Best Car Wash Techniques and Tips – Detailing a Used Car – Chemical Guys

Best Car Wash Techniques and Tips – Detailing a Used Car – Chemical Guys

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  1. Congratulations Jenn ! my first car was a Red Honda Prelude 1985 and it was a straight drive and my dad taught me a long time ago how to drive was a straight drive that all we had back in the day at my house. The key is finding the friction point between the clutch and accelerator and with it being a newer car it will be a little more forgiving and remember neutral is your friend in a crunch especially when it come to braking before coming to a stop. Good luck !

  2. Don’t ever be afraid to stall. It’s perfectly normal. Once you get out of first gear it’s pretty easy. Always make sure you press the clutch down all the way. The great thing is about manual cars besides being able to control your rpms which can get you more power out of your car and help increase your gas mileage is also being able to downshift instead of braking. Less wear and tear on your rotors and pads which means more money in your pocket. But before learning to downshift I would just throw the shift nob into neutral and using the break since you’re a beginner and just trying to get the hang of it. Give it about a month or two and it’ll be second nature. Good luck 🙂

  3. From the music to the lighting, and the instructions, spot on CG. Let's have more videos that add character to it like this one!

  4. Sort of hard to learn on a four-cylinder specially forSomething that makes power above 4000 RPM but on the upside Honda cars have always had a good feeling transmission, usually too bad I didn’t know you were looking for one I have a buddy I know selling a CR but it’s black ,super dialed in!

  5. Cute girl in a cute car and will know how to drive a manual really soon……….what more would a guy want. 😘

  6. Jenn, for your first couple of days learning, I would rent a manual transmission car. Let that take the brunt of the learning curve (grinding gears/stalling)…this way, no scars on the S2000. Don't worry, once it becomes second nature, you'll never want to drive an automatic again!

    That red fits you…I can just picture red heels to go with it!

    Best of luck with it,
    "Mad" Wax Rockatansky

  7. the wheel cleaning process was hard to watch. although those look like hard wheels to clean, those tools didn't help with the face of the wheels and between the lug nuts. it would have been faster using a black colored wash mitt dedicated for wheels only, it adds a lot more lubricant, and hits more surface area. i used to use their "Body & Wheel Flagged Tip Short Handle Brush" but found the wash mitt / lug nut brush was a lot faster.

  8. Jen Jen Jen I'm so glad you didn't get a Tesla or else I  would throw away all my CG products. LOL  My 1st manual car was a 2004 S2000 bright yellow.  I loved that car.  Had so much fun but had to eventually sell it.  You will love this car.  There is a hack that you can make to drive the car and have the convertible come down.  Another S2000 did mind at the time.  Please make a series on the detail of this car cause it does have a lot swirls and scratches.  The only advice I can say is learn where the bite mark is and focus on that.  There are plenty of videos that can help you but have Nick teach you.

  9. Best way I think to learn to drive hardest part is taking off. When you have the clutch pushed in in first gear just really slowly let the clutch out not all the way out and find the spot where it starts grabbing or moving and keep the clutch there and than slowly go with the gas and let the clutch out all the way it’s hard to explain. Mainly find that spot where it starts to grab and go and slowly go you’ll learn everyone started at the same spot so don’t feel bad I give you a lot of props for asking people and telling them you didn’t know how to drive manual don’t feel embarrassed at all. Another thing is it might sound stupid but when your at home sitting watching tv just practice with your hands and feet. There’s probably some videos here on YouTube to teach you to . Good luck and congrats on the new car very nice 👍

  10. Also to add to my comment most newer cars you can let the clutch out very slowly and don’t have to give it gas and it will keep moving

  11. I taught my gf how to drive manual! Most important when learning is the teacher being patient. Also, she learned quickly by riding the clutch a bit until it gains enough speed to let go of the clutch. Keep practicing!

