Before You Buy That Cheap AK-47 with Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics

Before You Buy That Cheap AK-47 with Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics

– [Narrator] Welcome back to
The Hank Strange Situation. Lifestyles of the Locked and Loaded. – Welcome back to the channel. I’m Hank Strange. I’m hanging out with my buddy, MixFlip. I’m still in Vegas and we’re
about to get on the plane. But–
– It’s hours away from getting on the plane
but we couldn’t leave without doin’ a little visit– – Yeah.
– Something special. – There’s something really cool out here that I want to share with you guys. You must have heard of
Rifle Dynamics by now. I’m pretty sure. If you’re into AKs, you
know what a Rifle Dynamics– AK Rifle is, right? So. – Yeah. – We actually found the place. It’s kind of like a little hidden– – This is like AK heaven, guys. – Yeah, we found it and
we found Jim Fuller. I can’t believe it. Look, there he is. That’s actually Jim Fuller. You know–
– Yes. Sunday morning, but what the hell. – [Hank] Yeah, it’s Sunday morning, early. You know. But we’re here and I
figured I wanted to ask Jim, if you don’t mind, you know, I don’t know that much about guns. I always tell people
that, I’m trying to learn. That’s what my channels all about. Teaching people stuff. And you’d be the perfect
person to give us a primer on what to look at in an
AK if you’re gonna buy it, on different levels,
whether you’re getting in inexpensive, you know, mid-level or you know, a high-level quality AK. What things should we know? What should we be looking for? – Well. Really it’s like, you
kinda gotta figure out, what you’re gonna buy the gun for. Okay? There’s a wide variety of AKs
available here and frankly, we could probably write a book about this industry right
now and what’s available and see how things would go on. If you’re the average guy
who just wants to buy a gun that you’re gonna shoot
once or twice a year, you may shoot a 100,
200 rounds through it, you can buy one of the budget AKs and you can probably be okay with it. Now, I’m gonna honestly say if you’re buying that
gun for self defense, you may wanna really work that gun and make sure it really is as good as they try to sell it you as because in most cases, they are not. – And they wanna do some training with it. – Absolutely. And that’s how you’re gonna tell. Training is the key. You get out, I mean, you know the average
guy that takes that gun and doesn’t shoot more than 50 or a 100 rounds through the year, he’s never gonna put enough stress on it to find out what the problems
may be with that gun. – [Hank] Exactly. Until he needs it. – Until he needs it is the worst time. Now maybe the gun will
work and hopefully it will. Then I’m not trying to say it wrong, I’m just trying to say you
need to be aware of the fact that if that’s the market
that you have to deal in if that’s the only expense you can afford, then you have to reside
yourself to that fact, to find the best gun. I often tell people in
the six to $700 range, you can buy a used MAK 90
and get a pretty decent gun that’s basically a milspec gun. It may not look like what you want but it’s a lot better gun as
far as longevity and use than you’re gonna get for
the price of a newer gun. – Okay. I think you was saying
something earlier that, you remember what Jim was saying about AKs, it’s such a good design– (Jim laughs) – The AKs– – [Hank] So go ahead. – The AK is such a good design. It can be built shitty and still work. How long it will work is the key. And will it have that
reputation for the reliability? No, it will be hurt because of that. Because it will not be reliable and it will not work as good
as what the AK is known for. – Okay.
