Banggood Q903 Brushless 4WD RC Car Unboxing & Review

Banggood Q903 Brushless 4WD RC Car Unboxing & Review

okay guys today courtesy of banggood we
have got the Q903 brushless 4wd 1/16 scale buggy for
yours truly to unbox and give a quick demo of outside now it is banggoods 13th
anniversary sale there is a whole list of discount codes that they’ve sent me to give
to you guys for you to use freely which I will link to below this video so do
check out those quite a wide variety of different vehicles from crawlers to fast stuff toboats to planes even well what is there to like about this well as I say first
of all it’s brushless it’s completely ready to run it comes complete with a
thousand milliamp 7.4 volt lithium battery included with it you’ve got ball
bearings around in this it comes with metal CVD drive shafts which is
always a good sign that means if anything comes loose on the car the
drive shaft doesn’t fall out loose on the ground it stays with the car in the
event of the problem just like the Q902 I tested the other week this is hobby
grade there’s a full list of spare parts inside this box with everything detailed
in there and exploded diagrams in the manual so everything you could want for
in event of any problem guys anyway let me get the camera now and see just
what you get for your money link to this below the video by the way folks
and we’d also point out guys the buggy is waterproof to ipx4 not quite sure what standard that is
but in general that means it is like a semi waterproof but won’t put up with a total
immersion on here, so what have we got transmitter down in the bottom of the box with
our instruction manual now as I say on the instruction manual you’ve got every
single part listed on here proving it is hobby grade as you
move further on back you’ve got details as to how to attach the wheelie
bar which may or may not already be on the car
you’ve got fully exploded diagrams showing how to take thing apart and in
the front you’ve got details on how to set the transmitter up steer the car how to charge the battery up etc speaking of that transmitter let’s get straight to that
it doesn’t come with aa batteries but I see that’s a minor inconvenience and
in the bottom box here we’ve got a USB charger wheel spanner and spare body
clips. Transmitter itself fairly solid three AAA batteries in the bottom forwards brake reverse steering on there on the top we’ve got reversible steering
steering trim steering dual rate which is always good and a low and a high speed
in terms of the power level on/off switch on there but all-in-all not a bad transmitter for this price point okay guys so lets have a look at what we get for money
with the car so let’s help lift it up and take a quick spin around it guys
what are we thinking it’s got , the body is very clear with these
decals put over the top which gives it a quite a unique look to my mind it shows it
on the outside of the box with the LED headlights but on the Q902 I tested
I couldn’t find the wire that can turn the LED headlights even though it refers
to it in the instructions but we shall see just thought this might be a bit
easier doing it this way guys rather than spinning the camera which I found can be a little bit tricky on these cars now while it shows the
instructions how to fit the wheelie bar the wheelie bar is already fitted to
this car but all in all quite a sporty looking little number I cannot help
thinking that again it does look like a copy of a mini Traxxas erevo or merv as
it’s affectionately known to its friends what do we think guys does it look like
a mini errevo though no bad thing if it does because the mini Revo is a pretty
good car and these tires that tire tred pretty good, good grippy rubber on some
of these cheaper cars sometimes the tires can feel very plasticky and they don’t
have a lot of grip but this feels pretty good just remember guys if you like
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anyway going in to a bit more detail as I say should have LED lights but I’ve
struggled to find them on the Q902 – but no big issue to my mind we’ve got
independent suspension with metal CVD joints all four wheel Drive and
I’m quite liking those anodised red shocks and that wheelie bar hints that we might have quite a bit of power onboard in the
high-power mode anyway let me get that gorgeous
body off and let’s have a look what we get inside I am expecting the layout to
be quite similar to the Q902 that said while these buggies are based
on similar platforms guys obviously the difference in the tire size and the
different widths of tires is going to substantially affect the handling of the
car so what do we get? we actually get pre-loaded shocks that are adjustable
with pre-loaded spacers on there guys little impact bumper at the front which
is gonna take a bang actually that does flex inwards there so that is designed
to actually take a hit on there we’ve got our front differential as I say metal CVD
joints in there. plastic suspension arms moving on back we’ve got our combined
receiver and ESC on the left hand side we’ve got our steering servo here which
