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  1. Damn I'm surprised that happened I'm about to be a 10th grader aka sophomore in high school and I have medical problems and I'm in my teenage years and I'm gonna be taking the bus to school for my sophomore year and I better not see anything bad happen to my friends and they are gonna be sophomores like me

  2. It is horrible to take care of other people children. If you don't know what you're doing find another profession where you don't have to be bother with anyone child.

  3. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. She should be cornered, taunted and frisked for being an insufferable old shit bag. Edit: I'm a caregiver for disabled people and seeing them being treated like dirt is the most infuriating thing I can think of. It's cruel and unholy and anyone who sees these people as less should be beaten and burned at the steak.

  4. Bus driver did absolutely nothing wrong!!! Kid needed to know that just because you have autism, you don’t get away with things.

  5. This made me cry, I’m happy she’s ok tho, that bus driver needs to be sued, and in a padded room,

    If this happens in the future to my kids I’m getting my brother and me with a belt

  6. I would have grabbed that old cunt by the back of her neck and dragged her off that bus. That student aid would of got it too for not getting her off the bus properly. That student aid knew what that driver was gonna do when she closed that door..
    I’m literally pissed off now, this video fucked my day!
    I literally have hatred in my heart toward people in this world today.

  7. The fact the lady walked away when the bus driver closed the door… like turn around and see what’s going on.. clearly you walked to the bus for a reason ..

  8. I am autistic and that woman makes me want to die because she has that ignorant stigma that a lot of people have 😭😫

  9. If i would be in that scène, i would go stand in front of her and say: hit me.
    Bus driver: huh? Why?
    Me: cuz im autistic too.

    No Joke guys…

  10. See I don’t believe in putting my hands on other people’s kids. If a child won’t listen then just say I’ll call your mom done. Then tell her the person their child can’t ride the bus any more if their behavior is out of your control

  11. If she didn’t get her off the bus she wouldn’t have gone and then they would get mad at her for not forcing her off the bus.

  12. The driver needs to take a sensitivity class but everyone is acting as though this woman beat on this child! Im mean to get a warning because the footage is hard to watch is bullshit and laughable. Many autistic kids are extremely hard to deal with. They get physical, the scream and dont do what they are asked to do, so alot of times someone will have to help them up and move them to where they need to go, and when that happens there is a lot of screaming and crying.

    But to sue the school district over this incident is ridiculous. They fired the lady once they saw what happened. They just want a paycheck out of this and its disgusting.

    This is why states dont do more for jids with special needs. Because the liability is too much and the parents of these childing have unrealistic expectations and demands. As a result, state run programs are limited. No institution is going to treat or care for your child the way you do, its not going to happen.

    I dont think what the driver did was ok, but certainly not as bad as people that are commenting are making it out to be.

    Bus drivers are not equipped to deal with special needs kids. And some special needs kids are challengibg to say the least. They hit, the scream they dont follow directions. And they are aggravated with the slightest thing. So when you try to get them up and walk them out, they start to act up and scream bloody murder and sometimes even hit. Its not easy. And when that is going on and being videotaped it doesnt look pretty. Again, what she did was wrong and insensitive but pwople are exaggerating this….

    Maybe the parents of these children should ride along with their children to make sure their child is safe and acting appropriately. Its impossible for 1 person to drive and take car of a bus load full of special needs kids. Same damn thing in the class room.

    Many teachers complain when yhe school adds special needs kids to their class, because they are disruptive, they have accidents and need to be cleaned sveral times in the day, they have tantrums and the other children end up not getting the attention they need to learn the material properly. Sometimes the child gets an aide but not always. The state simply does not have enough funding to provide these kids with their own aide for the entire day, every single day. And without an individual aide, things will happen. That is why the parents of these kids need to be there because if not, many things will happen that is not to their liking and here comes the lawsuits asking for money…

  13. She’s lucky that wasn’t my kid. I’d take my time cutting that bitch up. Fucking heartless goddamn fucking whore.
    “I didn’t hurt her, guys”….the fuck you didnt.