– But, yeah. The design is so good, it
can be made horribly wrong and still work. – Right. So if a guy’s looking for
a good quality AK out there that he can use, you
know, to protect himself, he could train with, you know, and that’s gonna be
there reliable for him, what price range should he spend and what should he be looking for? – Well, you know everybody knows that our stuff is pretty
expensive but we, you know, we have a whole different
market altogether. Our demographic is quite
a bit but, you know, in my opinion, knowing what
I know about the prices, the labor involved in
putting a gun together, how it should or shouldn’t be done, I would say that if you’re around the thousand dollar price point, you’re getting the gun
that you can count on. It may not be exactly what you want like, you know, for instance an arsenal. An arsenal is a decent gun. It’s the factory made gun. There’s, you know, I
could nitpick things on it but you know, everybody
could nitpick things but the bottom line is it gonna go bang when you press the trigger
and deal with the person that might be hurting you. That’s what you’re worried about. You know that’s the price
point you need to be at. Anything below that, they’ve generally cut some
kind of corners in some way. You know. Now I would say that
there’s, for instance, I would bring up DDI as a good example of people that are trying to put out a gun in the budget range. They’re below a thousand
dollar price point and I know they’ve cut
some corners to get there. But they were pretty ethical
about the corners they cut. And I really can’t get into
detail more than that but you know, I give them
a lot of kudos for that because they’re actually trying to produce the best gun they can for the money as opposed to the best profit
they can with the money. And that’s where I get
a little weird about it, you know what I mean? People will say, well guys, you must be making millions. Yeah. I still live in a two bedroom flat and I drive an eight year old truck. I’m not making millions, guys. – So with like assumptions, I think that happens a lot you know. Like MixFlip, you know. He’s on YouTube and I’m sure people think he’s a millionaire and he’s got a Lambo parked outside. I only wish, you know,
then I would have been getting drive, you know
someone will chauffer me around in a Lambo but it’s not like that. – No, it’s not. I mean, again it’s tiered market. I mean, depending on what your needs are. Like most of our customers
that buy our guns, they’re buying our guns because they shoot thousands of rounds a year. And like you know, that’s
not unusual for our customers to send their barrels in
once a year, excuse me, send their guns in once a year
and you get ’em rebarreled because they’re worn out at fast. – [Hank] Right. And the barrels wear out at what point? What ground? – Usually the US made
4150 barrels are good for about 20,000 rounds. – [Hank] 20,000? Before you start seeing depreciation, and then you really
wouldn’t wanna use ’em. And again that’s at a spec
that these guys are running at, you know what I mean? Guys demand a certain amount of accuracy. I gotta run 500 rounds a day and it’s gotta be this accurate. Okay well, at this point, you’re gonna need to change that barrel. – And that’s not everyone, I mean, I think that we were talking
about this before as well that your average buyer out there, I go into gun store as I ask him, I say you know, someone buys
this gun from you brand new and that it comes back
in six months, a year, five years later and they’re selling it. How many rounds went through it? And they tell me, 20 to 50. – Yup. That’s probably true in most cases, man. – [Hank] You have a lot
of people like that. But if you’re training
or if you’re a trainer. If you’re serious about
this then as you said. – You need a gun that can
take the abuse, you know? – [Hank] Right. – I mean you see a lot of, you know, there’s a lot of flack
right now about cast parts. In most locations on the AK,
a cast part is acceptable. I draw the line in bolts and trunnions. I don’t believe that
cast parts are sufficient to work on a bolt and a trunnion. And a lot people are
going in that direction and there’s a lot of
evidence on the Internet of failures from that. – So that’s a good point of why we’re doing this video, right? I want to do a video where
I can illustrate to people what to look for when
they go into a gun store and see the AK. So what you’re talking about
here, how will we know? – I have a new guy question. Actually you might get
a lot or this would be good for the video. Say I’m a new guy and I say, “hey Jim, what caliber should I go with?” “7.62×39?” – That’s an easy answer. If you don’t own an
AK, you need a 7.62×39. If you don’t own any AK,
but you only have the one. Own one and it needs to be a 7.62×39. Mags are more available. Ammo is more available. It just makes more sense. It is. I love the 5.45, that’s
what I shoot the most. But keep in mind, there’s
only one company right now that’s making US 5.45. And for some reason all
the import went away. You’re gonna be paying
