Best 2013 Quietest Cars

Best 2013 Quietest Cars

Whistling wind, a loud engine and noisy roads
can add up to quite a bit of cabin noise in a vehicle. If you like it to be serene and
quiet behind the wheel then you don’t want to miss iSeeCars’ list of Best 2013 Quietest
Cars. In no particular order, we start this list
with the 2013 Nissan Altima. Consumer Reports says the Altima is relatively quiet inside,
with well-contained wind and road noise. The redesigned 2013 Honda Accord is noticeably
quieter than previous years partially due to two active noise-cancellation systems and
better aerodynamics. The 2013 Chevy Malibu also makes the list
of Best 2013 Quietest Cars. Edmunds says: “Even lesser-equipped Malibu’s enjoy an abundance
of sound deadening, soft-touch materials, high-quality switchgear and an attractive
appearance.” The Chrysler 300 is a premium rear wheel drive
car that feels like a luxury car, without the price tag. Among its attributes is a quiet
interior. The Lexus ES350 has made our list of quietest
cars in years past, and the 2013 model is no exception. Consumer reports says, “Quietness
is a high point. The cabin is pleasantly hushed; road texture and ambient noise is effectively
isolated, and wind noise is kept at bay.” This list is among many great articles, tips
and advice on iSeeCars, an all-in-one car site focused on helping consumers find new
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  1. That Honda Accord is like driving in a tractor on a train track! Being on this list just negates the integrity of this ranking.

  2. I am a wheel expert and those wheels appear to be 22s the way they fill up the wheel well and the overall height of the car leads me to believe this as well. Please comment

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