  12. Every time i see that red car behind is never even detailed.. it's always hanging on that machine and i am sure its manual drive 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Yeah manual is easy, start by engaging the clutch then put it into first gear, now that it's in first hold your foot ALL the way down on the throttle and dump the clutch really quick, now on the speedo's you'll see a redline, that's your shift point, so once you hit the redline press the clutch down again WITHOUT lettering go of the throttle and engage 2nd. EASY!

  14. Congratulations on your S2ooo Jen I Have a 2004 S2K love it I have a silver one and her name is Silver rocket 🚀 just keep practicing on the manual you’ll get it so you can drive that beautiful car 😊

  15. Yall linked everything but the actual pressure washer lmao. Can I get the brand and specs of the washer? Thickest foam I've seen come from an electric pressure washer

  16. I just want to say, the amount of guys only watching this video for the girl is frightening. Some compliments aren't even for the video just how good the girl looks 😂. However, I think you definitely know what you're talking about. I would like to see more brushes used in the video though. Maybe a tough bristle brush and degreaser to strip away old tire shine and a soft bristle brush for the outside of the rims, I noticed they didn't get as much TLC as the inside. But all in all, you know your content. Great video!

  17. I have two questions: 1. Why do you guys always put water first and add soap last and blast it? 2. Isn’t dish soap do the same thing as clean slate since you always say “do not use dish soap because it will strip the protection coating”?.

  18. 1st of all…..
    Happy new car to you jen 😃😃😃
    2nd of all, once you get the hang of a stick shift your be drifting the S2000 in no time. Have fun with your car 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  19. If you are learning to drive a manual transmission. Try to learn in an empty flat and level parking lot, that way you don't have to fight gravity and a rolling vehicle while learning a clutch. Have someone with experience with you while you do it. Also the best kind of vehicle to learn to use a clutch in are jeeps or trucks with four wheel drive and have a high/ low speed transfer case. Putting the transfer case in low will help you get started easier as well as keep your speed lower while practicing shifting. The other advantage to the trucks/jeeps is the engines tend to produce torque at lower RPMs and make getting it going easier. Unfortunately if your little Honda has the DOHC VTEC engine in it, it may be a little tougher to learn in because it doesn't have tons of low end torque. It won't take long to learn though.

  20. Right on choosing a manual, I always make time to teach my cousins or friends to drive a manual especially out here in the desert and the mountains. Plus its a must to wash my trucks and car all the time due to weather and wind. Honeydew soap and two bucket method does them all.

  21. Id really like to know how "dirty" a car needs to get before it goes from "just wipe it down with a microfiber and detail spray" to it needs to be washed. My car is garage kept and not a daily, after a couple drives ill have that layer of dust and dirt, but its not horrible. To me not even close to breaking out the foam canon and pressure washer. but im not sure if its too much for the synthetic detail spray and the Premium micro fiber towels. I also have the happy ending towels.

  22. Tip number 1 have enough money for new tires. #2 when in doubt gas it & peep out. #3 never doubt your self, just peel out every time ha.

  23. Tip: know where your hazard light button is located, you will probably have to use it if you keep stalling on the road.

  24. My current car was my first manual, 600 rwhp supercharged Mustang. Test drive was pretty bad, but determination and practice and you’ll be fine. Take it very slow, learn your clutch and your car as a whole and you’ll be driving smoothly in a couple weeks! Don’t be scared just drive it!

  25. I’m learning how to drive manual rn
    Tip 1: big empty parking lot
    Tip 2: get used to ppl honking when you stall but stay calm and don’t rush too much

  26. The way I learned was in a parking lot and just keep trying the start and stop. Once you get that down you can get the gears. Also do you feet to pedal pressure

  27. Hey chemguys and hi Jenn wow it’s been a little bit since we have seen you and I love you new ride. Wish I could learn how to drive manual I will soon I tried last summer and it went badly and it kind of detoured me a little bit but I’ll try again. Anyways great video I can’t wait to see ya do some more detailing videos to your car. You and my buddy nick are the best ones to listen to. I enjoy you guys a lot and I am learning a lot keep it up guys and see ya on the next one.