probably a buck around for it. – So guys who want to go into it, it’s a nice gun to shoot. I like it myself. But you’re saying, you know. – It’s your first AK, you’re on a budget. That’s what he’s saying. – Yeah, 7.62×39. You’re gonna find the ammo in most like even big five jerries you know? So it’s a pretty easy round to find. 5.45, not so much so. I mean you can get it regularly. I know we use it all the time. I shoot, you know, quite a lot of it. Believe me. But it’s… – By the way, he’s talking
about that round right there? – Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah, look at that. – It’s sexy, it’s sexy. I like it for a lot of different reasons. – But it’s a flat shooting round and you can actually get pretty
good combat effective hits at six, 700 yards with that round. – But I did have a fan
actually sent me a message saying that they’re trying
to get something like that and they can’t, you
know, they can’t find it and as you said, it’s not in that five, 600 dollar category either. – You’re not gonna get that
kinda gun in that price range. It just cannot be done. I don’t give a hell who you are. Somebody trying to say
they can build a gun in that price range at the quality level? You’re gonna be out of
business really fast. The average gun that’s
coming out on the street, you know, the average
budget gun I would say is probably anywhere from three maybe six hours of labor in it, if that. – [Hank] Okay. – Most of the stuff
we’re doing is 30 hours minimum on each gun. Just because of the fitting and
stuff involved in, you know, the parts selection and things. So that’s why our stuff costs more money. But again, we’re serving
a different market. We’re serving a market
that not everybody needs to spend that kind of money on. You know I’m not gonna
get out here and say, “nah everything else is shit,
you need to buy my gun.” I don’t play that game because I have ethics about what I do. I don’t want to hurt people financially to think that you have to buy my gun because or else you’re not safe. – Also I’m sure you’re a pro-gun guy. – Absolutely. – The thing is, is you know, get a gun, get what you can afford. – All entry levels need to have a gun. – Yes. Don’t let people tell you, you know, if it’s a high point, it’s a high point. You know what I’m saying? Do what you need to do. – If that’s what you
got to defend yourself, that’s what you got. It’s the society we live
in and everybody of all income levels need to have
the second amendment right. No doubt about that. So that’s why I said I try
not to get that, you know, elitist attitude because of
the type of guns we build. I’m proud to service to people we service. There’s been back order for 10 years, there’s obviously a market for it. And you know, I wish more
people could afford what we do but you know, that’s a
personal thing they have to do if they want to do it. – I think it’s important to say too is there’s guys out there like say us, that have bought the cheap stuff, learned, broke some things,
learned, and kept moving on and now we’re at a stage
where we are ready to invest and not even sweat it. Like, that gun cost 15 or $2,000? And we’re comfortable now because we know what the crappy stuff can do and not do. – [Hank] True. – Yeah.
– True. – And there’s a lot to that and we get a lot of customers like that that you know, they went
through a loss or whatever. And said, yeah this thing’s
been serving me well but it’s really kind of
rude and I don’t like this and I’d like something better so. That they’ve learned enough to know that there is a difference. And maybe they just need a
little bit more out of their gun and that WASR is just not
giving them enough anymore. You know so, again it’s
not poo poo and stuff just because it’s less. Because there’s people who need them. But you gotta understand,
if it’s less price, it’s that way for a reason, you know. – [Hank] So is there a guy
who you would say to him, you know what? Don’t even get an AK. ‘Cause I think we were talking about that where there’s people that. (laughs) Jim’s covered up his face. But you know, there’s
people that want an AK and then they want it
to be an AR, you know? – Yeah, yeah. – This thing’s too heavy! – [Hank] What would you say? What would you say to that guy? – Well. You mean cost point of view? – [Hank] Cost point of view
but features, you know, like a guy who’s just talking to you and he’s like, he wants all these features that he gets of an AR and he’s saying. – Yeah, we see the guy that you know, I want this, I want this,
I want this, I want this and it’s only gonna be
like 600 bucks right? Uh, no. It is not gonna be that. I mean, what kind of AR would you expect to get for 600 bucks? – [Hank] Right. – I mean, you’ll get one
that will probably work. – [Hank] Entry level. – Entry level gun. That’s what you’re gonna get. And that’s what you’re gonna
get for 600 bucks with an AK. Is an entry level gun. That’s what I say. Again I’ll repeat, the MAK 90. If you can find one used on the market, they usually run around six or 800 bucks. That’s a middle spec AK
underneath all that stuff. You know, it’s as sexy
and things like that but if you wanna good working gun, it’s the best bang for
your buck right there. And one of the things going
on with price, you know, that I think is that, guys used to be able to
get an AK for 60 bucks or 90 bucks way back when,
I don’t know, in the 50s. – I bought my first one,
I think I paid 150 for it. A good guy price.
