Basic installation of an aftermarket stereo into a GM vehicle

Basic installation of an aftermarket stereo into a GM vehicle

Upgrading your car stereo is easier than
you think. First we need to make sure you have all the accessories
you’ll need to install your new car stereo. Consult your vehicle’s manual for cautions and
warnings about the battery and safety. Disconnect the battery terminal. Follow the detailed instructions for
removing your car stereo. Use the instructions for your specific
vehicle to prepare the dash kit for mounting. Now it’s time to wire up your new car
stereo to the connector. The Scosche connector allows you to easily
connect your new stereo to the factory wiring. Some vehicles may require a
stereo replacement interface. Mount the dash kit in your vehicle. Reassemble your vehicle. Enjoy your new system.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. This stereo, the Scosche controlFREQ, does not retain the steering wheel controls. However, the dash kit featured in this video will fit most aftermarket stereos.

  2. @axel luna The stereo in this video is not sold with this kit but it is available to purchase separately at Just search for the ControlFREQ stereo. 

  3. Scosche I just want to let you know that your instructions that come with your install kits are absolutely horrible!!!

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