Best Accessories for DJI Mavic Air!

Today we’re looking at some of the best accessories for the DJI Mavic air We went out and tested over 10 of the most useful accessories such as travel cases starting at $10 and D filters to make your 4k footage even more amazing and one that turns your drone into a handheld Stabilizer you can find links for each in the description below Be sure to stick around until the end for a giveaway of the best accessories in this video as you know The Mavic air comes in a great little case already But if you’re looking for one for the remote this one from hermit shell is only 10 bucks We also like the fact that with this case you can keep the joysticks on the remote while keeping them Protected if you’re looking for other cases for the Mavic air Be sure to watch our other video where we review a bunch of other travel cases moving along Here’s a cheap and useful one to have for your on the go and car charger This car charger by f-stop Labs is only 18 dollars on Amazon Whereas the one from DJI is 50 bucks It will charge a battery and your remote in around 40 to 60 minutes If you’re looking for a way to recharge your Mavic air remote Multiple batteries and your phone all at the same time This multi charger by f-stop lasts is forty four dollars on Amazon It offers more than the charging hub from DJI But the only downside is that it’s pretty big and heavy to carry on the go taking a look at accessories to help you fly First up. We have a landing pad from f-stop labs for only 14 bucks It’s very useful when taking off and landing in spots like sand snow or other bad conditions we also like that the landing pad is collapsible and easily fits in a carrying case for travel this tablet holder by f-stop Labs for 16 bucks will allow you to hold an iPad on top of your remote This allows you to fly with a bigger screen while keeping the remote comfortable in your hands next up We have ND filters and polarisers by both polar Pro and f-stop flaps ND filters are basically like sunglasses for your camera helping reduce glare and increasing color saturation These will help your footage in bright sunlight conditions From polar Pro the cinema series retail for $79.99 But our excellent quality we produce some of the best footage we have ever seen from the Mavic air using the polar Pro filters We compare them to the filters from f-stop lapse which are cheaper starting at $20 Here’s a comparison of the two from similar shots Here’s also some footage we got while flying near a lighthouse in Maine with our Mavic air and the polar Pro nd eight filter Another accessory from polar Pro is the katana mount for 50 bucks This turns your Mavic air into a handheld stabilizer Allowing you to get super smooth footage using the gimbal of the drone You can get super stable shots while walking running or even riding shots on a skateboard This is especially useful since using your drone for both flying footage and on the ground makes filming and editing even easier Alright, that’s it. For now. We’re giving away these accessories all you need to do to enter is make sure to subscribe to our Channel and leave a comment below telling us what kind of Videos, you’ll make with these accessories and why you want to win?

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