Best First Cars To Own

Best First Cars To Own

– Best first cars to own. No, unfortunately, it’s not
gonna be all the cool cars. Unfortunately, it’s not gonna
be a Lamborghini Huracan. It’s not gonna be a Porsche. It’s not gonna be a Ferrari 458 because as much as we want to
just go buy a salvage vehicle and repair it for a
million views on YouTube, most of us don’t really
want- couldn’t want, probably shouldn’t do that, right? So we’re here to talk about cars that you should probably actually buy as one of your first cars
or favorite cars to own if you’re looking for
like a modification-esque, fun platform, maybe you don’t got a million bucks, but maybe you wanna spend
some time in the garage havin’ a little bit of
fun with, you know, a car that’s going to tolerate
you treating it incorrectly, and is gonna tolerate the
wrong things that you do to it because at the end of the day, it’s a car that can just handle it because it was built to handle it. And that’s what we’re gonna
be talking about today. So, I’m Alex, Alex that
I find the grand of ’em. Today’s episode, we’re
going to be talking about the best first cars to own,
if you’re looking to modify a new platform. So don’t forget to subscribe and if you’re lookin’ for
wheels, tires, suspensions by the time you get done with this video because you’re looking to, I don’t know, pick up wheels, tires, suspensions you could just check out Anyway let’s get into it. So let’s get into number 1. Now, I know it’s gonna be a little bit of a weird one for you but I
would one of the first cars that you could probably go
into would be Cobalt SS. The old Cobalt SS can come turbocharged, supercharged, it has
plenty of torque steer, it’s fun to play with. It’s actually quite a bit
of performance modifications behind the ol’ (smacks lips) bonnet and of course, there actually
is a community behind the platform as well. The cars aren’t inherently
that expensive to own and they’re even better when
it comes on to modifying them because they’re not that expensive to actually do things to. The fact that they come
with force induction is actually a really cool
benefit to the car itself because it is a small car
that can actually tolerate quite a bit. If you guys are looking for a
car you can kinda beat around and have a little bit of fun, a Cobalt SS is going to do it just fine. Number 2 on the list is obviously one that I would never forget because it is the platform
in which decimates all except not in chronological
order in this episode which would be a Mazda Miata. Mazda Miata are the like-
they’re like the frosted flakes of the car scene. You can never go wrong with
a bowl of frosted flakes. And you can never go
wrong with a Mazda Miata. They do great in pretty much any scenario at any point in time, for anything at all. If you have to put 4 people in a car, guess what? Miata will try it’s best. Okay? It’s gonna try. But at
least it’s trying, right? You can pretty find the
cars with no oil in them, and they’re gonna be just fine. You can turbocharge them,
you can supercharge them, you can LS swap them, you
can pretty much do anything you want to the LSD, you
can throw a 100 shot Nitrous in the back and only have
it open up under full watt. Not saying that I’ve done,
but we have owned a vehicle that has done that. Uh, and
it’s just a great platform that NA NB NC ND platforms are
all great in their own merit depending on how much
money you want to spend. Now, of course, the NAs feature
a little bit of a tax going on right now, but the NBs
actually are pretty good steal right now. And with the larger motor, they
actually perform quite well. It’s a great learning platform
for people that don’t really understand a lot about cars,
because a Mazda Miata platform is so forgiving it allows you to learn, and it allows you to do a lot
of great stuff with the car. And really and truly enjoy driving it. Moving forward with 8th Gen Honda Civic SI because the dang things run forever. They’re literally incapable of dying they’re impossible to kill they’re like the Terminator,
except the whole movie series just ever seems to end. The 8 Gen Honda Civic is pretty much that. They run forever. They’re easy to modify. They’re Honda 2, which I
know people have a tendency to give a little bit
of a hard time towards, but there’s a reason
they have the platform and the community that they do. If you’re looking for a
community that has pretty much everything you could possibly imagine the Honda Civic platform
is gonna be the one. Not only that, but the 8 Gen’s
actually look very very good. And over time, I’ve actually said that You know, they don’t look
that bad. And I think they’re pretty much well dated. And I don’t think they’re
gonna get any more well, let’s just say, like
early 2000s-ish styling. The Honda Civic platform,
of course as well, has a lot of great potential
for performance modifications and aesthetic modifications,
if that’s kind of your thing. Moving forward onto number
4 would be the Acura RSX. Now the Acura RSX was back
in my time probably one of the most popular cars that
you could end up purchasing. It was like a luxury Integra. It was like the car that you bought. It came with 200 horsepower.
