Bangkok Airport bus : Don Mueang airport to Bangkok city (2017) : The cheapest, fastest and the Best

Bangkok Airport bus : Don Mueang airport to Bangkok city (2017) : The cheapest, fastest and the Best

I am at Bangkok’s Don Mueang Airport Now I am going to find the public transport to reach the city This is the information center from where I’ll get to know about the transport I’ll ask them about the cheapest way to travel from the airport to the city There is no ‘Metro’ or BTS available as of now I am not going to use Taxi, neither the expensive buses. I want to know about the cheap public transport So, the nearest Metro/BTS station from Don Mueang airport is – Mo Chit You can catch outstation buses (Phuket, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, etc.) from Mo Chit bus terminal Mo Chit is also a busy city centre so you can go anywhere from there A1 bus will take me to Mo Chit. It takes 30 minutes and 30 Baht for the journey Now I am outside the terminal building of the airport This is the bus stop for A1 & A2 buses Buses are available after every 5 minutes (most of the time) Its quite hot here in January Weather in Delhi was very cold, whereas here it is hot & humid and here comes the ‘A1’ bus This is how it looks from inside There is a LCD Screen in the front Bus is airconditioned i gave her 40 Baht, she returned 10. So the fare is 30 Baht The bus is running at the speed of 100 kmph The roads are good.. traffic seems disciplined… Infrastructural development looks impressive !! We should always learn from the best cities in the world. The bus was air-conditioned and very comfortable. I took a power nap 🙂 Couldn’t sleep last night because of the night flight, so I was quite tired.. Thats BTS station Mo Chit after this comes the Mo Chit bus terminal (last stop of A1 bus)

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  1. sir i just want to know , i want to visit thailand but it possible to visit without booking hotel . and visa in arrival mean we dont have to do any thing can come with simple passport and return ticket we can get the visa at airport?
    / , pl kind help me , iam from northest india MANIPUR nice to see u in ukhrul khangkhui cave i too visit there , pl help me iam enjoing ur all vdo

  2. dear..bro ..i live in mochit bangkok….!!! if you came again call me …. for meeting….!!

  3. bhai jan,,kitni dafa information center ke faidai ginwao ge,,pichlei video ma be yai tha,,,,,,,,,,great videos though

  4. You are Absolutely right bro about the facilities, road, cleanliness & infrastructure of thailand…u can't compare bangkok or any other city in thailand with Indian cities… except traffic. may be population is the main cause our problems. and off course our government too…any way Nice work bro..

  5. Instead of A1 bus, you can get the bus no.29 from the bus stop near the road in front of DMK airport to Mochit. it's just only 6.50 baht(non-ac).
    Btw this bus line also pass Ratchathewi and its cost 6.50 too.

  6. Dear Varun, you are lucky that you landed in Don Mueang airport. Most flights from India and abroad land in Suvanabhumi airport which is very far from the city. Another thing to point out is that some Bangkok taxi drivers cheat tourists, even if you get official ticket taxi from airport. For example, if you get ticket taxi, when you get in the taxi, the driver will start saying, "Oh too far, this is not enough money, pay 800 bath" etc etc. They will refuse to accept Meter Fare. This is common is most tourist countries of the world, including India, and Thailand is no exception. So taking the airport bus (If you don't have large baggage) is a smart move.

  7. bhai maja aata he vidyo me sab thik se jan ne ko milta sirf aek kami he vidyo me numbar de do 1.2.3 karke thailend 1 2 3 aese dalo vidyo to dekhne me maja ayega

  8. is bangkok provide visa on arrival .And how many rupees incurred on visa for 10 days of both bangkok thailand pattaya

  9. unable to book the cheapest flight by airasia. as baggage charges get included how to deal with it….kindly guide me sirji..?? 20kg baggage cost get effected…

  10. Mere Bhai I like to travel …..I would like to Join you…..Whereever aap jana chahte again next …i will join you…God Bless You….. Thank You for sharing..

  11. hi, varun
    this this krishna from andhra pradesh ,last july i did a trip to thailand , it happened only because of your advise , and tips tkq so much

  12. Hello sir
    Wanna know some info about Thai visa on arrival
    I’m flying to Krabi from KL , so will stay a week in Thailand then go Cambodia by road Bangkok-Siem reap , have stamp visa from India then I have to return back to Bangkok to catch a flight to Hanoi ,so I want to know , crossing Thai Cambodia border to go Bangkok , will I able to get Thai visa at border ? I already book a flight to Hanoi . Please answer me soon
    Thanks in advance

  13. Hey bro… Is anybody not stop you in between recording … Because you recorded in lot of personal spaces, airports, and some official buildings.

  14. All your videos are entertaining and informative. Pl. maintain your audio with (in between) background music. I have to adjust volume.

  15. I am little worried now with my tickets. I will reach bangkok airport at 4am IST (i forgot to consider Thai Timings). I have to reach DMK airport to catch a flight which departs at 10:40 am.. now my only worry is, do i have sufficient time to reach DMK airport from BKK considering immigration and visa process. Need assistance. Thank you 🙂

  16. sir, definately your future is bright not only as a YOUTUBER but i think you will definately receive any kind of "sammman" ie respects from big leaders of our country…………

    Keep making this kind of Videos…..
    Our love and Support is always with you…

    your biggest fan….

  17. Hi Varun, just a request. Please keep the music volume in sync with your vocal volume. I usually watch your videos on my TV and suddenly music comes so loud that I need to lower the volume of the TV but as you start speaking, the volume seems low and I again have to increase the volume. So I need to continuously keep my finger on the TV remote (although it doesn't let me sleep while watching your videos 🙂 . Anyways, I enjoyed watching all videos. Thanks.

  18. Boss I am shubham when you come Thailand again
    Please come and contact me +66968647574 aap mere Saath ghumiye koi problem nhi hogi
    Mere pass car bhi h jaha chahiye Chala Jaye Mai aapko Phuket ghuma Dunga babut acchi jagah h Mai yha 7 year se rahata hu please contact me WhatsApp

  19. Janab ap se kuch puchna tha ki kya hum Thailand visa India me mil sakta hai agar ha to kese please bataye kyu ki me august me bangkok pattaya ka tour hai mera with friends

  20. Hey bro plz I request u that donot ever compare India with Thailand understand….because India is India and our country is much developed than Thailand …

  21. Yaar indian asa kabhi nehi banay ga aur ma indians ka visa free hoga. For instance agar asa hua tu india ke 90% population migrate ker jai ge in search for better life.

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