– Yeah. – And that was in the early 80s, yeah. – [Hank] In the early 80s? Yeah, so. Is that ever gonna happen again? – No. – Yeah. So for those guys looking
for that price level, forget about it. – Well those were Chinese
made guns back then and Chinese was considered cheap, run of the mill garbage, you know? And if I remember right, I think if you bought them by the palette, the dealer price was like $75 a gun and they were running for around 150 to $200 at that time retail. But those same guns today? Go for 1800 and up.
– Okay. – Because those same guns
are still around working because they were that
good a gun at that time and people just thought they
were cheap pieces of junk because of the price.
– Okay. – You know? – I remember the Polytechs with the spike? – The type 56. – [Jim] Oh those are
heavily collectible now. – I wanted to buy one of those a year ago and the guy at the shop said, oh yeah you can’t get that
for less than 1500 bucks. – [Hank] Wow. – [Jim] That would be the good guy price if you got it that cheap. – It’s even more, yeah. If you guys don’t know, that’s the one with the built in spike– – [Jim] Yeah, the spikers year – [Hank] What’s MixFlip
holding onto here, Jim? Real quick. – [MixFlip] This is his
first real AK by the way. – [Jim] That’s my 74 URD. – [MixFlip] The best AK
ever built right here. – In my opinion, it is my
favorite gun that we had built. We haven’t built a whole lot of ’em because they’re pretty expensive to do. – [Hank] MixFlip doesn’t want to let go. – I don’t. I’ve been holding onto this thing forever. – It’s pretty much a
do all gun for what you for what you would want an AK to do. It’s very small. It’s very accurate. It’s suppressive tuned. – [MixFlip] It’s set up for
what kind of suppressor? – [Jim] That one’s set up for
an Omega suppressor silencer. – Okay. – [Jim] And it works quite well. I run the 30 caliber
Omega in most of my AKs just because it works on everything. Even on the 5.45 guns
that I shoot out here. – Talk on camera about what
we were talking about earlier about the trunnion and the
rivets and all that good stuff because I know new guys
are gonna be saying. When you said something about trunnion, what are you talking about exactly? – [Jim] Well the trunnion is, you actually can’t see it much here. It’s a steel block that fits under this. You can see the rivets here. – [Hank] Okay. – [Jim] The rivets, you
know, rivet that trunnion. There’s three on this side. – [Hank] So is that what
you want to look for? You want to look for these rivets? – [Jim] You want to make sure these rivets are sitting nice and flat. – [Hank] Okay. – [Jim] If there’s gaps underneath there, I mean like in our shop, our
standard for testing this stuff is we take a piece of notebook paper, if you can slide notebook
paper underneath it, it’s no good. – [Hank] Oh, okay, okay. – [Jim] So they need to be tight flushed, perfectly sucked up inside there. Clean inside with all the, you know, the proper pancake size, the whole deal. Or else they’re not acceptable. – [Hank] Okay. – [Jim] If there’s any
gaps then they’re just not holding that stuff. – [Hank] Okay. – The other thing you wanna look for too is the barrel pin size. If that barrel pin is huge. – [Hank] Okay so this is
the barrel pin right here. – [Jim] This right here is just a one size larger than stock. – [Hank] Right. – But if you have a barrel pin that’s like way bigger than that,
that barrel for that gun can probably not be rebarreled again. – Okay because you were explaining that you take out the barrel pin when you’re changing the whole barrel so. – I’m gonna be doing an in depth video on how that works but basically, when an AK barrel wears out, it has to be replaced. And to do that, that
means riding this pin out, placing a new barrel in there and you generally gotta drill this hole a little bit bigger. – [MixFlip] That’ll be
some video to watch, I wanna see this. – [Hank] Yeah. – We’re gonna start probably next week and it’s gonna take a few
weeks to get it all done. – [Hank] So everyone just,
you know, look out for that. What’s your YouTube
channel, just so guys know. – Well, Rifle Dynamics
as a YouTube channel and I have a personal one. We’re not really active on it. Certainly not like you guys are. We’re just too busy doing this, you know? We’re gonna try to be more
active around it but you know, I’m from the pinball generation. (laughs loudly) I’m not very good at that stuff. – That’s gonna take some time. It’s gonna take some time
but it’s gonna be worth it. It’s gonna be worth it. – Here’s another new guy question. Stamp steel versus– – Milton? – Tell the guys about that. – There’s–
– Pros and cons? – Really the biggest difference is, I would say the biggest con is the weight. – Show your guns on camera. – There’s the new MP47. Sharkswell receiver that we’re gonna be retailing here pretty soon. – And we can show this, right?
– Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. There’s been a lot of this stuff. This is John Shark’s personal gun here that we just built for him,
and that is a fine receiver. That is probably one of the nicest made milled receivers I’ve ever seen. It’s made out of tool steel. It’s heat treated to the proper values. It is just so well-made. John’s been working on
this for about two years and he brought it to us
to help him finish it up. You know, the fine details and stuff to make it, you know, like it should be. And we’ve got one more iteration to go. This is one of the prototypes here. And the newer one coming out is probably gonna be the one
that we’re gonna release. I just gotta get one built
up and test it a little bit. We’re gonna get a few
thousand rounds for it. – [Hank] So on the milled
receiver it’s pinned differently, ’cause it looks like, you know– (guys talking over each other) – There’s no trunnions
because the trunnions are part of the steel. – [Hank] Right. – In the case of here, you
know, your barrel presses right into the steel
here, there’s no trunnion. Whereas on the stamped gun
you’ve got a steel trunnion that has to be riveted
into the sheet metal. – [Hank] Yeah, exactly. – [Jim] And the same here
we’ve got a riveted trunnion riveted in back here whereas here, it just has a receptacle
that’s moving an M4 tube. And then right into the steel. – [Hank] Yeah so that’s something that a guy needs to know
when he’s in the store. I mean obviously, telling the
difference between the two. You know, I can see it
because you can tell from how this is basically
one solid monolithic. – Yeah, it is.
– Receiver. [MixFlip] What are you getting
when you go with milled? – I think you’re getting, for one thing, you’re gonna
get a slight improvement in accuracy because there’s
less flex on the gun. This particular gun here
is the only one that’s made to accept an M4 stock, which
is why I was excited about it. Our new PMR line is coming out. There’s a lot of it on the
internet floating around already. – That’s some AR features that
someone who’d wanna look for including like this. (guys talking over each other) – They’re basically getting a little bit more accuracy, right? – They generally tend to be a little bit but of course that’s
all based on the barrel and how well the gun is
put together you know. If you gotta a sloppy headspace
and a worn out barrel, your accuracy ain’t gonna be that good. – [Hank] So it’s not just the stiffness of having a milled receiver? – Yeah you still gotta
be put together right? You still gotta have a good barrel. The milled receiver is gonna be stiffer. You know, I’ve got some high speed videos where you can see that
when these guns fire, the barrels flex about an inch or so and that shockwave travels
all the way through and you’ll see the ripples in the steel. And on these, you don’t get that as much when it hits the receiver
because it’s just, it’s a much more robust piece of steel. – [Hank] But that’s
starting from the barrel. So how does one know that
you’ve got the barrel in there? – Why, from the reputable person. (laughing) – [Hank] You can’t see it. – And it’s hard to tell, man. It really is, you know. Buy from reputable people
and get good shit, you know. So like I said, it doesn’t
necessarily have to be us. There’s a lot of guys out
there who are doing this right. Unfortunately, there’s a
lot of guys that aren’t. You just kinda gotta be really selective. Do your research. That’s why I was glad
you asked me to do this. I put out a few videos like
this and what to look for ’cause I, you know, I really
don’t want people to get hurt. I mean, buy the best gun you can buy for what you can afford. – And my thinking behind it is really that a lot of times in life, we
don’t know what we don’t know. – We don’t even know
what questions to ask. – [Hank] Yeah, so. – What a line to have man. – There’s a lot that I
don’t know I don’t know. You know? Just from listening to you
having this conversation then I’m starting to think about it and I want people out
there to think about it like okay, so how do I
know this barrel is good? And then you’re like okay you research it. Does twist rate have
anything to do with that? – It does. Particularly with 5.45 guns, when you get into the shorter guns, that’s why you don’t see a lot of really really well done 5.45 cranks because the barrels very rarely are
