Audi R8 RWS V10 vs Porsche 911 GT3 – 2018 review | Autocar

Audi R8 RWS V10 vs Porsche 911 GT3 – 2018 review | Autocar

This is the new Audi R8 RWS V10. RWS stands
for ‘Rear Wheel Series’ which means you can now order your R8 in rear-wheel-drive.
It’s available as both a coupe – you see here – and a convertible and Audi say they’ll
only make 999 of them. Prices start at about £110,000 which makes this the cheapest Audi
R8 you can buy. Now think about that for a second, can you imagine Porsche releasing
a limited series car that’s lighter and more driver focused and then charging less
money for it? Mauro, that’s all well and good but come on, is that car as good as a
911 GT3? Let’s go for a drive and find out, try and keep up. Why am I so happy to be sitting
in a rear-wheel-drive Audi R8 on this damp, cold day? Well, to start with it’s 50 kg
lighter than the four-wheel-drive car because it doesn’t have the front drive shafts,
it doesn’t have the prop shafts and it doesn’t have the centre diff. Performance is pretty
much unaffected, 0-60: 3.7 seconds, top speed still 198 mph and all of a sudden, some magic’s
been injected back into this car. Now, while the Italian stallion tells you all about that
R8 RWS, it’s my job to tell you about this 911 GT3, except you’ve probably heard about
this car a thousand times already. You know all about performance, you know all about
how brilliant the steering is, how good the handling is, you know all about the engine
and all about the amazing soundtrack although let’s just have a quick refresher. 9000rpm,
yeah it’s a spectacular engine but I want to tell you something about this car that
you haven’t heard before, I want to tell you about dampi ng. Okay, you’ve probably
heard that the damping is spectacular in this car but I want to describe it in a bit more
detail because for me, more than the engines in these GT Porsche’s, more than performance,
more than the steering or anything else, it’s the quality of the damping that really makes
these cars stand out. Basically, when Audi launched the first R8 back in 2007, they sent
absolute shock waves through the supercar elite. Out of nowhere there was a four-wheel-drive,
mid-engined car from the might of Audi and it was absolutely fantastic. Couple of years
later they face lifted the car and somehow they toned it down a bit, it lost some of
that original cars magic. Now, I’m happy to report, that magic is mostly back. The
really important question is, can you now tell this car is rear-wheel-drive? Well, yes
you absolutely can. Unless you’re sort of pootling in traffic when you probably couldn’t
tell the other one was four-wheel-drive, you can immediately tell that this is rear-wheel-drive.
There’s now a balance to the car didn’t have in the four-wheel-drive and that 50 kg
is immediately felt. The car changes direction much more cleanly, there’s a lightness to
the steering that wasn’t there before. You might not have driven a 911 GT3 before but
if you’ve ever slammed shut a soft close kitchen cupboard door, you know what the damping
feels like. You know what that’s like when you slam that cupboard door and you expect
it to crash shut, but it doesn’t, it shuts quickly and sharply but softly! We’ve got
lots of spring rate, there’s not much wheel travel so you expect it to crash like that
cupboard door, but it never does, it absorbs all of the impact, it absorbs the shape of
the road but it does so brilliantly, so it never runs out of travel and skips, it never
scrapes its belly into the tarmac and it feels beautifully controlled, it really is an amazing
sensation, you just don’t really feel it in many other cars, it’s so rare, it really
is an incredible achievement. There’s a delicacy back into the chassis of this car,
pick up the power too quickly and the back will step out, it moves around a lot as well,
it’s really, really exciting. It’s damp here and that was full throttle there, ESP
completely dealing with the situation, dynamically it’s absolutely fantastic, weight fantastic,
love the sound of that V10, 5.2 litres. I love the noise this thing makes. The only
thing that’s slightly lacking is because it now hasn’t got front drive shafts putting
some sort of momentum into the front wheels some of the steering feel has gone from the
mark 2 car. And then as you know, the rest of the car is just as good. It’s EPAS, it’s
beautifully weighted, so precise, really sharp, it’s even got feedback, the gearbox is sensationally
quick. The engine, yeah we know that this engine is out of this world, he thinks it’s
maybe a bit too noisy, I think he’s being a bit soft! How can you have any issues with
that? You can just sense the front understeering on the limit in these damp conditions. Gearbox
works absolutely fantastically, not convinced by the actual paddles themselves, I think
they could do with something just a bit more substantial, they just have these poor excuses,
they’re plastic, whereas in Dan’s GT3 he’s got some nice aluminium oversized paddles
and I think this car could do with some of those. Everything else in this cabin is absolutely
spot on, it feels absolutely beautiful. Dan’s in the GT3 but this is a nicer place to spend
time, the ride is absolutely fantastic, it rides nicer than Dan’s GT3, it might not
be as aggressive but come on, this is definitely the better compromise. Grip, body control,
agility, precision, just everything about this car is next level. All of which means
I do not envy any other manufacturer which tries to get involved in this sector of the
market, this £110,000, 500 horsepower sports car market because how do you compete with
one of these cars and you know what? To be fair to it, to be fair to Audi it’s not
really trying to be a 911 GT3 is it? It’s not as hard core, it’s not as single minded,
it’s not as fast as a 911 GT3, you can tell that by looking at the tyres it’s on and
look at the tyres that this GT3 is on, these are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2’s. I’m
running P-Zeros so it’s not on the silly sports tyres that Dan’s got, I think Dan’s
probably got some Cup 2’s on his car and he’ll be understeering everywhere. All of
a sudden I’ve got an adjustability back into this car that I didn’t have in the
four-wheel-drive car. The lack of front drive shafts, the lack of prop shafts and the lack
of centre diffs means that this car does everything I want it to do. I no longer have to second
guess what the four-wheel-drive system is going to do if the car starts to sense a lack
of grip, all of my inputs go to the steering through my hands and to the rear wheels through
my feet. There is still something about that R8 isn’t it? Its engine, even in comparison
to this 911 GT3’s engine its motor is spectacular, the gearbox is incredible, it looks great,
its got a great engine and then you’ve got all the theatre and all the drama of a mid-engined
car with a V10. Probably the most likeable R8 they’ve ever done, all things considered
and yet it’s still no 911 GT3. Dan you have brought a track day special to a road test.
Fair enough and you know we’re about 3 or 4 miles from where we are now from goodwood
circuit. Yeah. And I think if we were out on track today in these two cars, I think
there’d be an ocean between them, I think this GT3 would walk it. Dan if I had longer
legs I’d be taller, we are not on track we are on a road and that is why this today
is the winner of this test, it’s not on silly tyres, it’s on P-Zero’s bespoke
to this car so it hasn’t been affected by the cold weather and the damp, I think this
is the better car today on these roads. I think that R8 is a wonderful car actually,
it’s my favourite R8. The best R8 they’ve ever made, correct. To be fair to Audi, they’re
not trying to build a car as focused as this GT3. Yeah, good point. The payoff is that
it’s just not quite the raw, involving, exiting driving experience as this car. What
you taking? I’m going to stick with the hard core one, I’m staying in the GT3. Okay,
do you not feel slightly short changed by your six-cylinder engine compared to my massive
V10? Okay, I’m looking at something just here, it says 9! What’s your redline? Err,
8.5. And 9,000 is more, therefore it’s a better engine. Do you know what, I’ve said
it before, I actually think that engine sounds a bit harsh over the last 1000 rpm, I almost
think it’s there just for the sake of it being there. I kind of get what you’re saying
but I think overall it’s a mighty engine, it’s got a rawness and an edge to it that,
I love that V10 but it doesn’t feel as serated, as sharp as this one. Yeah, no you’re right
that is a sharper car all over, engines sharper, I think you’re right, I think that it the
sharper car but I’m going to stick to my guns, I’m going to say that on this damp
day today I think this is the better car because we’re not at goodwood, we’re close, but
we’re not there and I actually think today on this road, this is a nicer car. Can I just
say, blue doesn’t suit you. Okay! My mum always said my blue eyes!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Instead of telling us, why not do a comparison between the R8 RWS vs the R8 Quattro? Let the cars show us where to spend the money.

