Bad Ignition Coils on VW and Audi 2.0T (How to check)

Bad Ignition Coils on VW and Audi 2.0T (How to check)

How you doing, Paul from Deutsche Auto Parts.
Today we’re going to be going over the symptoms of bad ignition coils on a VW and Audi 2.0T
engine. Here we have our ignition coils. Common issues
relating to these ignition coils would be misfire faults and random misfires that would
be on either all cylinders or on a specific cylinder. One way you can test ignition coil
failure is if you have a scan tool and you’re looking at it, you can take one coil and swap
it to a different cylinder and see if that misfire moves. Let’s say you have a misfire
under cylinder one, you can move that coil to cylinder two and if you swap them and it
moves, now you know that your coil is the problem.
Other issues related to this when your vehicle is running rough you’ll have a check engine
light flashing and/or your engine might be bucking real hard. If you pop the hood you
might see it shaking a bunch and other symptoms like that.
Here we have a few different coils that are options. This was the original coil that came
in 2 litre turbo engines, as you see here it has no sheathing on the bottom. This particular
one is the upgraded coil that VW has changed to for 2.0T engines. This one is no longer
the one that dealers or anyone’s supposed to be using and now this particular one with
the sheathing is the one that people install. Now, these are the Audi R8 ignition coils
which are a pretty popular install for the 2.0T engine as well.
An additional note related to the Audi R8 ignition coils is going to be: these specific
coils are a more visual upgrade, that it is a very popular upgrade in the enthusiast community.
There are some talks about them being hotter spark or perform a little better. We have
never seen any claims, any proof that that’s true but it is widely debated.

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  1. Thanks for this video. If I have 4 of the new rev. installed already and got a random misfire (P0300), is it ok to just replace the one bad coil, or should they be replaced in pairs?

  2. Thanks for all the helpful videos! I'm assuming that the cylinders are lined up 1-4 left to right? I bought 4 Audi R8 coil packs and new double platinum plugs for my 2010 Jetta 2.0 and I've been having misfires ever since. I have switched back between new and old plugs AND coil packs multiple times. Sometimes the light will go off for a few days but it ALWAYS comes back. I have torqued the plugs properly and they seem to be gapped correctly as well. Maybe one of my new coils is messed up as well as one of the old? Can I mix and match the new and old coil packs to try and diagnose and then buy a replacement when I've found the culprit? Thanks Again!

  3. Hi first of all I want to say thank you for all of your informative videos. I have a misfire on cylinder 3 I went ahead and changed all of my spark plugs and I used the Bosch. I switched coils from one to three and three to four and so on. It still says misfire on cylinder three. Do I need to change all coils? Thank you I'm really trying to learn and get this done myself.

  4. Did you ever experience any power increase or better throttle response with a conversion of the 2.0l Audi 8 coil pack kit thx.

  5. I have a 2012 Vw cc 2.0t and i had bad coils before and the car completely was bucking and had the check engine light. They replaced 2 of the coils. Now i have an issue that feels similar but when i took it to the dealer the light is not on but the symptoms persist. I cannot accelerate at a normal speed and they even noticed it. Problem is there was no code that popped up since the light is not on or blinking help!!!!!!.

  6. Hi. My problem was a bit strange.VW diagnosed few misfires on cylinder 3 and then they swapped cylinder 3 coil with coil from cylinder 2. And my issue disappeared. Have you got any idea why this has solved my problem? Anyway I think I will replace all my coils in the future…

  7. I am a vw Audi mechanic in Kenya and I really want to thank you for your educative shows. I have a Jetta 1.4 tsi and it has a problem…when u need fast peak it doest go past gear three unless u leave the throttle.. It feels like the turbo doest kick in…it has two faults, boost pressure regulator and can shaft position sensor…kindly advice

  8. Hi there, do you know if the golf gti 2008 2.0 with FSI engine would already come with the updated coil packs? Also My GTI has 30k on the clock, when would be a good idea to check the cam follower? I just bought it and the car drives really well and feels like it was well looked after. Thank you in advance.

  9. Hi I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on a problem I am having with my 2009 vw cc sport 2.0 T my epc light continously comes on and while idling it stalls also when it gets really bad the engine sputters and every now and the the c.e.l comes on and gives me a throttle body code I've looked up forum after forum and haven't been able to fix it help please

  10. I have a question, I have a vehicle that the coils are fuse with 15 amp fuse. If one well had oil on it and the coil was cracked at the end under the boot can this lead to an intermittent short blowing the 15 amp fuse.