made in the right rifling. The original crank barrel was done in, the rifling was one in 6.3. – [Hank] Okay. – Try to find a barrel rifle like that. It’s pretty hard. Our URD barrel’s one and 6.8. – [Hank] Okay. – Because that’s the
perfect amount of turn to be able to stabilize the bullet out of the 11 inch barrel we use on this. And it’s the same thing, they needed one and 6.3 to
be able to stabilize more on an eight inch barrel
on standard AKS-74U. – [Hank] Okay. – So yeah, that is definitely
like a standard 74 barrel is usually one and 10 maybe one and eight. If you cut that down to eight inches, the bullet’s gonna keyhole. If the rifling is not fast enough. – [Hank] So barrel length also. – Yeah, barrel length in
rifling are important. Particularly with the 5.45. – [Hank] Right. And I think we were talking, so what’s a optimal barrel
length but still short? – This right here. I truly believe this is probably. – He just wants to keep his hands. – [Jim] I’m not whoring
out my stuff here you know. – Not at all, no not at all. – We don’t even build that many of these because they’re so damn expensive to build and their parts are actually hard to find. The crank specific parts
are actually available now and we’re currently
building about 10 of these that are already spoken for. – [MixFlip] He said Travis
Herning has a couple of these. – He actually has two of these. Fucker. (laughs) Sorry. – [Hank] That’s okay. Now we gotta go in there and do some work. – You can bleep me. – Yeah.
– Sorry. – Just one bleep in there. But yeah that’s cool, that’s alright. I might leave it in just for flavor. – No, Travis is a good friend. Travis does a lot of work with us to help develop new
things for these guns and he’s my favorite testing round. He’s got my VMR. We’re gonna be testing
that out with him next week to see how well it shoots. – It’s a good thing. I think people appreciate what he does. – Oh yeah, Travis and I have
a lot of the same mindset about trying to get people the best they can for their money. If you’ve ever taken one of his classes or trained with him or even
watched him in his videos, it’s pretty evident.
– Yeah. – Man is just intelligent
as shit, you know? – [Hank] So now what else
do we need to look for? I mean, if you’ve got another question? – We’ve covered barrel lengths. We’ve covered rifle. We’ve covered the trunnions, the rivets. – The most overall thing if
you’re looking at workmanship, look for straightness of the gun. Okay. Look down the gun from the
top and from the bottom. One of the biggest
problems you’re gonna have that really knot your parable if these trunnions get riveted in crooked, that’s gonna make your barrel crooked or your stock crooked.
– I see. – And you get a lot of the problem. – [Hank] So you’re going
to lose accuracy out of it. – A lot times you’ll see
a side fist canted on a budget gun, a lot of times they’re canted because the barrel is either bent or the trunnion is riveted crooked, they cant to side so it’ll
be able to shoot straight. It’s true. That’s what they do. – So that’s something to look out for. – It is. – Good for canted size
as well and trunnions. it’s kind of hard to tell
but you just look down and you can kinda see. – [Jim] Yeah, you kinda eye up from the. – I guess it would be this way huh? – [Jim] You can do it that
way too, however you want. Obviously check the chamber. Then you look before you
look down the barrel. But you should see this, your gas block, your front sight, your rear sight tower, all those should be in the same sight. – Don’t be afraid to do
that, you know what I mean? Because here’s one of the things that I find that I happens to
people buying guns, you know. They go into the store or
the gun show or whatever and they’re always afraid to do something. And I think what you just saw
MixFlip do is a cool thing. That safety check. But don’t be afraid to
look down there, I mean. ‘Cause people think, oh my god you know, and then I’ll wind up. – I just broke a golden rule. – Yeah, I’ll be on Facebook. You know. That’s a better deal
than wasting your money. – Make sure you’re getting something good. Do what you gotta do. – [Hank] Absolutely. Yeah.
– I mean. I look at barrels– it’s funny in our shop here, we don’t have a rule for it. You know, the four rules of gun safety? You know you’re not supposed
to cover anybody with your gun. You can get six right people
and you’re working on the gun, it’s impossible to get anything done without covering somebody.
