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  1. crazy, the land rover with the new seats in the back all boxed up, I work for that company britpart, could have been me that sent them there all the way from the UK

  2. The armoured cars are ex British army, the 4 wheeler is a Daimler Ferret & the 6 wheeler an Alvis Saracen. Both date from the 50s

  3. If you ever make it out to New Jersey and want to check out some old iron, Friendship Auto Wreckers 58 New Rd, Tabernacle, NJ 08088
    Most of the high dollar muscle has been picked clean, but plenty of rare and unusual finds. Some really old iron way in the back from the 20's on up. BRING GOOD BOOTS!

  4. You don`t know a primer cup from a compression release……and I`m supposed to take your word for an appraisal? Pfftttt. ALLRIGHTY. (Rolls my eyes)

  5. the barn hunter logo either looks like a confederate flag when its red/white or a white supremacist flag when its white/red. lol

  6. hey why do you ask how much and if u want to sell and never put your hand in your pocket.tightass tom

  7. Nice show , the powder blue Landrover is a T Reg from August 1978 to 1979 following year . Great to see these old cars and people doing them up to their former glory

  8. Hi Tom, love the show, love the stories and all the very cool people you meet. Love what this show is all about, very cool stuff.
    Wanted to share a quick little story myself. My father lived in San Diego years ago, bought a 1967 MGB, imported it into Canada when he moved back here. The car was in our local Expo 86' and he drove it up here for a few years. Once he decided to settle down and start to have kids, (my sister and myself) he made the decision to park it. I grew up with it sitting in my garage and wanting to get it running one day and drive it again. As with most British cars, it had electronic issues, the carbs were in need of a rebuild, and the old fuel in the tank eventually rotted it's way trough the old metal and onto the garage floor.so the last time I remember seeing the car it definitely needed some love, little did my parents know that I would grow up to become a car guy and a mechanic. He ended up finally parting ways with it in the mid 2000's and had to watch it drive away on a flat deck trailer instantly regretting his decision to sell it.
    Well, he is retiring this year and I thought of this crazy idea to find the car, and buy it back for him. I did about a months worth of digging and phone calls to people Id never met in my life to ask them if they could point me in the right direction of the current owner.. I eventually found it. Confirmed the vin and registration number over the phone with the current owner, who told me that it has had somewhat of a restoration on it and he has been driving it during the summer and keeps it stored indoors during the winter, and here's the kicker… It's for sale! It is about a five hours drive north from where we are located in south western British Columbia. I brought my evidence to my dad and told him I found it, we are going to take a look at it as soon as the snow melts and the highway up to salmon arm is clear. I have some photos that the current owner has sent me and if you'd like to contact me about this story and see the car feel free to send me an email. 😊 [email protected]
    Again, huge fan of the show and happy hunting! ✌️

  9. old cars are for in my DNA . my family's has been building cars for 100 years next year 2018 . I love this show ! slow down show the cars better . please do classic American cars ! "PMD KIDD" OVER AND OUT !

  10. The blue Land-Rover Station Wagon isn't 1973, the T-suffix plate denotes first registration between the 1st of August 1978 and the 31st of July 1979. The bright yellow paint peeping out from under the classic Land-Rover blue suggests that the vehicle was originally owned by Post Office Telephones, the national land line telephone company in the UK who then became British Telecom in 1983. If that is the case then it actually isn't a Safari Station Wagon, it's just a 109" Station Wagon as they came specified in the most basic trim with the flat seats and no interior door trims whereas Safaris always had the deluxe seats with the pattern stitched or moulded into the vinyl and door trims. Although the standard Station Wagon was available to the "civilian" market through dealers very few were sold to the general public like that, most buyers opting for the (slightly) more comfortable deluxe trim which only added a small amount extra to the price of what was, at that time, the most expensive Land-Rover. Most standard Station Wagons started off their lives with large companies like BT and the National Grid where their abilities in difficult conditions made them ideal for use in areas prone to poor weather conditions in winter or for working on above ground telephone and high voltage electrical cables which run across country, though some also saw service with the armed forces. The first three letters of the number plate AUH indicate the vehicle was first registered in the Cardiff area so the vehicle probably operated in the central and South Wales and borders areas.
    At this time the vehicle was probably supplied with the most basic petrol engine available, so the 4-cylinder 2 1/4 litre (2286cc) though vehicles that operated in the wilds of Scotland or Wales may well have had the 2 1/4 diesel originally to give them a longer operating time on site before needing to refuel as the diesel chewed through fuel slightly more slowly than the petrol though it is also possible that the vehicle was originally specified with auxiliary fuel tanks to extend operating time and range. The down-side was that the diesel was biblically slow, continental drift was faster, and in the heavy 109" Station Wagon (the diesel was largely seen in the more work-a-day and lighter pickups and hard tops and the 88") I doubt you'd see much more than 50mph on the flat, maybe a bit more downhill with the wind behind you so in standard form it definitely wouldn't be a motorway/highway vehicle…

  11. 5:15, this is not a 1973 Land Rover, it's a 1978/9 Land Rover Series 2A, the Registration plate gives the year away.

  12. Hey Dan great show! I enjoyed seeing the early Datsuns mentioned, i would love to see more classic Japanese vehicles featured. Keep up the great work

  13. Does anyone know what kind of drivetrain is in Tom's '39 Ford? Definitely doesn't sound original, of course — I'm wondering if it's a Ford powerplant or if he LS-swapped it or something?

