Ball python discovered at Ferndale car dealership

Ball python discovered at Ferndale car dealership

workers at a car dealership in Ferndale come across an unexpected gasps this is crazy take a look here it’s not often you see a Python here in Metro Detroit especially along Woodward Avenue Jim Ontarians live tonight with how those workers reacted once they saw that snake Germont good evening Kimberly how would most people react here alone what word if they saw a snake that’s 5 feet long they were likely jump back and scream but the guys at the car dealership insisting no screams involved heard of banging and the door saw a customer standing out there and a wondering when he’s banging on the door as Eric hay gets closer to the front door he follows the customers hand gestures and is floored by what he sees this 5 foot long Python tries getting inside Ferndale honda customer was out there going I know and I was saying oh my gosh by then the word spreads throughout the dealership about the serpent snuggled on the sidewalk Wow Python unreal on what were we on you know and while the snake never gets inside the guys did not want to see it hurt Plus this reptile was kind of blocking the way out snake is actually literally right here crawling that way went in the back of the purse grab the box but their slithering friend did not want to crawl inside the box with ease so cliff Howard decides to offer his hand you know I did but you know where I picked it up from I felt safe you know yeah I thought it was a safe safe situation and after capturing the snake they run into another problem where do you take it Ferndale police but God loved them but they said they work on dogs only so we called the zoo they wouldn’t take it yes cuz they don’t know if it has disease or anything like that they can’t put it in a habitat with their other other animals so they’re creepy crawly customer ended up at a home of someone who had other reptiles and that’s where the snake is tonight but I can tell you that the guys that Ferndale Honda they surely have a story to tell I don’t know if I would actually be the one that pick it up what about you you know I wouldn’t get up I’m impressed with him for doing it I’m a little concerned about the reaction of the Ferndale Police Department are they saying did it come from a pet store was this somebody’s pet that got loose and then also is there any word on if the snake had babies my goodness Kimberly lives a little too close to the Seine is the problem she has a lot of questions there I’ve no word if it was I’m expecting but they do believe likely it may have escaped from someone’s house it appeared to be just a pet not vicious at all but again it’s safe tonight yeah you probably hardly have anything to worry about it probably all right your mom

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