Auto News: Truck MPG Crown; Ford Ecoboost Sales

I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro with your
automotive news in sixty seconds. General Motors is taking the pickup mileage
crown away from RAM trucks. Its new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon diesels
are the first trucks to get over 30 mpg’s on the highway. Both get an EPA rated 31-highway miles, to
be exact, beating the RAM ecodiesel’s 29. Ford Ecoboost sales are way up this year and
could even break records. Ford says year-to-date, sales of vehicles
with the turbocharged engine are up 46-percent. This puts Ford on track to sell a record one-million
Ecoboost-powered vehicles in 2015. The best-sellers being the F150, Escape and
Fusion. I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro.

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