Battle Bus (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Battle Bus (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial! Today I will pick the winner of the Shelf of the month and we will also create this Battle Bus from Fortnite! Before we get started I will pick the winner to support new artists. If you want to be featured as well, join my Snupps group Clay Creations and share your art within the group. Drum roll! Today’s winner of the month is Claysmith! He is creating like crazy with so many shelves and great ideas and this is the reason I personally use Snupps, not only to organize, but also to get inspiration. Thanks a lot Claysmith and thanks a lot to Snupps to support this great idea and to sponsor this video. Let’s get started with a Battle Bus from Fortnite. I read some comments which said: Dude did he say fart night? No, I said Fortnite with an ‘O’. Maybe I should work on my pronounciation. Sorry. When creating the Battle Bus it’s important to understand that it contains a lot of geometrical forms and these are pretty hard to create just with your hands. And this is why I’m using my knife a lot. To chop away the clay and to get straight lines and straight edges and I think this worked pretty well. OK! Now we are working on the roof to get the right form for the body of the bus. And now we will also use the knife to create this slanted backside of the bus as well. In the last tutorial from Fortnite I told you that I haven’t played it yet, but I wanted to let you know I installed it. So I think within the next days you can expect another warrior on the island which will be called, named ClayClaim of course or maybe Simon. I don’t know So prepare to get another enemy. Why did I create the Bus? Well, I got so many requests to create not only Fortnite characters, but also to create this Battle Bus. And I will show some of these comments. Yeah, this is a bit tricky. I wanted to prepare the part where the wheels will be attached. I think this part is called fender of the bus and the problem was that I didn’t know how big the wheels would be. We will create them after we finish the body. Yeah, this is a silver thin layer of silver clay we will attach to the bottom of the bus and this will be in the bonnet which is black on the Battle Bus. So I use this blue piece of clay for reference for the right size and I’m placing the black clay right into position. Yeah, this was a bit tricky. I’m sure you know what this will be. This will be the part where the lights of the bus will be attached also on the back side as well. And we are almost finished with the body of the bus. What is missing? This blue piece of clay which will be the stairs. It’s hanging to the ground. I really hope that the wheels have to be that big that the part of the stairs doesn’t touch the ground. Yeah, this is just a thin layer of black clay for the windows and also for the door on both sides and now we will work on the wheels. I was looking for what to create them with. The two wheels at the front are a bit thinner. I think this is why I am because the two wheels at the backside are just doubled so there are four wheels in the background. And these silver pieces are the construction which will hold the bus in the air attached to the balloon. So I’m very curious if this all works and turns out well how I thought it would be so for me it’s still very exciting. Yeah, this is the structure we build to attach the balloon later and there are a lot of details and I’m currently creating these details on the roof. Some of you have already seen the image from the Barbarian Barrel, which I posted on Instagram on my account Clay Claim. And of course there will be another tutorial from Clash Royale and this will be my Easter holiday special. It will be uploaded tomorrow and even this bus will get a tiny role and you will see this bus in tomorrow’s tutorial from Clash Royale. So yeah I hope you are also as excited as I am, because it’s not only a normal clay tutorial. It is but there will be also a paper clip. No! There will be also some stop-motion animation. This is not the big project which I have been working on for weeks. This big project which is still secret will be uploaded next week. Yeah even more excited about that. So for all of you Clash Royale fans and I’ll include myself as well, there will be another video tomorrow. So don’t miss that as well. Yeah, these tiny, tiny details, there were so many tiny details. I built this structure with a paperclip, but I decided to remove it in the end. You will see why it didn’t really work as a stand for the balloon, so I had to recreate this part as well. Yeah this part is attached to the yellow tube we will create in a minute and I assume it is a part of the air-conditioning system of the bus, but I’m not sure about that. I’m even not sure about what I am currently creating. What this is I have no idea And this is why it is so important that I play actually play Fortnite. But again I already installed it and I will start playing it within the next days Yes, this is the tube we just attached to this strange thing. I was looking forward to create these because it looks so great with clay. You can bend them easily. The fender parts of the bus and also the tiny lights which come in white and orange. Yeah, this will be the Bunsen burner where I will attach the wooden flame after oven hardening. This is the back side of the bus, it’s quite easy there. There’s another door and some lights and that’s it for the back side of the bus. Well of course also the bumper as well and that’s it for the back side and we are ready to go into the oven! Now we