  2. 911 GT3 over the R8 any day ! Even though the R8 is a v10, the Flat 6 cylinder engine from the GT3 sounds much better. It just has that raw racing engine sound which is so unique.

  3. Only 50kg for the awd system which allows you to actually put that v10 power down. I'm guessing the tire is a super low tread wear rating to have any chance at staying hooked.

  4. Why does this 40+ year old presenter dress like he’s from one direction whilst holding them carpets under his arms 😂😂

  5. The Audi R8 RWS should be compared to something like the Porsche 911 Carrera R. The Porsche 911 GT3 is a track focused variant. This Audi R8 is entry level. They are not direct competitors.

  6. I am leaning toward the GT3 mostly because of the Manual trans. If audi comes out with RWS 6SPD manual…. I am in!!!

  7. What in gods name is Mauro wearing and why do we have yet another presenter who is incapable of pronouncing "th" 😡😡

  8. In the end the 911 GT3 is a rear-engined sports car. When pushed hard enough the tail will ultimately kick out. It's just that over the years Porsche has managed to minimize that. But will never be able to eliminate it. Whereas the Audi R8 is a mid-engine car. Where the engine SHOULD be for "the best" handling (sure it takes more than engine placement…but is a HUGE factor). Which is why all professional race cars are mid-engine. 🙂

    I'd bet that if they put Michael Schmacher behind the wheel of both cars he'd get a better time in the Audi.

    And RWD cars are the most fun to drive. 🙂 Taking you out of corners so well )not sure how they would compare to a mid-engine AWD car).

  9. Why is that Audi sounding more like a Lamborghini.
    Did they copy the Lamborghini Huracan??

    I know coz most of the R8's are more like Lamborghini Gallardo/Huracan type of versions coz even they fit the same type of V10 Engines and the fact that they are both owned by Volkswagen.

    They even copied the URUS to some extent that now even their Q7/Q8 looks very similar to the Lamborghini Urus.

