Be Ready To Receive | Motivated

Be Ready To Receive | Motivated

– Everything you’re going through is God preparing you
for what you asked for. If it’s a man… The lack of man, is preparing you for one. I’ll tell you a true story, man. I knew this girl, who was a friend of mine. She was dating this married guy. I said, how can you possibly think God is gon’ send you the right guy, while you datin’ this married dude? How you think this work? But, they went to the same restaurant, had the same booth, for two years. They met every week. It’s kinda like… Remember… Billy Paul’s old song? ♪ Me ♪ ♪ And ♪ ♪ Mrs. ♪ ♪ Mrs. Jones ♪ We meet every day at the same cafe. 6:30. ‘Cause, I know she’ll be there. That was a song. Well, this woman dated
this man for two years. They went to the same restaurant. He knew the maitre d’. Maitre d’ kept a table for ’em. Maitre d’ watched this
goin’ for two years. He kinda knew the guy. They wasn’t cool. Just gave them the right table. Two years. Just kept on datin’ this dude. She asked me, she said, Steve, why are you saying God
won’t send me Mr. Right? I said, well I’ma tell you
something my mother taught me. I got this little job, right? And, I used to come in the house, every time I got paid, I was saving a little bit. So, I could get me a new car. And, I would tell my mother, who was a Sunday school teacher, I would say, hey, Momma! I’ma get me a new car. She said, yeah I know, boy. But, your old car is out in the back yard, up on the blocks. I had this old car that sat
up on these cylinder blocks, in the driveway, in the backyard. And, leaves had got up under, and paper cups, and oil stains. Where I tried fixin’, I just never could get it to workin’. And, I used to try to
work on cars, and stuff, but just wasn’t. It was just an old car. So, I get paid again. I said, Momma, I’ma get me a new car. She said, I know boy. But, your old car outside on blocks. I don’t understand this (beep). Why does she keep talkin’
about this old (beep) car for? I’m comin’ in here tryna be positive. ‘Cause, I had read this book called “The Power of Positive Thinking”, by Norman Vincent Peale. And, think positive. So one day, about the sixth time, I came in, I said, Momma, I’ma get me a new car, I’m tellin’ you. She said, I know baby. But, your old car outside on the blocks. So, I knew my momma was
tryna teach me somethin’. ‘Cause, that’s all, that’s how the ever did me. ‘Cause, that’s how I do my son. They made me a thinking man. They would never tell me nothin’ direct. They would just throw it out there. So I said, Momma, how come every time I get paid, I try to come in here, and say something positive you, ’bout me gettin’ a new car, and you keep tellin’ me ’bout
my old car out on the blocks? She said, son, you ain’t got nowhere to put no new car. I called a friend of mine up, he had a tow service. I said man, $20. I need some help. He came and towed the car away for me. I took all them cylinder blocks down, took all that trash that
had gathered up under, bundled it up, went down to Giant Tag, and bought some little asphalt cleaner, and put it down, and scrubbed that oil up. Made that driveway look new. All of a sudden, the driveway look new. It was a lot of space in
the yard, and everything. Two weeks later… I got a new car. It wasn’t new, it was used, but I bought a car. (applause) And, I pulled it up in the driveway. I said, Momma, look at that, I got the car. She said, that’s ’cause you
got somewhere to put it. She said, son, you can’t ask God for something, and then don’t make ready to receive it. – [Woman] Yes. (applause) – [Man] Woo-hoo! (applause) – So, I told that to this girl. She start crying. She said, oh my God. She said, I ain’t ready to receive it. I said, no. You can ask him for it, but until you ready to receive it, why would he give it to you? ‘Cause, you ain’t gon’ do
nothin’ but mess it up. She stopped seeing the married guy. So, she stopped going to the restaurant. One day, the maitre d’ see’s her out somewhere. He approached the girl and said, I haven’t seen you in a while. She say yeah, I broke up with my friend. He said wow, I’ve been waiting. – Oh!
– Woo! – She said, excuse me? He said, I’ve been waitin’. He said, I’ve been watching
you come here for two years. You the most beautiful
woman I’ve ever seen. I could not understand
why you was with this guy. One and a half years later, them two people got married. – [Woman] Aww. – Them two people have two kids now. He ain’t the maitre d’ of
the restaurant no more. He bought the restaurant. (applause) Because, the girl was a
financial chick at a bank. So, she was the missing piece for him. So, instead of being the maitre d’, he bought the restaurant. They now own three restaurants. This dude makin’ almost $2 million a year. Off of three restaurants. They livin’ they life. You know why? ‘Cause, she took the old
car down off the blocks. (applause) So, ladies… I ain’t sayin’ this ’bout you, but maybe you got a old car… In your driveway… Up on blocks. You really want a new car. But, maybe… It ain’t nowhere for the new car to come. Could it be… Maybe God waitin’ on you… To get the old car towed out… So you can clean up your yard… And, he can park a new car there. Could that be the situation with your relationship? Or, could it be with
anything else you want? If I was you, I’d try that. I hope you all had a good time. Thank y’all for comin’. (applause and cheering)

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  1. This is one of the coolest, best stories I've ever heard. And it's so true, it just happened to me. I quit my job just over two weeks ago, after 6 months of trying to fix the mess that management made. It only got worse and worse, I decided to quit on the spot. I didn't have another job lined up but I knew it was the right decision.

    Within a week I bought my first car.

    A few days after that my brother got his first job and he gets to help out financially in lieu of me.

    EXACTLY two weeks, as in down to the MINUTE, after I quit my job, I was on the phone with the manager of my Mom's gym. I got hired 1 hour later.

    And I may be buying my second car this week, if that's what should happen, a deal just came up.

