Best Electric Cars 2019 (and the ones to avoid) – Top 10s | What Car?

Best Electric Cars 2019 (and the ones to avoid) – Top 10s | What Car?

The electric revolution is here! Yes for many
years electric cars have been too expensive and simply haven’t had long enough ranges
to work for people as everyday cars. Well, this is the year where everything changes
– and in this video we’re going to tell you, if you are looking to go for an electric
car, which ones are the very best (and worst) on sale. If that wasn’t enough – we can reveal exactly
how far they will go in the real-world, thanks to our Real Range testing, which you can read
more about by clicking on this link in the top right corner. And if you do want to buy an electric car,
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never miss another. So let’s start the countdown of our top
10 best electric cars on sale right now with 10th place and the Hyundai Ioniq. The thing to remember about the Toyota Prius-beating
Ioniq is that there are three different versions you can buy. You can get it as a conventional
hybrid model, a plug-in hybrid, and as full EV. The electric version in 10th place on
our list has a real-world range of 117 miles, and feels quick around town, but the ride
is unsettled at low speeds. The interior is good quality, and if you go for Premium trim
– which is the one we recommend – then you get sat-nav and heated front seats as standard.
But, even though there are plenty of great things about it, the reason it’s propping
up the bottom of our list is that all versions of it are a bit pricey and cheaper rivals
have longer ranges. Even though it’s six-years old now, it still
looks incredibly futuristic outside plus its smart interior makes the i3 one of the most
appealing electric cars on sale today. Its groundbreaking use of super-light carbonfibre
and aluminium offset the weight of the heavy battery pack that’s mounted beneath its
floor, and a recent facelift means it’s better to drive than ever. The latest changes to the i3 are so new that
we haven’t yet put it through our Real Range test just yet – but BMW reckons that it’ll
manage around 160 miles on a full charge in real-world conditions. Yes, in eighth place the Tesla Model X. Tesla
is possibly the most talked-about name in the electric car world, and for good reason.
This all-electric SUV is to many the dream combination, offering both luxury and the
green credentials. It has low running costs and a practical interior – which includes
those not-so practical Falcon Wing doors – and no matter which version you choose there’s
an incredible amount of pace on offer AND it’s got one of the most impressive real-world
electric ranges. But, it’s eye-wateringly expensive – much more so than even the i3
and Ioniq – and while it is luxurious in some ways, parts of the interior do feel a little
low-rent. Cars like the i3 and Model X are purpose-built
electric cars. But this e-Golf is based on – you guessed it – the conventional Golf hatchback.
That’s no bad thing, because it means it has all the good points of the regular Golf
– so it’s brilliant to drive and relatively spacious inside – BUT it has much cheaper
running costs. It’s not all good news though. It’s let down a bit by its mediocre real-world
range, which is no better than the Ioniq’s. But in all other areas, the e-Golf is very
impressive. The Renault Zoe was one of the first mass-market
electric cars and set out to prove that zero-emissions motoring could be both practical and cheap.
Well, seven years after its launch, the latest version of the Zoe continues to impress. Its main strength is that it feels like a
conventional, nippy small car, and just happens to cost pennies to run. The electric motor
has enough oomph for the Zoe to lead the charge away from traffic lights, and the interior
has room for four – but not five – to sit in reasonable comfort. Even the boot is pretty
big compared to many regular small cars. And as for it’s range, well it’ll go further
than all its key rivals mentioned so far – apart from the much more expensive Model X. You
can either lease the Zoe’s battery on a monthly basis, or buy the whole car outright
– we’d recommend leasing the battery to keep upfront costs down, and if you do then
it’s one of the most recommendable, and affordable, electric cars around. At number 5 it’s another Tesla. This time,
the Model S saloon. It’s quiet, comfortable, rapid, and massively desirable. Along with
staggering performance you get an impressive real-world range, too. Why is it higher up
the list than the Model X? Well, it’s cheaper for one thing, and has a longer range. The
Model S is still really practical inside, too, with massive amounts of storage on offer
in both of its boots, plus loads of room for you and your passengers. If you’ve got a
big budget and want some serious EV thrills, this is right up there with the best. But
why isn’t it the best? Well, because of these four cars… The first-generation Nissan Leaf became one
of the best-selling electric cars of all time. Now in its second-generation, this car is
even better all-round than the original model. It’s faster, more sophisticated to drive,
bigger inside and – probably most important of all – it’s capable of much longer distances
between charges. It also offers punchy performance, lots of standard safety equipment and a decent-sized
boot. Sure, expensive electric cars like Teslas
can do plenty of miles on a full charge – but what about the more mainstream electric cars?
Surely they can’t manage such big distances? Well this is a car that completely blows that
thinking out of the water. The Hyundai Kona Electric is available in two forms – a 39kWh
version and a 64kWh version. Pick the bigger battery and it’ll manage a whopping 259
miles of range in real-world driving conditions between charging. Even the smaller battery
can do 158 miles. Add in the fact that the Kona is much cheaper than the likes of the
Tesla Model S and still has great acceleration – and it’s no surprise that we rate it as
one of the best electric cars you can buy. At number two, Jaguar’s first all-electric
car – the I-Pace SUV. If your budget stretches up to the high-end of the electric car market
– then there’s nothing better than the Jaguar. What makes it better than a Tesla? Well, it’s
just as entertaining to drive, still very practical, AND, we’ve proved it can go even
further than a Model S or Model X on a full charge in real-world conditions. Plus it’s
a fair bit cheaper than them as well and has a more upmarket interior. As a first effort
in the electric car market, this is a hugely impressive car. So, the Kia e-Niro. But why is it the best electric car?
Well, it offers one of the most impressive electric ranges, matching the much more expensive
I-Pace. And it’s only the Kona Electric that goes a tiny bit further on a full charge,
but the e-Niro is a better all-round car. Indeed, compared to its immediate price rivals,
the e-Niro offers better performance, is more spacious, and more comfortable, plus it has
a decent infotainment system and comes brilliantly well equipped. The e-Niro isn’t just a fantastic
electric car – it’s a great car, full stop. But, although these 10 electric cars are brilliant
examples of how far EVs have come – not every electric car is recommendable. The Smart ForTwo
EQ might seem relatively cheap to buy, but it has a very disappointing electric range
from a full charge. You can get a Zoe for similar money which has far more space and
more than double the range. Then there’s the Volkswagen e-Up. It should
be good – after all it’s based on the excellent petrol-powered Up, but with a high list price
and comparatively tiny electric range it simply isn’t a sensible buy. So there you have it – the best and worst
electric cars you can buy right now. Head to for our extended reviews on
all of the cars mentioned and don’t forget to check out the New Car Buying section when
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About the Author: Michael Flood


