Best 3 Tips for California Used Car Dealers by far (updated for 2019)

Best 3 Tips for California Used Car Dealers by far (updated for 2019)

Hey everybody, how are you? This is Mike Mira car dealer bond, and I just wanted to put out some content We had taken over some surveys and we had looked at a bunch of different bunch Of different studies over the last week really done some research and there’s three things that came up that I thought that would be very valuable to a bunch of our sales guys, our car dealers or used car dealers out there and this goes across America this is not just in California. It’s not just in New York. It’s not just in Florida down by Tony Swedberg It’s not just in in Atlanta by By Gerard Farley, it’s not just in Southern California by platinum rose. I mean, there’s a real This is gonna work in every jurisdiction This is for you Let’s see this in the first one the first one that came up was About being a Salesman this is they kind of equated this to an old-time Radio disc jockey or the old-time commercial, but hey, yeah, we’re yellow How’s it going? The second you get to that the second somebody pulls up? When you’re a little too aggressive And you’re probably getting this totally already by your managers if you’re a little too aggressive if you’re a little too salesman Like it’s going to at this point in 2018 It’s really starting to rub people the wrong way because they’ve almost been programmed to hate the commercial we’ve almost been programmed to be very cognizant area where of marketing that’s been thrown at them because for so long The marketing that people have paid that companies have been paid to throw at people It’s been Thrown at them to sort of deceive them from scene or from from at the end of all the pill commercials About all the different side effects that are gonna kill you from taking this thing that you’re supposed to take away a headache and People have become aware to it comedians have made thousands of jokes about I mean at this point, it’s really you know people are sort of at a saturation point with some of this so Being a little bit too over-the-top with the salesman ship Cadence I think was is if I could really put my finger on what it was. It’s more of a cadence that they were that they’re associating with this with The other thing is that it seems like people are very responsive to questions The more questions they seem to be asked the more Interested it seems like you are in them. So if you’re asking 10 15 20 questions, you might be thinking that you’re over burdening them with the question now Obviously, I’m not talking about as dumb questions the same different way. I’m not talking about asking about the cat Obviously you want to connect with them, but once you’ve connected with them You’ve got to start to triangulate exactly what it is that they’re looking for You’ve got to now figure out how to profile and which gets me right into that Third thing is ask those questions But you’re really trying to profile not the person because every single one of these is different, right? But you’re trying to profile that transaction. What exactly are they looking for in this transaction? Is it that they need a low-cost? Fuel-efficient vehicle something safe and sturdy something dependable Do they just need something cheap is the bottom line just the numbers Right is the bottom line just that they look good You know who I’m talking about to is the where? Get down to and sometimes they’re not gonna exactly tell you what it is the first five front questions You know, it might not be crystal clear exactly what it is It’s most important to them and they might be telling you one thing but really at the end of the day They might be telling you about how nice this car has to be or they want this or they want bling or they want this but at the end of the day If the most important thing you finally figure out is they can’t afford more than 200 bucks a month That’s your parameter now, it’s not the bling because if the bling is gonna cost some 300 bucks a month Well, it’s not in the fray. It’s not it’s not there so in other words Again, asking them all the questions really gets them to understand and get the picture that you care about what they want right and Through that process you’re gonna triangulate exactly on what type of transaction needs to be made in order for that sale not to get to your Competitor now you might lose a sale because the person ever buys a car you might you lose You score sale because it goes to new car and you’re only used car You might lose the sale because instead of buying a car. They bought a motorcycle and you’ll sell motorcycles But the point is is you don’t want to lose them because Where you might lose them because you don’t have the right car and you can’t get the right car But if you’ve got the right car You need to be able to triangulate exactly what it is that they need So that you can help kind of deliver that to them So new sales guys if some of you guys kind of ER out there and kind of losing sight of that because it’s super easy to lose sight of Their needs when you’re paying attention at yours. I know that your needs are the bottom line. You need to pay bills you need To keep everybody’s you know payroll to keep happening. I get all that you need the reconditioning costs auction fees all that stuff a DMV wants their money the board of equalizations, you know, obviously You got a resell permit for reason because they want to track your taxes and every single one of you know like all of that I get but from the perspective of your buyer what exactly do they want and Each one of them. Maybe you might have to have a slightly different tactic. Guess what the transaction might be the exact same The transaction might be a hundred and fifty dollar or two hundred dollar vehicle It might still be between this year and this year no more than this mileage, right? It might still have those same parameters, but guess what the way to package that now? is different for the 46 year old single mother and Maybe the the 19 year old first-time Buyer, that’s just getting out of just going into college Your tactic for selling that might have to be slightly different Your packaging might have to be slightly different Right chances are they’re interested in a different vehicle. But if they’re not even if it’s the exact same vehicle everything’s the same You might have to slightly pack and now imagine that you’ve got a 65 year old Grandmother who is buying this for their granddaughter Again, same exact transaction as maybe the grandson that that would have been purchased for but you might have to sell That two different ways keep that in mind too. Anyway, those are the things that came back through some research that we did and some Surveys that we took down below if you guys have any questions if you guys want to see more content on any of this stuff and By all means put it out there. You guys can email me directly Mike at your car dealer bond Mike at your car dealer bond Comm and then our website is actually Cal – surety dot-com Cal – surety com What else social media again will be down below smash that like button Smash that like button if you actually appreciate it any of the content here subscribe if you want to and by all means I Get out there and and go out there and make beautiful business Wish you guys all the best. This is Mikey record dealer bond. We’re getting out of us Just for rounding right out of summer kids are back into school. You guys are getting back in the swing of things I wish you guys all the best till from now until the end of the year Thanks a bunch. Again. This is Mike from your car dealer bond. I couldn’t appreciate more if you guys just share this with a friend share the content and And if you don’t mind if you actually liked it Hit that like button. Thanks again. You guys take care and all the best

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