  11. Do you have any video on changing the ignition coil on a 07 VW EOS. Do I need any special tools for me to do this myself. Appreciate your reply

  12. Hello
    I have a GLI 2012 and I want to change the spark plugs and the ignition coil
    What do you recommend
    Please let me know

  13. Is it possible that a bad installation when replacing spark plugs can cause these to fail. I had a full service done, which included replacing the spark plugs. Now a few days later all 4 coils need replacing after no prior issues on the car at all.

  14. last week I went straight to VW dealership and purchased spark plugs and ignition coils and they gave me the one you said you should not use. would they have with sheath.

  15. I have a 2003 a6 2.7L Quattro twin turbo, the scan tool says all the cyl. 1, 2 & 3 are misfiring. Can I switch all the power packs to the other side to see if it does the same thing your saying ???? then I will know that it is the power packs and not something like an o2 sensor maybe, please help,,,, where I live its like $770.00 to get just two o2 sensors changed,,,,

  16. So I got the 3.4L VR6 in my T2 Vw. I got a slightly rough idle when the vehicle first starts…doesn't matter if engine is cold or hot. I get the slight engine shake you speak off. New plugs installed and issue is still there. No CEL and VCDS shows no issues with engine.

    On my Volvos you always get a P code and playing the swap-a-thin always finds the offending unit.

    The guys on the forums say always do plugs/coils at the same time but sending $120+ on coils that are not bad seems insane and just throwing money.

    Question: Are Vw known to have weak coils that don't throw CEL/codes but are in fact in need of a renewal?

    2008 Toaureg T2 with approx. 140K miles. Thx.

  17. The crazy thing is that my car never shook. The only thing it did was just turn off and not start. I wait a couple of days and it would start. but once I turned it off it wouldn't start. I have 3 error codes that came up. P0321, P0351A, and P0420.

  18. My CEL was flashing for a period of 10-20 seconds. It did this twice when I would push it really hard. Second time I pulled over and turned off/on my GTI and the CEL is now solid. I'm told by VW themselves this is normal since it detected a misfire and sparks/coils can cause a solid CEL. Others are saying no, it's due to fuel injectors going bad but VW is highly doubting it. Someone is giving me the run around and coils are cheap compared to fuel injectors. Going to replace my coils this weekend to R8 ones, my car is APR1 tuned as well so I'm thinking the sparks and coils are going bad (only had the tune for about 1k miles).

  19. 2013 2.0 fsi, ignition 2 & 3 not providing high voltage, , all coils has being change , new coils installed yet the same 2&3 you can hold it while car start but the shocks that come out is not enough like 1 and 4, remember all coils are new, yet the 2 & 3 can't give out high voltage shocks, pls what could be the cause, could it be faulty engine computer or what, the spark is little and faint on 2 & 3, that you can put screw driver and hold yet you won't feel that heavy spark which will cause you to throw the screw driver away…
    Help me to narrow this fault why this 2 could are not firing, if you take it to 1 & 4 it give high fire or spark . Look forward for answer

  20. Hello all, if anybody could offer help or advice it would really be appreciated. I purchased a 2005 audi a4 (about 82,000 plus miles on it) 2.0t back in 2012-13. Car ran fine almost brand new up until 2016 when I experienced my first ignition coil failure. Since then, it seems I have to take the car every 1.5 to 2 months for a new coil. I get the same issues alot of people experience when they fail vibration, CEL, low power acceleration. Thing is that the car runs smoothly and I believe everything is still in order besides the coils keep failing. I am at 123,071 miles now and I feel like if I could find out why the coils keep failing and replace the faulty part or parts, the car would give me more work. Any suggestions or fixes would be greatly appreciated thanks!!

  21. I have two Audi A4 B6 cars. the 1.8T Quattro is a running car and the 3.0 Quattro is a parts car. Can I use the 3.0 coils as an upgrade for my 1.8T? If so, are they taller so I will need an adapter?

  22. Good morning, could you tell me something about the BENCHMARK coil? I want to install the red audi R8 or blue benchmarck coils. What would be best for the vw passat b6 2010? Thank you very much.

