Auto car servicing. Car body shop. Cartoon for kids 5 years old in English Cars for kids video

Auto car servicing. Car body shop. Cartoon for kids 5 years old in English Cars for kids video

Hi boys and girls! I’m Handy-Andy and this is my little old
car. It is such great weather today. It would be great to go to the park. Are you coming with me? All right. Let’s start the car and go. Ohhhh! What happened? Why isn’t the car working? Let’s see, open the hood. So first we have to check spark plugs. They are in the engine. Spark plugs should make spark which sets fire
to the gasoline and that is what starts the engine. If spark plugs are dirty, there won’t be
a spark. And the car won’t start. Let’s take the spark plugs out……..Sure
look dirty! We should clean them carefully and put them
back! Let’s try to start the car again.,,,,,,,,,,clisk,,,click
,,click ,,,,buzzzzzzzzzzz !! Ohhhh No!…it isn’t working again ,,,,,anyway what next? Ok. Heres an idea ! Let’s check the battery
because it might be dead.,,,,yes I was right , Sure – completely dead! Let’s try the charger cables, and connect
it to the battery. There are special gadget grips for its connection. They are red and black. So it’s charging. Look my friends – There are special green
lines that show the level of charging. When the whole lines are green that means
the battery fully charged. We need a bit more longer line ……… ready
…? Let’s put the battery back into the car. Hooray! We did it! We started our car and it can take us to the
park with no problem now ! I’m driving slow because my little car is
old. Oops! I hear the sound of a siren behind – it’s
the police car. Got to go a little faster carefully, because
we should give it the road. If there is a special sound and the lights
are on – it means the police are in a hurry to help somebody. Other drivers have to give it the road like
we are doing as well . Here is the taxi, and also in a hurry somewhere. Ok, I’ll give the road to it too. Look my friends – this car has black-and-yellow
rectangle on the roof with the sign TAXI. A Taxi is the car that takes passengers to
the their destined addresses . And passengers pay the taxi driver money for that because
thats his job. The taxi and police drove faster and better
than me. I feel a bit sad – all cars go so fast,
but I go so slow like a turtle. (upset) I’ll go a bit faster so I dont disturb
or upset anyone. (enthusiastic, optimistic)
We are going faster and faster……oh……..what was the strange sound for? The car has a flat tire. Handy-Andy didn’t see the road sign that
informs about holes on the road. (The voice of author – more serious than
Handy-Andy) And the old tire burst. ka bang!! What can I do now? First thing I shoulddo is turn on the emergency
signal lights – Look, the headlights are blinking with cool orange light. Also I should put the emergency sign behind
my car, so other drivers can see that there is some problem on the road. Probably I should call the big evacuator transport
truck to take my car to the garage. But wait a minute!!!! I have a spare wheel in my trunk ! How could
I forget it?!!! We can change the flat tire and continue our
trip! Silly me ,,Time to get working! Now to start,,we must change the wheel so
we will need a car wheel jack. This will elevate the car off the ground so
I can change the wheel . Also we will need a wrench to loosen the nuts on the wheel. Here is it! Let’s start changing the the flat tire !
Take the car jack, install it under the car on the side of the flat tire. Lift the car a bit. Now use the wrench to loosen the nuts in the
flat tire. Take off the flat tire. Look at this huge hole in the inner tube of
the tire !!! I’ll see later at home if it can be fixed or not. Now put the spare wheel on instead. Screw the nuts back with the wrench
and lower the jack ,cranking it carefully and steady. Take it out from under the car and put it
back into the trunk .Start the car and vroooooom here we go!!!!! We did it! Let’s go my friends! But this time we won’t go fast! We should be very careful on the road to avoid
the holes – I don’t have another spare wheel! If you don’t want to miss any new cartoons,
subscribe to our channel. Also you can click on “-Like “. I will continue
going in my old car now ,,Nice travles Drive safe ! See you soon !

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