Barn Find In Australia – Classic vehicles – Holden – Volvo

Barn Find In Australia – Classic vehicles – Holden – Volvo

hi guys welcome to my channel
really the impromptu video but I was working Pinot from a Volvo Club and as a
bloke that wanted to get rid of get rid of 1973 volvo around for for from his
property and they’re cleaning out the house poor blokes gone into a home but
when I got here i discovered a couple other cars I’m gonna give you guys a quick
look around Volvo and a couple old holdens
I’ve put offer on one of the holdens not gonna tell you which one who knows if
I get it or not and not always so let’s go from there so here we have I’m not
too knowledgeable about all holders but what is their h HT possibly panel van
it’s actually been sitting for a long long time six cylinder rust upon it at
the old 80s fiberglass scoop that it used to have you see all the roof line
roof line is gone but that’s a baobab there you go but these are rare so so on
a wanted someone will restore this or usage look restoration that’s interior had a bed in the back it was column
shift that look at that I think unfortunately this one sits too far gone well it’s close premier there and there
bomb on the body so I think this is a bit of an alias bitter you see all the rust around here this
one is unfortunately this one is unfortunately and no-go this one’s just
too far rusted what people love and so I’m sure that there are some valuable
parts on it that’s areia I’ve never seen it with the
spare wheel in there like that that’s a real sorry guys I’m in a bit of a tight
spot though that’s that one the roof on this is a lot better when you get down
toward the end that’s no good it’s got the classic GT mirror mod guys
know what model this is let me know in the comments so let’s go check out the
other one here we have the sedan I’m not sure what this model is 100% either it’s
a 69 so once I do this video I’ll research what is what the 69 model is
this is the one I’ve actually got really clean hot wires this is the one I’ve
actually put an offer on but whether I get enough who knows the bloke sorting
out the parts and everything conley has let me kill so this is the interior you
can’t compare this one to the panel van the blokes had this since new all the
seals are really good really good bottom of the doors are really good bunch of
parts unfortunately the owner was a hoarder and he’s just and I think he
suffers from mental issues and so he was just hoarding all this hoarding heaps of
car parts and one of those blokes that one of those blokes that say don’t want
to get rid of anything because it going to do it one day but uh but I think the
story goes that they have to sell stuff because he’s got into a home and
he has no family and they need to pay for the home so they’ve got someone got
another bloke going through stuff and just getting rid of it also so this one
needs to be my work but I have to put an offer on the sedan and then I’ll
probably just rip it or see someone wants a complete I’m not too sure what
the plans are yet but who knows if I’m going to get it or not but if they
accept the offer then it’s all systems go in the tow organize the tow truck and
we’ll go from there that’s the engine bay I don’t want to
mess up too much but so get this mod of the grille bit of five glass in there
good five glass in there but the actual bones of this car I’m not too bad I’ll
get the seals on the bottom sorry about the wind or the quality this
was really improper last minute but I thought I’d do a video while I’m here
because you don’t see this you know see this stuff too often anymore come across
this sort of stuff so so yeah this sedan is a 69 this is the one again I put an
offer on so you guys know exactly what it is please let me know the roof the
roof officer used to be white I thought at least I have a vinyl roof but I think
I just had the white roof with the trim along the rear pillars it’s got some new
hot why’s got a bunch of everything so anyway that’s that now let’s check out
the Volvo you can see these guys a bit of water yeah I see this too often this
is so you could service the valvetrain without oil splashing everywhere and
adjust it adjust the rockers this has got a lot of
old-school stuff so that’s another picture of that and again we’ll check
out the village this is the one I got caught up about so Hina at the Volvo
Club messaged me as they called him this is the president of ala club see they
need to get rid of all these cars like I said about the holdings but this is the
Volvo 1973 Volvo 144 let’s go look at it extremely rusty been sitting here
forever these boots usually just pop open till
they tell a lot but area actually looks pretty good but the feels and everything
that’s shut up watching me there is some usable part but Pilar it’s in a really bad spot so
sorry guys that’s all being bugged it’s all rusty to be honest these are
probably a lot nicer shape than what well one is the only good thing about
this thing and it’s maybe the only reason I will take it is the interior so
it’s hard for me to get in there but the interior the seats are in Mac and that
means you make it look guys it’s manual – so someone might want to restore this cap yeah I can’t get the redirect
hopefully you guys can see in there the seats are immaculate it comes with
all parts door trims are good the interior to be honest in this one for
four is probably a lot better than this is the front sorry off I’m happy I
had to squash under a tree to get you guys footage of it this is the front end
that these have an awesome front end awesome gorilla awesome front end let’s
have a look at mater that’s a motor between carbs I think one four four
means it’s a 4-cylinder I’m not sure I’m so I’ve sounded correct me in the
comments it turns over they haven’t fired it up with a does turn over but
it’s just it’s really sad to see you look sad to see all go like this you can get to the other side so that concludes videos you know for
now guys I hope you enjoyed a bit of different content and just know that
bonfires garage vines old car Flyers are still out there so happy hunting you

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  1. Isn,t the blue cars, Ford, like either the intercepter or XT, and it looks like the sedan is the same, as ambulance or hearse, cause of the roof line which is a little higher and the back there were no seats, just flat, with curtains on the side, it also looks like the sedan could serve as a donor car to fix the ambulance or.hearse ,as to the volvo, 144 I do not know how far gone the car is, but for your car the 164, you have a lot of parts, switches, like you said the interiors, the front seats, usually the drivers seat if it*s better, maybe replace it since the drivers seat usually, the material tends,to flatten out or disintergrate, you have the steering wheel, back lights which look like the ones your car has, the rims with the center caps calipers, interior lighting on the roof, door handles, glass etc. and that is if it*s good for parts some of the body work, like the trunk lid, just imagine, all the parts interchangeable with the 164, you would get your money worth out of parts alone, plus the parts, that you can use, who knows, have you tried to see if maybe you can haul it away, cause they are going to have to clear the place anyway, wish you luck.

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