  14. If that happened to me and I was the age I am now, I would go to court with maybe a hundred bruised and cuts and I will tell them exactly what happened. That behavior is not ok. She was also 64 (or something). That's probably an age for someone's grandma. Imagine coming home from school one day and finding out Grandma's in jail for abusing an 8 year old autistic child. If you were like, 13 or 14 or up and heard that, and if she was released, they would be so disappointed in her. Physically abusing an 8 year old autistic child. Not. Okay. I may be sounding too extreme, but I hope she stays in jail for the rest of her life. She caused real life TRAUMA to that child. Something she will probably never forget.

  15. Ah shut up all you people acting like saints on the internet. I personally would slap the shit out of these stupid whiney kids. Fuck all this bullshit autism shit. It is just a stupid misbehaving spoilt kids. A good whipping would teach that dumb piece of shit how to behave. All this autism bullshit is nonsense. A good slap or a whip will fix ANY kid.
    White people coddle their dumb kids too much.

  16. I have autism and if you treat me like that I won’t just cry I will get the closest thing metal I can find and bash you across the head with it

  17. Oh my god that's cruelty it's bone chilling and it was very ugly because that bus driver taunting the kid who has autism

  18. I have grate idea for that old nasty bus driver if you cant handed kids with or without disabilitys then don't work for a school that is if you ever get out of jail and if anyone wants hier you after this all I know is that I would never give you a job in a thousand years so good luck not

  19. Now I don’t ride the bus anymore, my bus driver was nicer. She gave me 5 dollars for guessing the name of a singer.

  20. They don't show the whole thing as the.kid was most likely being very difficult. Except you slap in the word autism your supposed to pamper their ass with unicorn fur. This segment wants to portray things one way by showing brief clips and setting a certain time. I'm not saying the bus driver was right or wrong but would have to get the whole story before passing judgement. Instead of calling for her death and banishment like the peanut gallery below.

  21. I just came here to see what the special ed bus looks like because my school is making me ride the special ed bus to school because i’m asthmatic and flat footed

  22. 1:25 "Because she's acting like she's younger than her baby sister"
    I guess you must be younger than her then if you are acting like that

  23. As a future cop and son of tow cops, this sickens me to death. Honestly I do not think people like this should ever be able to return to normal life again. People like this are some of the worst people in the world.

  24. Sorry but not everyone knows how to talk to children with disabilities obviously you wouldn’t harm them but they need teachers who are educated on their needs.

  25. Disgusting…if i walked past and seen that i'd lamp the bi*tch…i'm not violent but i think we can all agree when it comes to seeing kids being treated like that even the most caring people wouldn't stand and watch…and that "aid women" needs sacking too.

  26. I get how frustrating kids are, as a parent I understand the MONUMENTAL AMOUNT OF PATIENCE required when trying to discipline children who "just don't seem to get it." But as a bus driver who is ASSIGNED a special needs child, she should have known this comes with the territory. "As always" my fuckin' ass, she should have known these types of behaviors are common with that student and it's not even their fault!

  27. My sister is 8 years old and she has special needs. She has gotten treated like this before and it is absolutely horrifying that others have to go through this. I myself was getting my sister off the bus when I saw this and I literally smacked the bus driver. She got fired but that’s all. I would hate for other to have to go through this and want to raise awareness for this. Don’t let this happen anymore!!

  28. How dare that bus driver talk about her baby sister like that!!! And the way Klopson treated that little girl, it makes me sick!!!

  29. Dis bus driver is stupid cause like has Autism and it's a bus for these kinds of kids go onto "special busses to rid on"

  30. If I was that teachers aid I would have busted the window out and pried those doors open and drug that bitch out by her fucking hair…you never treat children like that especially special needs children. I hope that bitch burns in the deepest darkest depths of hell.

  31. training isn't the problem. Its just stupid people that think they can do as they please. You could train for 10 years they still would do the same thing

  32. Whether he’s/she’s artistic or not, hold my own child like that, I’ll attack you, stab you with your VERY OWN HIGH HEEL and get you sued.

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