    I knew full well that job wasn't good for me. I knew I was more valuable than what I was allowed to do there. So I ACTED upon it and now I got the job I've been wanting for almost a year. We need to do the work because otherwise we won't even be able to handle or appreciate what we think we want. God bless you all and thank you Mr. Harvey.

  2. Mr Harvey, thank you for the Truth, for it most definitely will set you free. The information you shared, I will say this, it actually pertains too life situations. We must know when its time to clear out the clutter. May God bless you always, marcia brown.

  3. Mr. Harvey! I truly admire and inspired by you and your wife. Though I don't know you guys personally or what you guys go through behind the scenes by being celebrities, but I will say you guys know how to hold it DOWN, keep your head's up and keep smiles on each other's faces, NO MATTER what and I truly love that! I am a good 36 years young, but I would love for you and Mrs. Harvey to be my God parents! 😆 LoL I'm laughing but I am sooooo serious. You guys will ALWAYS have my love, support and respect!! Abundance of Blessings to the whole entire HARVEY family!!!! 🙌✨✝️⭐♥️👑

  4. Steve, thank you for sharing positive thinking positive actions. Motivation personified. Thank you S.H. and you to SH mom. Thank you too my mom. BLESSED love.

  5. Steve Harvey can not be broken. He always lifts himself up because. He don't know how to quit. That is called a true hustler

  6. God is preparing your behind for jail as karma
    Remember this fool, framed his ex wife and she ended up doing many years behind bars . And she was innocent

  7. As I watch this I can stop crying because only a miracle can save us. I've done my best but it's not good enough.I've not been able to come up with my tuition and that of my siblings This morning after crying to God in prayers I get on youtube n the first video I click on is this one.Lord you know my struggles Come through for me lord😭🙏.

  8. Perfect timing! God told me to type on YouTube BE READY TO RECIEVE and I’m a big fan of Steve Harvey and watch all his motivational videos but I don’t know how I missed this video. Perfect timing. Thank God and the universe

  9. Wow Steve hopefully message Man I'm Gary from Jamaica I like your show hope to get one of those beautiful girls

  10. Please Mr. Harvey, I love Everything you teach and believe in. My name is Daniel Bourgeois, I am from Louisiana, I have a great education, and built myself up from being poor. Yes I am a white man, but was raised in the the world of creole and predominate black culture. I do not see color I see Hearts, Our blood is the same color. I would like to have time to speak to you because I am ready to jump into greatness but I only have one problem. Please call me @719-367-7021. I have read all your books and I am at my crossroads of life. I choose to lose everything I owned in Louisiana and I had money back then but I choose to move to Kansas to take care of my mother and brother with Muscular Dystrophy. I have lost everything, money, cars, vehicle because when my dad took his own life 10 years ago I knew than that if I was ever in a situation between money and helping a fellow man or my family I didn’t even think twice about claiming bankruptcy. My life the past 4 years have been a blur because being a caregiver and trying to save the world I realized that I cannot take care of myself. I am broke and I am ready to recieve gods gifts. I know you are a busy man but I need your help or can you lead me in the right direction to heal from my wounds. I now feel like the people I have took care of may not be after my best interest. I want to change the world, but I know I have to change myself firsts. I really need your help if you can!! Thank you and god bless. I have so much more I wish to share. I am on the verge of being homeless and I am on a cliff of nearly having a nervous breakdown. I am a huge fan. Please sir I need your help. I have always looked up to you and the great Burney Mack’s of the world. I have to get my story out to change my world. I have devoted mylife to other in my family friends etc. but I feel like I am being narsassitic beat down is my everyday struggle. I would love to speak to you or anyone that you can lead me too to help change the world. I need help bad. We are dumpster diving for food now and I feel like I am on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. Please help if you can sir!!

  11. Yes,
    I know I spend for long time work this,
    And holding the one who treat good
    All time But I am just like a options
    I know I never been a part,
    Ofcourse I am not priority,, of them,,

  12. Yes I don't need a person who will correct me, if I did something wrong,
    But not a person who leave me
    If I did a simple mistake,,!!!


  14. Amazing lesson!! When you are not prepared to get what you asking for. Sound strange but after you give the example all makes sense now. Thank you, God bless you!

  15. thank you god for making a plan for me to see this because i needed it. ive been wanting a new iphone for the longest ever since my iPhone 5s broke and it was my birthday on april 16th . my dad got me this android and i truly dont like it . i cant text nor call on it . and maybe you are just waiting on me to get me a new one . maybe i should give this to my younger sister who really wants a phone who is in 3rd grade . idk but maybe im in the way of what i want to receive and i havent realized until now

  16. I thought about the scripture that warns: “a little leaven ferments the whole lump”. The following passage encourages up to “clear away the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, and be FREE from ferment”.

    Same principle applies here!😎

  17. Nature abhors a vacuum. If you don’t have enough of what you want, make room for it by letting go of the things you no longer need.

    – Bob Proctor

  18. Ask and you shall be given. But first you gotta ask, and then you get ready to receive your abundance and well-being. Bless you all kind folk!

  19. When we’re with Mr. Right or Mrs. Wrong. You impede the process of what’s to be..with Mr. & Mrs. Right will equal a match..

  20. Gosh this message is powerful in every sense of the word, that I said a prayer. God help me get rid of the "old car" for the "new car" to arrive. AMEN!. This people applies to every area of our lives. Thank you Mr. Harvey.

  21. Which I saw this video last year. Would’ve left my relationship sooner. God really can’t bless you if you’re holding on to something else

  22. I love you Steve! This hit the spot,not provided me with clarity for how I need to receive and how I have received in the past! Give up to go up!

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