Basic Clutch Control Video. How to use Motorbike clutch. Why New Riders Stall at First

Basic Clutch Control Video. How to use Motorbike clutch. Why New Riders Stall at First

Hello! Um, i’ve um, had a request to do some uh,
instructional videos. Um. So i thought I might give it a bash. so i’ve been asked to do clutch
control. Now the most important thing with clutch control that people don’t realise is
that people don’t give it enough gas. you can give it all the gas in the world, and
if you only let your clutch out a tiny little bit you are only going to roll forward a tiny
little bit if you pull your clutch back in youll stop moving. see look. But if you don’t
have enough gas (throttle) you can keep going along…. but if you don’t give it enough
gas… see youll stall it. okay. oh i’ve gotta get it back in neutral. (to turn it on) so
the most inportant thing… about clutch control is gas. you’ve got to get it to the biting
point, it would help if i was in 1st gear. … put it into first gear.. get your biting
point and then more gas more gas more gas and you can just keep it there… keeep it
there like not even (let your clutch out entirely..) you know just keep it at the biting point
whilst you roll forward whilst you get your footing, and your balance… see look… (i
havent fully disengaged the clutch at all yet) i was just on the biting point the whole
time there. now… we can roll off and once you are rolling then obviously you can take
your hand fully off the clutch…. now we are coming back to a stop i can hear my engine
going (faultering) so i need to pull my clutch in…. more gas, clutch out (slowly) I should
have indicated out of there : there was no one there so… i’ll let myself off. see,
i’m not a bike instructor, and i don’t claim to be a bike instructor um, but i do find
the most important thing that people um don’t do in clutch control, is give it enough gas
when they are first learning to ride. um it’s just like its a bit scary cos you think you
might jump forward but your not gonna jump forwardif you put your hand on the clutch
and your foot covering that back brake. cos you know you might feel liek you are going
forward a bit quickly but if your foot is covering the back brake then your fine. so
yeah the thing people talk about “the biting point” is where youve got the clutch in…
and youve got the engine on the gas on and (as you let the clutch out) you can feel when
the bike wants to go forward. so quite often while i’m at a place like this.. (junction
lmao) i’ll keep it at the biting point so i’m just rolling forward (i say rolling i
mean i am just rocking back and forth at the biting point) so when i’m on a hill…. i
find this really really helpful to help (be able to pull off again easily) to keep you
feet on the bike if its an open junction like that and you can do that . obviously if theres
cars in the way, (your gonna need to put your foot down lol)
so um yeah…. that was like my first attempt at an instructional video um… please let
me know in the comments uhh if it was easy to understand or if i need to like work on
being understood properly. um and obviously i will do that. the biker girl…. subscribe
to my channel if you know whats good for you!

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