will work on the big balloon and I used this technique before for the Skeleton Barrel from Clash Royale. Check out this tutorial as well where I not only created a balloon, but I also created a bursting balloon while time is freezing. I think this was one of my most exciting tutorials from Clash Royale actually. Now we are coating… sorry, we are coating this piece into a very thin layer of grey clay and you see that this clay is a bit dirty. Well I didn’t really care as on the images from the Battle Bus I also saw that this balloon is a bit dirty as well and also the bus so I didn’t care too much about dirt on my creation. And there’s this green line on the balloon as well and another green outline on the bottom of the balloon as well. So here we go and this piece is almost finished, but there’s this wrapper on the top of the balloon. I would say it’s for keeping the balloon in the right position, but I am no expert in the field of ballooning. And what is left these tiny pieces where we will attach the rope which is going to the bus in the end. But for now this balloon is also almost finished, just some more pieces to attach the rope to or at least the placeholders. And I used these paper clips again to create tiny eyelets, where we will also attach the rope to. So just stick these tiny pieces into the clay and after oven hardening it shouldn’t be a problem. And they should be very strong and straight in position. Yeah, I’m using my modeling tool for some further details and these tiny holes where also the rope will be just go through. And I guess we’re ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked Battle Bus and freshly baked details we will assemble, but for now I’m using a black pen for these lines on the bus itself and there’s also some kind of writing on the side of the bus, but I was not able to read it. Maybe some of you know what it says on the side of the bus. Please let me know in the comments. I’m very curious what it is. I’m using the transparent polish for the windows to make them shine a little bit and now we will glue all these tiny pieces onto the bus and we will assemble the structure. I’m using my super glue for very fast drying, but careful with that. There were some accidents in my clay career. Maybe I will tell you one day about my glue accidents. Yeah, this is the front wheel and I used just now another piece of clay to make it a bit higher and it worked pretty well. Some more details and of course also on the other side as well. Just glue the wheels in position and also these metal pieces. Yeah, this is the thing which makes this bus look unique. These metal pieces. Whatever they are called. Maybe balloon straps, balloon beret. I don’t know. Yeah, that’s it for all the tiny details. I will just shorten these a little bit and well now we can start working on the balloon as well. And I use my knife to cut it open. it’s quite satisfying, but it was very hard to open. It took me some while but here we go and now we can remove this aluminum foil. I already used aluminum foil so I’m very careful and saving with aluminum foil. Simon was here! Really? And we will glue these two pieces together, because aluminum isn’t an infinite resource on Earth, so I really try to be very saving with that as well. Yeah, I just removed the paper clips I put in before and I’m using a bit longer paper clips that I could place the balloon on top, but I’m still not sure if this will work out but we will see in a minute. And I will again use my super glue for that. I just love that stuff Although it’s dangerous, I admit it. Yes, it works! And now we will use this very thin rope. Grey rope. It should have been a bit thicker, but I didn’t have any thicker rope so I used this one and we will attach it to the bus. Of course for me, for my model it’s just decoration. For the real Battle Bus this is where the balloon is hanging on. And stick it through the eyelets and glue it to the side of the bus. Yeah, works great removing it with my scalpel and now we will just add some more details. The satellite dish for example and also this tiny sign which says Battle Bus. And we need this piece of paper twice. One for the front of the bus right between the lights and also one sign for the backside of the bus also between the lights as well. Now some more transparent polish for the balloon for a shiny look. And this is the Bunsen burner I was looking forward to create whole time. It’s just wool. White and blue wool and we will place it in the hole and I guess… …that’s it! The Battle Bus from Fortnite! I think this was one of my longest tutorials. Well, remember there will be a Clash Royale tutorial tomorrow and that’s it for today. Thanks for watching. See you tomorrow take care. Bye!

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  1. Me: makes a blue line of clay with a black spot on the bottom and calls it a battle bus clayclaim: I’m about to end this whole mans career

  2. I have an idea you should build out of clay the fortnite golf buggy and you should build the hole island and put the stuff you made on it

  3. Dude, don’t let anyone laugh at you or make fun of you for your accent. You have an amazing accent and that’s what makes you special. If you can’t pronounce words right then you can’t. You have an awesome accent and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I love your channel you make amazing videos! You have a talent, making amazing things out the simplest material. I wish I could be as good as you.. but anyways, a lot of people love your accent, don’t worry about the people who don’t.

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