Best Cars for First-Time Drivers

Best Cars for First-Time Drivers

first time drivers often dream of sleek fast sports car but really that’s one of the worst decisions you can make whether you’re the owner to be your bank that’s apparent you drivers really need something to safe reliable and won’t leave you penniless try these 2017 models on for size first off is the toyota yaris I am nimble sedan with a lot of tech features for its starting price below 17 thousand dollars that’s excellent crash-test ratings and a standard low-speed collision warning system with automatic braking to boot now there’s value next up is the Chevrolet Sonic which drives like a bigger car than it is the multimedia display offers apple carplay and android auto smartphone integration which teen drivers will love and hate parents both systems basically take over your phone which reduces the potential for junior to text and drive then there’s the honda fit hatchback and related hrv crossover both are small but useful runabout with exceptional versatility well-equipped base models to start below twenty thousand dollars in the same vein are the mazda3 and Mazda cx-3 the master three remains one of the more fun to drive options while the cx-3 that comfortable crossover with an affordable all-wheel drive option finally the nissan sentra delivers rock-solid sub twenty-thousand-dollar value and a lot of room while the toyota prius c hybrid will keep a lid on the gas bill so you can save for college instead or blow it all on video games and concert tickets

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  1. Man what a list lol.

    No Subaru Impreza? Brand new model just came out, super safe, standard AWD *and* good MPG, android auto/Apple car play standard, but that somehow didn't make the cut?

    No mention of Hyundai's incredible warranty, not to mention the Elantra is a decent car in its own right again with Android auto/Car Play, and very affordable.

    I could go on but who made this list lol

  2. And what you think all first time buyers can afford 2017 model cars? GOD i wish i had rich parents as you

  3. The Toyota Yaris iA (formely Scion iA) is targeted to young drivers. It has Toyota's safety sense package and modern tech that young people would like. It is cheaper than the Corolla, so it's affordable. The Yaris iA is very similar to the Mazda 3

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