over de Q7 zelf:)

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