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    Actually a very fair Top 10 except for the Jaguar; I drove it and I really liked it but it is definitely behind Kona

    Furthermore, I-Pace is no way cheaper than a model X (comparing same equipment, I-Pace price builds up quickly) and it is not going to take you further.

    E-niro is a fair first place considering Model 3 WAS not available.

  3. The commenters appear to be very lazy. Try reading the About section for this channel. What Car is a UK company assisting UK buyers. When the video was made the Tesla 3 was not available to the UK market. The list is correct at time of publication.

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    It would piss me off endlessly someone actively spreading falsehoods about the brand is trying to get advantages by adding their referral code and I would not give up the quest to stop the POS who added his referral code.

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    If they made an ICE car with the same technology as a Tesla (minus the batteries) I'd be all over it. By tech, I'm referring to the nice big screen, self driving, all the sensors and cameras and jazz.

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  17. This video was published in February – but more electric cars have gone on sale in the UK since then. See our updated list here:

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    Guess what? The i8 also burns down when it feels sad!

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    In Australia range requirements are vastly different. A range of 400 to 500 would be a minimum. No one stops at 100km for a break. That's only an hour. 400km and break for tea and recharge, would be about average.
    You don't mention range extenders which would lower car prices and satisfy travelers and holidayers.

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  41. 117 miles from the ioniq what have you been doing driving up a mountain into a head wind, I easily get 140 miles on a full charge at 5.5 miles per kwh over the last 2 years and paid 24,000 new

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