is actually a three wire steering servo so if you did want to upgrade this 35A ESC
you could do and still retain this servo. quite a few of these cars have
got five wire servos this one’s got three wire servo like a conventional one
which means you could easily swap this out and maybe put a newer more
powerful ESC and a different receiver in there you’ve got the brushless motor on
this side and that 1000mah lithium battery on this side deans
connector on here and while it comes with the Dean’s connector on the battery you
might think you might charge it through that lead you actually charge it through
the balance lead on here using the USB charger if you can see on there guys
that’s, you charge it through that white lead on the USB charger but these things
tend to charge these batteries up and about between 60 and 90 minutes between
them on the charge which is pretty darn good although you can obviously you’ve
got the option there to connect it to your fast charger using the deans lead
so it gives you good options on there guys
moving on map our central brace down the middle rear duff tucked away in there as I
say again metal CVD shafts all round will we need that rear wing? well they say
this car will do 52 kilometres an hour but I’ve not put the GPS on one of these as
yet but I may do by the end of this week anyway let’s have a look on the
underside of the car okay starting with the front where there are A arms central
plastic under tray which you would expect at this price point nice and
smooth there’s nothing to catch on there moving on to our rear A arms and that all important
wheelie bar which is always a good sign on something this size now do not be fooled
by the size of that battery guys because when I tested the Q902 this battery
was giving like about I think something like 20-24 minutes worth of run time
and that was with driving the thing flat out speaking of which et’s get this on
charge and then get on with a quick suspension test before taking it out for a test
drive in this video speaking of taking the battery out guys
these cars have a really neat system you simply turn this lever to the side there
pop that out and the battery pops out simple as that very very neat indeed ok
guys result this time when I’ve opened the packaging to get the battery
charger out I have indeed found the little LED or lights that go with it to
up mount to the front of the car so I’m just gonna read the instructions and fit
these. excellent result. if anyone gets one of these cars guys and there is a link to it below the video plug the lights into that little white socket just
down there hopefully you can see that on camera and to fit the lights simply
slide them through there into those little headlights and while the LED
lights simply push into the headlights there I’m gonna secure them in place
with a bit of hot glue so they don’t jump loose when the cars bouncing
around outside ok so that’s plugged the LED lights in there
and I’ve put a little dab of hot glue on either side of them there that’s the only self
assembly required on the car although it shows how to assemble the wheelie bar it
is already attached to the car okay guys just going to do a quick suspension test I would point out i think this car should handle well as it is nearly as wide as its wheelbase is
long. well lets just check that suspension out. lift that front wheel until
the rear just comes clear yeah probably got upon two inches of travel on there
not bad quite well sprung you could probably improve the damping by putting
a little more oil in there, they are oil shock absorbers. As opposed to the damping on the back which
is very well sprung that definitely needs more damping on the back there but that’s an easy mod to by adding some shock oil in of a thicker weight
again about an inch and a half to two inches of travel on the back there. But think this should handle well outside
speaking of which let’s see where that battery is on charge, okay guys
batteries all charged up so time to test it outside and there are those LED
lights that should give plenty a punch at night and I have a mini test in the dark
there of the LED lights guys they’re not bad you’d not want to be driving at high
speed with it but quite fun none the less guys how does it handle hi speed on
blacktop plenty of power for that
wheelie bar to come into action and it will lift that front inside wheel okay
guys so first of all gonna run it on grass on lower speed, it’s not as
super stable it’s getting kicked a little bit more Wow it’s getting kicked a little bit
around a little bit more than the Q902 was but the Q902 had like monster
truck-sized tires on it this will probably handle better on the blacktop
speaking of which oh man oh yeah now that’s lifting that front inside wheel
under hard cornering there guys there’s some low-speed, good brakes, now at
low speed. I would say the brakes are very very good I know
people might think I rave about the brakes but while a fast car can get you in
trouble very quickly good brakes can get you out of trouble twice as fast
speaking of speed let’s get it on high speed mode now oh man now I wasn’t quite
