Bangalore Shivaji Nagar Market | bikes n cars bazar in Bangalore in hindi |

Bangalore Shivaji Nagar Market | bikes n cars bazar in Bangalore in hindi |

Before starting friends, let me tell you that if you have not subscribed to this channel, then you subscribe to it, we will continue to bring such videos to you. And press the button of the Bell icon When i upload my next video you will get a notification So well Friends, I would like to tell you that today we are in Bangalore in banglore and there is bigest automobiles market in banglore, where you will be able to get you the spare parts in cheapest prices of the two wheeler to four wheeler. And its specialty is that you can be bargaining here And you will get complete second hand parts here And whenever you’ve been here You do not have to be confused for this, you will get it in address description So here you will find all kinds of spare parts. Such as two wheeler or four wheeler Any kind of parts you do not have, Or more precious then you will find them here. You can buy it for less Keep in mind Friends, if you are coming here, then I recommend come on normal days On Friday, most of the shops are closed here on the day. So this was our video of today If you have any suggestions or comments, if you want to do, or if you want to know about any places in Banglaore, then do not forget to make comments in Comments section. So here I would like to give you a little tip And the tip is that if you are here to buy something, then you have to make a bargaining the price The more you barganing here, the more you gain The rate at which the shopkeeper explains The fact is low So you have to do burgenet Otherwise if you are a local guy that will be helpful for you And we will continue to have such videos I request you to subscribe to this channel. And we will continue to have such videos So this was our latest video Shivaji Nagar for automobile spare parts If you like this video, then please do subscribe my channel , give like thum share it and don’t forget to subscribe

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  1. Sir please tel me in this market only car and bikes parts available or real bikes and cars available????

  2. Mix – Sukhare Tha Lo Tu Dukhare Rahuchi Mu ll Odia Sad Song ll Human Sagar:

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