Automotive Sales Training

Automotive Sales Training

Are you tired of spending tens of thousands
of dollars every single month in advertising only to send motivated customers into your
dealership to be handled and dealt with by unmotivated sales people? Or even worse untrained sales people? This is Rich Diroberto. Jack Enright. Hi, my name’s Dennis Milliron. Hi, my names Larry Abru, sales consultant
at Advantage Honda in Manhasset, New York. Casey Norman. Jason Graciano from Paragon Honda. Danny Pavone Angel Perez Andrew Lopez Hi, I’m Indi Abara. I’m a sales consultant over at James Wood
Cadillac Your average trainer gives you a book and
tells you read it, go home study it. Tim makes you actually go do it. I’ve been in the business for twenty years
and it’s some of the best training that I’ve been to. I would recommend anybody who wants to be
a high achiever to go through Tim’s Automotive Automotive Sales Training Workshop. If you’re on the fence or undecided about
going to a training course with Tim Kintz, I’m going to make this very simple for you. Go. Hi, I’m Tim Kintz. And one thing I know for sure about this business
is that it’s more competitive than ever. The days of just sending ragtag of teams of
salespeople out there to deal with customers or even worse, hiring in masses, training
in classes and firing their asses mindset is over. We need to create separation between us and
our competitors if we’re going to gain market share in this competitive market. And how do you do it? You’re not going to do it thru more advertising. You’re not going to do it thru spending more
and more in TV, radio, all that traditional advertising that we know doesn’t work. Here’s how you’re going to do it. By training and developing a team of professional
sales people that not only can sell the fresh up, the customer walking on your lot, but
they can also retain that customer that they sell and turn a one-time customer into a lifetime
customer. I’ve gotten so many new and better techniques
that I hadn’t even heard of before. Learning about becoming a better car salesman. I think he really gets to you and brings out
what you have sleeping inside you. Probably sold 8-10 cars a month and probably
only made 4-5 grand a month. Then this Tim Kintz guy shows up. We start talking about closing and negotiating
and that’s where it all hit home. From there that very month, as soon as we
left his automotive sales training class at the beginning of the month, I made 13 grand that month and averaged just
over a thousand dollars in commission. A thousand and one dollars and 38 cents per
car. So I figured that was pretty good and that
made me my first salesman of the month ever. Don’t give up on your team. Always work with them so that you can have
a better quality team to serve the sales people. Because at the end of the day, we’re here
to make sure the sales people earn a great living. just reaching that extra level of having
control on the customer. And really being able to make it an easy process
all the way through and closing more deals. Mainly getting better at my job. Don’t you hate looking out on the lot and
seeing your sales people being led around like puppy dogs by the customer? I mean doesn’t it drive you nuts when the
customers are better at buying than your sales people are at selling? I mean, shouldn’t our sales people be better
than the customers? This Automotive Sales Training Workshop is
all about training sales people how to control, lead and direct the sale and deal with today’s
more educated buyers. Look, here’s what we do know about today’s
buyer is they expect more than they ever had in the past. And we can’t just throw an untrained sales
person out there and expect them to be able to deal with the customer that’s been on six
websites, that’s been to 2 or 3 dealerships. We need to have highly trained professionals
and I will teach your guys how to deal with today’s more educated buyer. I’ll show them how they can keep the integrity
of sales process together by not getting into a price conversation, by getting that value
higher than the price. Heck, we’re also going to show these guys
how to close a sale and get a real commitment. Don’t you hate working car deals when the
customer’s not committed to buying? I mean, when the sales person just says, “Hey
come on inside. Let’s see what we can do for you.” And the customer doesn’t even know what they’re
doing inside. Or they just think they’re going to be able
to get numbers and leave and go shop around with your numbers. Look, it’s all about teaching your guys how
to walk the customer thru the sales process. How to get the value higher than the price. How to close, get a commitment. When they get objections they’re going to
have a dozen different objection handling techniques so they can transition that customer
inside and have a win-win negotiation. Look, let’s make your job and our sales people’s
jobs easy. Get them thru training. You can’t afford not to do it. It’s costing you time and it’s costing you
money. If you’re thinking about or not sure about
coming to attend the automotive sales training course, you should absolutely come. It’s well worth it. It’s worth- I don’t even know what the dealership
paid but it’s still cheap. I kinda did not look forward to coming. I’m not great speaking in front of people. I learned a lot and I want to come back. I loved it. Really being able to make it an easy process
all the way thru and closing more deals. I would recommend anybody who is in the position
to train sales people to attend this Automotive Sales Training Workshop and attend it now. I love his process. I’m so energized. I’m so excited and thrilled that Tim Kintz
has finally come out with automotive sales training that focuses on today’s customer. One of the best things about him is that he’s
up to date, you know. He’s old school, he’s moved up with the times
and he’s just got a ton of knowledge to share, man. I’d recommend him for anybody. Anybody that just wants to get better in their
career field and make more money, be able to take that Kintz Group High Performance
Automotive Sales Training. Maybe you have a team of veterans in your
dealership. You know, you might be looking across your
showroom floor now, you know that guy. He’s been here 12 years, very loyal, everybody
loves him, you know he got 12 years of experience, right? But does he really have 12 years of experience
or could it be one year of experience repeated 12 different times? You know, just because they’ve been there
12 years does that mean they’re trained and as good as they can ever be? I don’t know, maybe you have veterans that
are top producers, maybe you have veterans that are bottom guys or somewhere in the middle. But isn’t it time to give them the training
and the development that they need and deserve. I mean, do they have more potential than what
they’re doing right now? Of course, they have more potential! That’s why you keep them around. But they’re only as good as they can get on
their own. It’s up to us as dealers and managers to get
our sales people the training and development they deserve. Whether it’s your first week out doing auto
sales or you’re a veteran, you’re going to get many many tools to put in your toolbelt. I feel like I’m better prepared to train my
people and be a better manager by having come. Training with him really made me come back
down to Earth and realize hey, we’ve got to guide these people from step one. They don’t do this every day, we do. So let’s guide them thru the process, let’s
make it an easy process for them and get them into a car. I’ve known Tim Kintz for about a year and
a half now. Guy’s phenomenal. He’s like a car selling bible. I’m excited. I’m ready to leave the class a the end of
today, get back on the floor and sell a car. Whether you have a team of new hires or just
have one or two, you need to get them to class. We hired them. We owe it to them to give the training, development
that they deserve. They’re not going to be successful if we don’t
give them the tools to succeed. Send them to the Automotive Sales Training
class now. You can’t afford not to. Here’s how freakin’- Here’s how dedicated
I am to developing your sales team. I’m standing out here in the freakin’ rain,
getting rained on shooting this commercial just so you guys can spend a little bit of
money to make your guys better so you can make a ton of money. Quit kidding around. Get your guys to class.

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  1. I hate to be considered sold. I do the leg work and communicate to these people as little as possible. I am grown and can do my own research, decide on vehicle, negotiate over the net & phone & I can close my own deal. I pre-arrange my own financing before walking in dealership. I want to walk in, inspect the vehicle I had previously chosen. Sign the paperwork (actually very few docs to be signed if you aren't financing thru dealer). I accept no extended warranty, 5/60 full service contracts etc. Just the vehicle I came there for. Once the sale is made, that new car SP is out of your life and you are left to deal with the AH service writers, mechanics and manufacturer. Do your own work and save yourself the pain & suffering by not sharing time with the grunt SP.

  2. Expect zero tolerance for your garbage commercial. Maybe you could teach my dog to crap outside instead

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