– Yeah. – You know so, we could cover it with
muzzles all day long. It’s no problem for me
to look down a barrel. (laughs) I know that sounds crazy
but it’s the truth. – [Hank] Be safe doing it
because you know, obviously, things could happen but make sure you do it because you’re saying to make sure that gun’s straight, right? – Yup.
– People have given me crap about that on my video
too, when we go to SHOT Show. Oh, you’re at SHOT Show,
you just muzzled somebody. I mean have you been to SHOT Show? – [Hank] Everybody’s getting
muzzled by everybody. – That’s why they don’t allow firing pins in the guns at SHOT Show. I mean, they have to be disabled
or taken out or something. So that can’t happen. – [Hank] So now, what features
should be look for in a gun if you’re gonna get an AK, what are important
features to have on that AK if you’re gonna you know? – If you’re new to the AK, buy a stock of gun as you can. And just learn how the gun works as it is. ‘Cause there’s a lot of decent
aftermarket parts out there, that if you’re handy with the screwdriver or some hand tools, you can
change the stuff yourself. You know, if you like different stocks, different furniture, that kind of stuff, there’s a lot you can do on your own. But I always recommend
people learn the gun as it is with iron sights. I mean of course I believe
in that with any rifle. Learn how to shoot a gun with iron sights and in just bare bone fashion before you start messing with it and trying to make it better. – [Hank] Right. – How can you make it better if you don’t know how good it is already? – [Hank] Yeah, true. – Do you know what I mean?
– True, true. – Especially if you’re new to the gun. Learn the basic gun first. – [Hank] Okay. – Buy a good basic gun. And you can always add to it, change it, whatever you wanna do
later on down the road. Or at least you’ll have
decent gun to work with and figure out what else you want later, if that gun is not worth upgrading. – Or you’ll have some kind of value that you could, you know, wind up trading, getting something else. Now do you, is it a good or bad idea? I try to look for something
that has the side mount. So I’ll just run in there and show them (guys talking over each other) – This kinds of plays
into this other question for you that might be good. What is a feature that
you can’t live without, honestly, on an AK? – In my opinion, reliability. That’s what people buy them for. If it doesn’t go bang when
you press the trigger, it ain’t worth fucking owning. Sorry, I did it again. – [Hank] That’s alright. – [MixFlip] Let’s say beyond reliability. Like a bolt-on feature that
you can’t live without. Is there anything that you
really can’t live without? – I think a sight
modification is a big deal. – [MixFlip] For us older guys. – Yup, yeah. I mean, that became adamant. That became evident to
me right off the bat. Most people that ever
picked up an AK knows that the rear sight is actually very narrow. And then it’s very hard to see it. Plus it’s pretty far away from your eye. Most people are used to
having an aperture up close and sort of centering everything. AK doesn’t work that way. It’s more like a pistol sight. What we’ve done over
the years is we opened, I don’t have one laying here but we widened the notch and
then we radius the corners. It just makes it way
more pleasing to the eye and you pick up the sights a lot quicker. – [MixFlip] I can’t live without
my UltiMAK and a red dot. – UltiMAK is a yeah,
that would be the next. – [MixFlip] Not his one though. – Yeah that’s not an UltiMAK. That’s the new SLR rails
we’re TnEing right now. I like them but we’re not ready to, we haven’t run an aim
point on one of those yet. It’s a nice looking part, we’re pretty happy with them so far. But the yeah, an UltiMAK is definitely. – Go ahead then. – [MixFlip] Somebody loves you. – Sorry, forgot to turn my ringer off. – [Hank] No that’s okay. – The UltiMAK is definitely
a good choice for an AK because you can carry a,
like what you see here. I’m able to run a red dot, a swing mount, and white light on there as well. – [MixFlip] Is that an UltiMAK on there? – Yeah, that’s the standard UltiMAK. – [MixFlip] So for those
of you guys out there that don’t know what we’re talking about, this is a rail that you
could put on the gas tube. – It replaces the gas tube. In this case, this is a
standard full sized one. And you see you got enough
room to get an aim point, I’ve got my sling mount
attachment here from IWC. – [MixFlip] What is this? – It’s just a QED mount. – [MixFlip] Okay, I got ya. (men speaking over each other) – But yeah, the UltiMAK, it gets you all the stuff
you would really need, white lights and a red dot. – [MixFlip] I need illuminate
the target and aim on it. – That work right there, that’ll get 90% of the work you’re ever going to have to do, done. – [MixFlip] What about folders? I know a lot of new guys out there like “oh, this is cool looking!” What’s your opinion on that? – Yeah if you’re running