  23. They have become cheap enough, I just change them BEFORE issues after like 80,000 miles new coils and plugs, like a new car! MPG goes up,

  24. Already I already put some new spark plugs.
    Code :
    Random/Multiple Cylindre Misfire Detected
    P0300 – 008 – Implausible Signal – Intermittent
    p0302 – 008

    It is not dripping coolant by the spark plugs, I mean they are dry (As it should be)
    Some Help

  25. This video is so handy, thanks mate! I own a 2012 VW CC 2.0T with 72K miles on it. About 4 weeks ago, I got the "Check engine" and EPC light. The engine shuck heavily like in this video, and the car would not accelerate past 8 mph. Assuming the car comput shut off the cylinders to avoid engine damage? Anyways, I took it to the mechanic and replaced all spark plugs with 4 new NGK plugs. Replaced 3/4 ignition coils (Bosh). Car was good to go. A week later, check engine light came back on. How? Anyways, I found out that as soon as i turn on the car, it takes a few seconds for the car to sense the engine vibration or whatever, and turn on the check engine light and thus not let the car accelerate, BUT now i noticed that i can keep the motor from vibrating by just turning on the car, and putting it in gear (or neutral) right off the bat. And i just let the car warm up in neutral and just put the e-brakes so it doesnt go anywhere. Is this stuff supposed to happen? Anyways ive been able to drive my car daily this way.

  26. When you disconnect working component and your car bumbles ,doesn't that mean the part was working right. If you disconnect a component in line with a bad component there would be no change in the sound of the motor.

  27. i get p0203 and p0301. the symptoms are that at about 2500 to 3000 rpm it starts to act up, it starts to jerk, probably cutting the power. Once i get over 3250 rpm its all good. Could it be the coils and injectors? The car in question is 2007 octavia rs with bwa code engine.

  28. 03' a4 1.8t .. on warm starting, the engine barely gets up to idle, just like a grandpa trying to stand up. No codes. It's got like major turbo lag too, Anyone else have similar issue?

  29. I was trying to find information on the difference here:
    I got the sheathed packs from ECS and replaced my 15k miles-old CPs
    The old packs had a copper-colored discoloration towards the top.
    What is causing this failure and how does the sheathe alleviate it?

    Is this heat and the sheathe adds some kind of insulation?
    Or is that actually damage from electricity discharging into the block?

  30. This is exactly what was happening with my VW. It's in the shop now and I'm hoping it's an easy and inexpensive fix. Thanks for the video!

  31. Bad design, bad quality, and shoddy insulation varnish-really, Toyota never has these problems..German "engineering"-my ass!

  32. Thanks for making this video! Was able to isolate a misfire to one faulty coil, which I replaced with one of the newer sheathed ones and already seeing much smoother performance.

    In my case the hesitation only seemed to happen at near full throttle between 2000-3000rpm, once the engine was running for a while, though at higher rpms I would seem to get a lot of tailpipe smoke which makes me wonder if I was just spewing out 1/4 incompletely combusted fuel.

  33. If I have misfires in all the cylinders will the car smoke really bad ? And would I start with the coils first ? I have already changed the plugs!

  34. I have bought a 2007 model VW eos with FSI engine. Looks pretty new. Just 27000 km on it. Engine vibrates a lot and you can feel the vibration between 1000-1500 rpm range. The check engine light lit up few weeks before and it was misfire in cyd2. Mechanic cleared it without changing anything. The spark plugs were changed before 1k last year, the previous owner got them changed.
    After clearing the light it gave me the light again. I hope it is the coil only. Because spark plugs are new enough. I am a mechanical fitter and buying that code scanning Bluetooth device so that i can swap the coils and find out what it is.
    The car gives jerks while hard accelerating it and it gave me the lights both time while hard acceleration. What else can it be??
    Appreciate your help. This video gave me a hope that it’s a 30$ fault.

  35. Do you know the resistance on the primary and secondary coils? I would like to test a single coil as I do not have a scan tool.

  36. Great video .. however if u are getting a misfire code… check the spark plug and then swap the coil … could potentially be a defective plug

  37. I am so tired of YouTube being watered down by these useless "today we're going to listen to me talk to get attention but never really give any useful information" videos. Just stop. I have wasted my time trying to find out the Pin-Outs on these same coils so I can check them with a mutli-meter. I have to wade through tons of this crap. How about showing people how to actually check their coils. Like your misleading title says. We all know you can swap them around. Doesn't help much if you have more than one defective coil.

  38. If I have the red ignition coils in my 2012 Audi A7, is it compatible to use the black ignition coils? You mentioned it’s more a visual cosmetic being used but I prefer keeping my engine bay black. Let me know if it is, if so, where can I purchase and what model # should I ask for? Thank you

  39. Hi I’ve got an Audi s3 8p it says there’s a misfire on number 2 coil but it doesn’t follow when I change them around the power is still in the car it’s just on idle it does the juddering can u help with any advice please pal

  40. I had a p0307 so I swapped cylinder7 with 6 I got p0300 so I figured it was a bad Coil on 7 I fixed it then maybe a month later the same coil went out and did the same process the spark plug is good too. Have any idea why I keep getting bad coils on the same cylinder?

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