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Hi, I’m Marcia Hawkins, President of Video
Broadcast Services. We invite your auto dealership to experience our unique marketing services. While everyone boasts they are different,
I guarantee you … we are. From our exclusivity to our powerful video broadcasting services,
we will provide your dealership with the most comprehensive video marketing service available
and we deliver results you need to increase sales, fill your service bays and increase
your F&I profits. While TrueCar marketing, Autotrader, Car Gurus,
Billboards, radio and TV may sell a few vehicles, would you rather lease your marketing with
those methods or would you rather buy? All the practices mentioned, including expensive
pay per click, as soon as you stop the campaign, much like when your lease is up, your advertising
is gone much like a leased vehicle. You need to invest in a long term lead generation
system, and that is exactly what we deliver, but it gets better, we include all the online
tools you need from SEO, Video SEO, Content, Digital, Social Media and more, and we won’t
work for your competitors. Yes you heard right, we will not work for your competitors. In fact, that is exactly why marketing online
has been a game you simply can’t win, until now. We include the salient points of online
marketing and we augment all other forms of marketing you engage in. After all 99% of
all consumers will still Google a business after hearing or seeing an ad, and we do not
require a long term contract, we place the burden of results on us. We deliver analysis
of services, the permanent online placements that will continually drive qualified traffic
to your website over directing it to third party sites where your competitors are also
advertising. Tried video with lack luster results? I have interviewed countless dealerships
that tried video and the chief complaint? Too time consuming. It is, but that’s okay,
we got the entire process down to a science and strategy, so what are you waiting for? Call us at 888-996-9697, don’t spend more
money, spend it differently and with proven results.

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