    P.S Jenn your detail game is on point you might be able to take a nick on for number one in the shop lol.

    Sincerely your number on fan,


  28. Always take E brake off .
    When starting your car put it in neutral to engage clutch.
    When shifting push down on clutch and find next gear 2. Some start out on 2 but not recommend. 1&N is usually the same. Good luck Jenn

  29. What I did was I sat in the cry while it wasn't on and practice the clutch and gas then as I got comfortable I shifted the gears (while the car is still off) then I went to a big parking lot… Before you know it you'll be shifting like a race car driver… I miss driving a manual

  30. The hardest thing to learn on a Manuel car is getting it out of first gear practice by releasing the clutch slowly and seeing where the clutch engages when it starts to move slowly forward but give it a lil bit of gas. Your left foot will get in the habit of where that sweet spot is where the clutch engages and you will be off and driving hope that helps you.

  31. Feather the gas while slowly letting out the clutch, feel the car about to stall push the clutch in start again. But it’s all about playing with the gas as the clutch lets out. E-Brake come rescue me if needed lolol

  32. Watch someone drive a stick for a while (pay close attention) then just try yourself. That's how I learned

  33. Tip is keep trying. It’ll hurt your heart to stall but that’s motivation to get better. Hit a little bit of gas and let a little clutch out until you feel it grab

  34. And just drive it always remember coming to a complete stop always in first. I learned on a hill or i would get cracks from my pops.

  35. have someone take you to a flat empty parking lot. The hardest part is knowing how to engage the clutch in first gear. So hold the clutch in and put it in first gear… Then slowly ease up on the clutch until you feel it catch and just let the car move forward on its own power. Once you can smoothly catch the clutch under idle, stop and press the clutch in again and repeat. Its ok if you kill the car just press in the clutch and start the car again. Do this several times until you can smoothly get the car moving. Then you can try with the gas peddle. From there its smooth release of the clutch into second gear and so forth. I figure after about an hour you should get the feel where the clutch catches and the power of the engine to get it moving. You got this!

  36. The best way to learn to drive manual involves learning the shift pattern first, with the engine off. Sit in a chair and practice keeping your left hand on an imaginary wheel and with your right-hand shifting through your forward gears. Make sure you practice shifting into neutral then into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. When you get into your highest, reverse the order and shift down through the gears. It crucial you VIVIDLY IMAGINE driving your manual successfully.

    Next, incorporate heel/toe movements with your gear shifting. to practice engaging the clutch with each shift. You want to build muscle memory coordination in your gear shifting WITHOUT the trauma of missing shifts in your car. Move your practice to your car with the engine OFF. Again it is very important to vividly imagine you are driving and successfully operating the transmission clutch and gears.

  37. i learned to drive stick by my dad parking it in the middle of a long long steep hill. he tried to explain what to do and after several fails and rolling back to the bottom and killing it several times i finally got it! everytime i failed my dad would put it back in the middle for me and allowed it to idle and run for a few min to let the battery charge back up. took probably a solid hour to get proficient at pulling up the hill. but after that i legit drove it into town and got gas. after learning the hill i instinctively knew how to shift after gaining speed. the shifting part is easy anyone can do it. taking off is the hard part. so putting yourself in the absolute worst possible scenario taking off on a steep hill everything else comes easy. after that i daily drove the car for years and still to this day. hope this helps

  38. Congratulations on finding such a clean and original S2000! Once you've got the clutch and gears down, you're definitely going to have a blast! Looking forward to updates on bringing the car back to show room condition.

  39. I get the whole teaching you how to wash your car but what's the purpose of trying to not get dirty while doing It? the wheels for example she's like what's seems 2-3 feet away REALLY reaching out there. Get in there and clean it right. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Aaahhh I see what happened she hates doing wheels.

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