  14. I wonder what´s the price tag on the exact abarth shown in this video?? I know what concours auto show cars goes for… but it is a fiat and normally they rust and break down, so it´s hard to determine the real condition of this garage stored vehicle

  15. So the plans for the Fiat are: Close the garage door, wait to die, die and then have the surviving relatives call the scrap yard. ………Great show! Rainy day today, gonna spend it on watching Barn Find Hunter.

  16. You drop off that Land Rover at Icon and for 50k you would have a modern Land Rover worth about 175k but since i'm talking out my ass that may not be true. 🙂

  17. The Crosley is a 1950-52 model make standard. The supers had roll down windows and a different grill. That model is a bit of odd bird in collectibility because the previous model run the way look different and are more desirable in that run and year. 9 to 1 compression ratio. 3 speed Un synchronize gear box and a general early 30's chassy build (two solid axels with leaf springs). tillerson carb 1 barrel carb (which were mostly found on snow mobiles and lawnmowers) ps the engine hates carters doesn't like the….. what ever it is that when you pump the gas pedal to start. The engine would be a cibra. Cast iron block. Originally post war Crosleys (46-49) had a Cobra (which may consider with the naming of the Shelby due to a 10 year death of copyright law) copper braised aluminum engine that ran a generator on the PT boats in the pacific theatre. Crosley bought the patten of the army (or who ever) and used it in his cars. After selling (mid war) his radio/appliance company to chase his dream of car building (remember your there with a Crosley). It had maybe 23 hp new…? Braje made a kit to increase hp on Crosley engines and brought the top speed up from 56 (on a good day going down a hill with the wind at your back) to 90ish. Crosley went bust in 52. Most station wagons built in the us in 48. First car to have hydroladisk brakes. Though don't run salt puddle with it because they only pinch from one side and would rust solid. Last car to have mechanical brakes. And a damn fun car to drive. Many classic car fans had these cars as thier first back in the mid 50-60's. A used one cost about 15-125$$ in those days. And I have seen the tax statements to prove it.

    Parts are easier to find than one would think. Crosley uses parts from bendix to other easily sourced parts. Most electrics can be sourced form the jeep community (auto lite). Not to mention the community has 3 main suppliers of parts and hard to find items.

    A word of warning. The active Crosley community is more of a family. Very welcoming kind and a real beautiful example of human nicesness if one dose not want to call it love. So if you are a @&$& or a @&$ or a &&!?!?. Don't buy a Crosley or come to a Crosley meeting. Will all look and you and wonder what is his problem.

    But if your not any of those things then remember "Crosleys make you smile" and "Crosley. A Fine Car".

  18. British Army Ferret Scout Car!! Remember them well from my tank driving days. We always looked down on them as "Tonka Toys" and not real armoured vehicles till we lost a friend when one flipped, very top heavy and didn't corner well. Love these vids and they're inspiring me to rescue something really derivable!!

  19. Safari tops do not let air into the passenger compartment. They create a venturi effect with the air being compressed between the two layers of metal that makes the air flow faster in theory cooling down the roof and ceiling of the car helping to cool down the passenger compartment.

  20. Why would you not restore the Fiat. That is one rare and expensive car with history behind it and from what I heard super fun to drive. He has it in that shed looking like crap for over 50 years.

  21. I stumbled on this channel by chance. Am I glad that I did! Everything about this show just grabs me right down to the music. Just fantastic!

  22. Tom i love the vids but let me never hear the word station wagon to describe a classic landrover again 🤣 they are the best 4×4 ever made

  23. You still don't need plates, licences , or registration if your traveling and not a commercial vehicle in the fiction state you think is real in the matrix that's hidden in plain sight…Huh? What?

  24. Great show as always but why do people just leave these beautiful cars to rot in garages .They should be driven and cherished not just left.

  25. I do not for the life of me understand why people pull cars apart and a great car becoms a basket case.. and all the screws, bolts,clips are gone, chrome bits ripped off,,,,,what a shame,

  26. When someone tells a story usually the Model T is the pinnacle of old.
    Then someone comes along and says they upgraded TO the Model T and still have the car we upgraded FROM.

  27. Of ALL the cars that should be saved, that 1912 should be restored and placed in a museum.
    There are more chances to find a rare muscle car built 50 years ago than one that was built a century (100 years) ago!
    For History's sake someone save that survivor, the owners are getting old and it would more than likely be viewed as junk by the next generation that lays eyes on it.

  28. I'm curious but do you drive this car every where or do you have it shipped or trailored? Thank you i really enjoy your videos

  29. there's a pristine red Abarth exactly like the one here that has been at Cars and Coffee in Bethesda MD

  30. The first thing that was mentioned about the last car it's not a motor it's called a engine..Motors run on electricity and engines run on gas.

  31. Svigels @0.55 is long gone, now it's a roofing supply company on south bdwy in Denver. Just as well, they were royal a-holes to deal with.

  32. A bubble sports Abarth 600/ 750 Coupe. This is called "pocket ferrari" in Europe because they are sought after like old Ferrari in Europe. And this is in Concours between 60,000 and 70,000 Euros

  33. Steyr Puch ist the company that developped between 1975 and 1979 the G Model which is still produced by and for Mercedes in Austria

  34. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it odd that 75 years ago, German machinery was pitted against British machinery in the Middle East for the fate of the world, and now German machinery (Daimler) is being mated to British machinery (Rolls Royce) to make military machinery to sell in the Middle East? What a wacky world?

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