BEST Drift Cars For All Budgets

BEST Drift Cars For All Budgets

Is all about style execution and a wise man once told me it’s the figure-skating of motorsports vehicles just Effortlessly sliding around turns in a controlled pitch that make you recount angles who learned in geometry That is until you hit something static There’s no way they just I don’t know if that’s gonna buff out but we all kind of have to start somewhere and to drift You need to start with the right car and luck to you This video is gonna cover five fantastic options that aren’t a Silvia from the budget-minded drifter that wants to spend less than five K to the drift car hero that’s looking to Drop 20-plus racks on a car to demolish tires in the most entertaining way possible. This video has a little something for everyone so just sit back and relax as we slide into the Least-expensive whip you can easily pitch sideways and then we’ll finish up with one of the most expensive and beautiful drift cars that you can buy Now one of the cheapest ways to get into drifting believe it or not is a used BMW 3-series Yeah, you can snag an e36 for well south of 5k I mean this generation of BMW 3 Series is an instantly capable drift car The key is finding one with a six-cylinder engine and a five-speed manual transmission Because it not only provides you with more power to kick out the rear end, but that inline-6 sounds of cohost And with nearly 50/50 weight distribution The chassis is just as predictable in a slide as it is in a straight line and to get it drift ready All you got to do is weld the diff and take care of a few weak points like rear shock mounts and refresh the plastic cooling system in you’re looking at a fun cheap drift So you say you got 5k burning a hole in your pocket and you want to get sideways, huh well The answer is simple The Nissan 350z is a tried-and-true platform ready to deliver a performance of a lifetime This bargain drifter makes exotic sounds from its 3.5 liter naturally aspirated v6 Plus the manual transmission Is actually pretty worry-free which you know is a huge plus when you’re pushing the car hard and stock these cars already slide well But by adding a few tweaks to the suspension this thing will be sliding Easier than messages into a cute girls DM which will be fantastic ease of sliding the 350z of course because that’s all you can control and with a ton of aftermarket support this drifting machine will grow With you as your skills continue to progress The ultimate classic aka the Toyota ae86 is the ideal option If you’re looking to spend around 10 grand pushing out 130 horsepower on a good day It might seem like it’s down on power, which you’d probably be right, but don’t let that fool you because it’s known for being lightweight Extremely possible and requires total commitment at speed to execute the perfect slide Which when done correctly can be extremely rewarding yeah, this car might be the oldest on the list But with the right driver, it’ll do circles around everyone else literally The second Nissan on the list the r32 GTS T is one of the best cars to drift Period they have the power the brakes in great suspension to go sideways and throw clouds of smoke Plus, it’s the baby brother of the legendary all-wheel-drive R32 GTR know what I’m saying? So just like me It has good DNA and a few tweaks like weight reduction and suspension upgrades will drastically increase the performance of this Proven platform plus with the turbo. These things can be tuned to insane numbers making it even easier to kick out the rear end So, let’s see. It looks fantastic. It has a crazy pedigree and it’s an insane value name a better drift car for the price So if you’re looking to drop over 20k and have one of the coolest drift cars at any event The FDR x7 is hard to beat. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, the rotary engine can be just as high maintenance as your buddies ex-girlfriends But properly tuned these small displacement high revving engines are a perfect complement to pitching the car sideways Plus, it looks better than pretty much anything else out there, especially with the right wheels I mean the rx-7 is totally modifiable and completely unreliable But who cares when you’re sideways and one of the most beautiful cars ever made? She is a thing of beauty Now remember ideal fam there’s an ideal drift car out there for every single budget unfortunately Drifting is an extremely expensive hobby So if you want a daily driver that you won’t lose any money on go check out this video or if you want to see What YouTube recommends you watch next click here, and if you haven’t joined the ideal fam yet, please subscribe But either way you can’t lose and as always keep living that ideal lifestyle

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  2. What about the rx8 ?
    Cheap. Stiff chassis and under 3 most of the time. Yes unreliable is a problem, can always take care of it or swap the na 13b out for something else.

  3. Be careful trusting this guys information. He says the 350 has a
    worry free transmission. Couldn’t think of a more false statement. I’ve had multiple z’s and all have had transmission problems (syncro issues). I would recommend spending more time researching your facts instead of making lame jokes. Unsubscribed.

  4. 5th e36 bmw's
    4th 350z
    3rd ae86
    2nd gts-t r32 skyline
    1st fd rx7
    Is his list for those that dont want to wait or watch thank me latter

  5. fc rx7 /rx8 would be better drift cars than fd's. e36 bmw's are trash for drifting need to much work to get them dialed in, a z3/z4 or 135i would be better. And this guy left out the 240sx/siliva which is more iconic of a drift car than anything on this list aside from the ae86

  6. I freakin love it when u talk about BMW’s because I own one rn and it’s an e36 haha. I broke the axle drifting it😂

  7. Ford Mustang SN95 GT because if a Mustang can run over crowds, it has no problem drifting. ChrisFix has a 98 Mustang GT and uses it as a drift car.

  8. Why does everyone keep mentioning the FD and not the FC the FCis just as good might lack a bit but just as good as the and yet no one really seems mention it

  9. ummmm there may just be a couple 2nd gen RX7s out there screaming for vengeance. I am just saying that there are a few of those low mile gems out there. There might be a few that are auto that need some converting but many of those autos are turbos and with a couple ecu flashes and an easy 5 speed swap they are beasts. I also hate to admit you forgot about my Lexus clique..all my IS bros and SC bros, sleepin on some mofos bruh. Oh yeah, all my Miatas out there driftin they balls off…especially my bro Carey with his Coyote swapped ghetto Cobra as he calls it. Yeah man, you are sleepin on quite a few slippery rwd gems out there. Trucks too, some Rangers and 'Yotas out there gettin sideways too. Dang bruh

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