sure about the Q902 hitting the 52 kilometers an hour
this feels quite a bit quicker certainly acceleration oh man and I’ll take a bump
but it’s gonna accelerate quicker because it’s got smaller diameter tyres
so if it’s got the same gearing if that makes sense there guys it may well
accelerate quicker with its smaller diameter tyres as I say oh now
on the grass it is getting kicked around more than the Q902 is if anyoens not seen that video I’ll put a link to it below this
one as if the car is kind of based on the same platform but they’ve got very
different handling characteristics as I say this is getting kicked around more
on the bumps there flat out acceleration on grass guys enough power to donut if you want that
acceleration is blisteringly quick struggling for grip a little bit on
here this is not as grippy as blacktop is guys on here
because I’m struggling a bit to get it to wheelie and I know it’s got enough power
to wheelie but that’s more the surface than the car
anyway that’s see if I can get it to wheelie oh yeah we got power that
powerful wheelie plenty it is just this surface that’s fighting against it but
on blacktop this thing’s gonna be like wheelie king no doubt on that
yes lifting the front wheels quite easily there man and those brakes are fearsome
and boy do you need it in here this is this is a lot of car for this space guys
a lot of car for this space and hopefully this fits the bill of being
classed as a review as well as an unboxing there guys I take it all back guys this thing is like a rocket I suspect on
blacktop this thing is gonna be an absolute demon it will spin if you provoke
it. low speed handling got a good turning radius build that speed
up very forgiving what I would say is in the blink of an eye on there but that
means it’s putting the weight towards the front of the car so it’s not gonna be
wanting to be spinning out all the time hope that makes sense very very
forgiving I would say as a first RC this would be great yet at the same time
that acceleration is just blistering couldn’t go far wrong with this boys and as I say
it will go well over grass provided you don’t hit metal objects like that
one it does get kicked around more than the
Q902 that I tested the other day well link to that below the video the Q902
is the same platform as this but it’s got bigger tires on it smoother grass I
have no doubt this thing would have been absolute hoot it’s not going through
like 4-inch grass like maybe a large traxxas buggy is but then
this is only 1/16 scale guys but it’s got enough pace to have some fun on here
with it. okay how does it handle transitions fairly well is the answer
oh and it’s got a good front bumper, that front impact bumper Ritchie testing
that out now aha tell me you caught that on camera Richie boy
this thing is, I take it all back about the wheeling thing there guys. one of my
LED headlights has come loose but I’ve been putting it through quite a bit
wheelie central when you want it so here we are guys hope you enjoyed that review
and unboxing out there Q903 from Banggood link to it below the video and
do bear in mind guys it’s banggoods 13th anniversary sale this
week so go check out the bargains use the links below this video and this
thing guys? staggering 23 minutes runtime of yours truly driving it like an
absolute lunatic. absolutely outstanding thousand milliamp battery? 23 minutes
runtime? you know that makes sense well thumbs up if you like this video
guys post any comments you might have in the comments section below the video and
hit the circle below to subscribe and if you do hit the circle don’t forget to hit the bell

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  1. These look really nice. A bit pricey for me though. But seems like a real good quality truck!
    I like how this truck has a deans connector unlike many other trucks from China!

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  3. I don't think they are oil shocks Rich.. i just got the Q901 and then ordered upgraded shocks from Banggood. Should be here this week. I thought the 901,2 and 3 had the same wheels?

  4. Hello! Fantastic for quality price! Do the spare parts have special sizes or can I also use other standard spare parts?

  5. Dont the Q901 Q902 and Q903 all have the same size tires? They are the same chassis. You mention they are bigger on the Q902

  6. I think it would be awesome since the year is closing 4u to do a budget basher "best of" video since this and his big brother with the duel battery (I think) are favorites of many and of course the newest wl toys sub 100.00 edition that I imagine will take the 🏆 is now a huge hit. Still, YOU are the guy that knows since you've ran so many. STILL loving my Losi DB mini… Got the Mini 8T but have not ran it yet. I sometimes shelf my new RC's and study them and look them over for a bit, minus the Losi Tenacity DB Pro… That work of ART was ran fast! Razor RC has an interesting channel like yours and he did his favorite of 2019 recently. Always watch your 5 or 10 likes and dislikes etc👍👊 very informative and less homework 4me.

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