in a car, they’re nice. That’s about the only thing
I find them useful for. – [MixFlip] Because they
flex like hell don’t they? – Yeah, they’re not a very good stock. It’s also, you’re going to be doing this to be able to see the sights. You got to get used to shooting, let’s put it that way. – [MixFlip] If you’re
going to get a folder, you might as well get that kind of folder? – These are probably the best folders you can find right here, they’re solid as a rock. – So here’s something
that I would like to know. Just give us a check list. Somewhere in the video I’ll
edit all this stuff in. As a guy goes into that store, a basic check list of what
he needs to have in his mind. Or if he’s buying it from
a buddy or at a gun show, or whatever, what does he need to know? What does he need to look
at and think about on an AK? – Run the action, see how smooth it is. Some of them will hang up, some of them are better than others okay? If it’s really smooth that
says a lot right there. The most important thing
is look down the gun and make sure everything is straight. The stock is straight, it’s not
canted this way or this way. That the barrel is not
canted one way or another. Look at your sight blocks, make sure they’re not
canted one way or another. Your gas block, your rear sight tower. This is a crank, so it
doesn’t have the same things. Those are the biggest things right there. Generally getting a good straight gun that’s going to shoot straight is your biggest clue right there, and then testing it, put
a lot of ammo through it to see how reliable it’s
going be after that. – Okay, so yeah. So once you make that purchase, make sure you actually
put some ammo through it and see what’s going on with it. – Particularly if you’re
counting on the gun for self-defense, get out and
shoot at least 1000 rounds through it to make sure that
gun is not going to fail when you need it to. If it goes 1000 rounds
without a lot of hiccups or problems then you probably got a gun that you can count on. Remember if they’re build to cut corners, they have a limited life span. How much you’ll get out of it depends on the individual
thing that you buy, who made it, what parts they used. But things are cheaper for
a reason, we all know that. That’s kind of how it works, and you just gotta deal with that. So make sure the gun is straight, check if the action feels good, and everything just looks
really clean on the gun. – [Hank] And just to recap, I
think what you were saying is does it really matter, do
you have brand preferences? I think people will probably
want me to ask you that. Yeah, Rifle Dynamics. (guys laughing) – Of course, so other than that, if people aren’t doing Rifle Dynamics, is it just how much it costs? Because I think you said 1,000 bucks. Does that mean 1,000
bucks is automatically giving you a good gun? – Well not really, I mean you still got to look and see, I mean there’s people who build shit and charge 1,000 bucks. But generally in that price point, like an Arsenal,
something along that line, you’re getting into a gun
that’s pretty dependable. You may want something
a little bit different, and that may cost you money to do it. At least at that price
point you’re getting a gun that’s a factory made gun that’s going to work for
you when you need it work. It may not have everything exactly like you want it, like a custom
gun or something like that. But it’s a cheaper gun. – Okay, very cool. – I think you should mention too that face that you were talking about guys can come to you and build an AK, it’s going to cost you
a little bit of money. – Our build classes
are a bit cheaper then. They build their own gun
and leave with your own gun. It’s build under our supervision. – I’d like to do it myself, sounds like an excellent idea. – No problem. We don’t have any more on the schedule, we’re probably going
to have one or two more before the end of the year, we clear our schedule out for
the second half of the year because we have a lot of
in house training going on, for private stuff. We will have another
build class, maybe two, before the end of the year this year. A lot of people are
jumping on the bandwagon and doing them now. So I figure we’ll lay back and let people find out if there’s a difference. – [MixFlip] If I’m going
to have somebody teach me how to build an AK, and
I’m in the Las Vegas area, this is the place to go right here. – Even if you’re not
in the Las Vegas area, bring your butt to the Las
Vegas area to get it done. – Folks you’ve been watching Hank Strange, Jim Fuller here telling you
to like and share his channel, you guys are good stuff! (electronic music) Is that cool? – That’s absolutely cool. (electronic music)

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