  10. It really annoys me when they keep blabbing on about the GT3 being £110,000. For starters you can't even buy one (new) unless you're; 1. Good mates with your local Porsche dealership 2. Have bought a number of cars (4+ cars) from them. Then you've got the options list. Almost no one buys a GT3 basic. So even with a few major options ticked, you're looking at closer to £130,000, and it's a lot more than that if you're the type of person who likes lighting their cigars with £50 notes.

    Would love either of them to be honest. I'm quite intrigued by the RWS R8. If it came with an open gated manual shift it would nearly be perfect. So with that being said I would probably take the 991.2 GT3, with a manual please.

  11. I prefer the Porsche any day of the year – Ray Winston makes some very good points about the Audi though.

  12. Sure the v10 sounds nice, but I've been hearing that sound since 2005 with the Gallardo. Dress up a gt3/gt3rs with an exhaust and it sounds like an f1 car. The Porsche is so raw and intriguing, making it desirable to almost everyone. The gt3 is defiantly a weapon on both the road and track.

  13. The suspension in the McLaren super series is better than the Porsche by a big margin. The fixed bucket seats in the GT3 are not very comfortable and you can't buy one new unless the dealer wants you to have one! The Audi R8 is a great car but the design is starting to look old. The 570S looks much more modern now.

  14. The 2019 911 GT3 would have been a better comparison because they are around the same power level 520hp vs 540hp

  15. The first gen R8 was something altho I would still take the gt3, like it or not they are in the same family VW owns Audi and 49% of Porsche. I am a Porsche guy so I would take a Porsche over any other car just like I would take a Rolex over any other watch even tho there is better out there I like to stick to my guns.

  16. What a stupid test! Its like telling my dick is bigger than yours, but too afraid to show it. You put the fucking cars AGAINST each other on a track AND road, and race each other. Dont talk thextalk, walk the walk ffs!

  17. Both supercars are lowered..and that guys has also seems to be lowered…he must have some ground effect everyday…

  18. The R8 without quattro AWD feels like something is missing. Audi made its brand around quattro AWD and taking that away to make the R8 sharper while sound in practice, is like taking the very soul that made it an Audi. The 911 has been under the knife from Porsche for 70+ years and the GT3 is the 911 distilled to its very essence – it is not taking away its trademarks, but taking everything unnecessary away and making the Rear-engine NA flat 6 car everyone knows and loves and sharpening it just for the driving fun. Needless to say, I take the 911 GT3 anyday.

  19. The Audi R8 is a bargain supercar! Compared to the gt3!! If I had to pick one the Porsche all the way but if you’re on a budget Audi🏁🏁

  20. Dan great as always!
    Mauro I like You but I can't look at Your sitting position.
    Straight arms, steering wheel covering the view.
    More Dan please!
    Mauro I hope next time will be better😉

  21. In Canada we get shafted on the RWS. it’s only available in black or white, not this beautiful blue. No quilted leather seats. I don’t think those mesh wheels are an option either.

  22. Instead of a comparison it seems like two separate reviews by two different people of two different cars horrible mixed together by frustrating editing

  23. GT3 is over 50K more than the R8 RWS and the GT3 is super hard to get in the USA. Dealer mark up can be an additional 50k. I sat and drove one and well worth it if you got dough. Now the Audi R8 V10 Plus convertible is a different story.

  24. Eager to see what Audi do with the facelift, they’ve been spending quite a lot of time on the development, at least a good 9 months since the first spy pics were taken. Will be last opportunity to buy that fsi v10 in atmo spec

  25. What a pointless video if the people making the video dont know what they talking about. They can't even drive properly for a proper test. Would not be watching any other video they post

  26. No real word measures, no drag race, no rolling start race, no breaking test, just saying nice things about these two lovely cars… What a waste of time you had there guys

  27. The problem is that you can buy an Audi R8, but the GT3 you cannot because dealers are ruining the Porsche Brand buy selling GT cars only to friends and/or I speculate to whom gives them a kickback. All GT cars are selling “used”with a few miles with large premiums over sticker. It should not be that way.
    So I fell the comparison should be between cars you can actually buy. …

  28. I'd have the R8. The 911 is just too nerdy, and without the Plus aero kit the R8 has just the right amount of flash to have presence, but not embarrass the driver.

  29. No proper measurement testing of the Audi R8 rws people would like to know how fast compared to a gt3 current thx

  30. Nice comparo and all but in the UK it's impossible to buy a new GT3 unless you're a serial car buyer at one dealer or pay way over.

  31. Also, you guys need two switch cars halfway through because the more persuasive person always has the majority side with them, when you try both it levels the comparison.

  32. I remember when Porsche used to actually charge less for their stripped down performance cars. The 964 Carrera RS and RS America were several thousand less than the standard Carrera. The 968 Clubsport was also less than the standard 968. I think they started charging more for their stripped down cars with the 996 series 911.

  33. It's all about taste these 2. You can't complain can you. I prefer the R8, it's style, engine and fact that you can use it everyday. The GT3 is to 'Racy' for everyday use. But then again, Porsche is fantastic.

  34. I recon the GT3 is best as many reviewers say, brilliant track-day car; but the main reason for me is the Porsches width, on UK roads I would drive. The Audi is as wide as a bus, like too many Supercar/Hypercars.

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