It came with all the goodies that you could possibly imagine. And everybody want to
make it look a type R. And they just, did it so
well. The back end is raised. It’s got the nice little wing on the back. The front end looks
super angry. It has like, that V-nose. It’s got
the aggressive headlights and it just overall works. And it’s especially a
great car for somebody that wants to be able to modify something like the Honda Civic but in a little bit of a different fashion because the Integra is a higher platform. It’s like the nicer version. It’s the luxury version, if you will. And with that being said,
you can make it look just a little bit better in my opinion than some of your 8th Gen Civic. Back in the day, I used
to see those things run on drag strips all day long, then get daily driving back home. They have a tendency to never blow up and never break. And what more could you want out of a car that you’re trying to
modify for the first time or at least trying to own
and beat up a little bit? Because guess what, guys? If you’re looking to
pick up one of these cars it’s more than likely going
to be your primary car. And the Integra does make
a very great platform for being your only car. But if you’re going into a
car just for the sole fact of making sure you can
that use it all the time, maybe you have to go do what’s it called? Um Get (exhales) Get groceries. Maybe sometimes you have to do the thing, what is it called? Where you’re like, you
have to go Home Depot and you have to buy yard supplies. Sometimes you end up
actually working in your car, and you need a place to
actually put your drive shaft. It’d be nice if you had four doors. Which is why a lot of times,
people end up picking up a Subaru Forester. It’s about the closest thing
you can get to the best of both worlds, out of the Subaru platform. And the Forester does look
extremely, extremely good, when its done in whatever
way you want it be done. It looks great as a show vehicle. It looks great as a function vehicle. It looks great as a daily
driver and it looks great as a just like a car
that you can just get in with your friends and just cruise around, go get your self some T-Bell 5 buck boxes or maybe just, you know,
take it around for a cruise. The Forester has some limitations in terms of some of its engine potential just because that’s the way it is, but that’s not gonna actually
hinder the fact of owning one of these cars and how
much fun they actually are. A lot of the parts can be
interchangeable with some mere OE Subaru Impreza parts
which can allow you to either lower it to more of a car style or you can actually raise it
and throw it into some like safari RS off road style things. But the Forester has a little
bit of a bro-tex going on right now, so you have
to find the right one, if you’re looking to pick one up. But, they’re kind of uncommon and they can be super well
done if the right person picks them up. So if you want something
to kinda make a statement while also being a daily drivable vehicle, but you want the 4 doors
to fit your friends, I said 4 doors, for more friends, okay? Stop it. Then the Subaru Forester is
probably the car for you. Moving into the Volkswagen Jetta GLI. Now the GLI is super
easy to make look good. The European Volkswagen
scene is incredibly big. The cars and the parts
that you can get for them are incredibly affordable. And for the most part,
the scene is actually not that bad to people that have never actually worked on the cars before. There one of the few cars
especially coming out of the gate from like the OE factory
that don’t look terrible and they still look like a
fun little enthusiastic-er car that you can buy and even
their entry level new models aren’t exactly the priciest
thing in the world. The fact that there are a
million of them out there in the world means that a
million people have done things to them, which also means
there’s a million things of information on them. So odds of you making a
bad purchase are pretty low because there’s gonna be a
lot text and tips out there for how to maintain your Jetta GLI. Now, the Volkswagen Jetta
GLI is a common build then a lot of people have
done the car in the past. But that’s not to say you
can’t give it your shot and at least daily drive it
while you’re not enjoying you know, the turbsky sounds
or maybe you did break it, now you’re sad ’cause
you ended up breaking it. But the Volkswagen GLI does
handle a little bit of tolerance to people kind of having a tendency to beat it up a little bit. But you gotta nice to it. At least with the maintenance. That is one of the cars where its great, as long as the maintenance is done. And if it’s not done, you’re
gonna wanna just maybe- You’re just gonna wanna
maybe go to the gas station, because you’ve got space. You’re gonna wanna go to the gas station go to the liquor store, you’re gonna wanna find
yourself a nice little bottle of like, hopefully not cheap anything. Its just gonna make you
feel better. I promise. Next up, we have the 350Z and the G35. Now they’re pretty much the same car. Now I know some people
are gonna get mad at that They’re not actually
identical in every way but they are very similar platforms and they’re going to behave very similar depending on what you
want to get out of them But take your pick on the styling and you’ve got a very very good car. Now the VQ motors do get
a little bit of flack for their exhaust note,
but as a car itself, the 350Z’s look extremely well. In fact they did the wide
hip thing, back before wide hips were inherently cool. And you can fit some pretty
large wheels and tires in the back without having
to go for a wide body or anything like that. The same thing could be said for the G35 depending on if that it more your look. It’s a little bit more of a luxury kind of vehicle counterpart. And it doesn’t look half bad. If you just do a nice VIP
look on the Infinity G35 or if you do a nice little
clean setup for the show for the 35Z, you’re gonna
be pretty well set up to enjoy the car and have
it look good for the ‘gram or maybe just for you. But there’s nothing wrong with that. The biggest thing that you
have to remember though is both platforms are going
to be rear wheel drive. Or at least the ones we’re talking about. Now, the 350Zs gonna be
generally a little bit cheaper and the G35’s gonna be a little bit harder to get parts on that’s gonna
save you a buck or two. So, we naturally lean towards the 350Z, just because of the platform and the community that’s behind it. And that’s a ton of fun. You have to get over the fact though that there is little bit of styling issues and aging that’s gone on with the 350Z. So you have to do a few things to your headlights, taillights,
maybe some side skirts to bring it up to par. Wheels, tires, mandatory on the platform. Known because they end
up coming topped right from the factory. Just a tip, great car if
you’re looking to get something that’s gonna feel sporty,
a little bit bigger than a Mazda Miata. Little bit more
powerful than a Mazda Miata. But still allows you to
go with a little more of a showy setup. And last but certainly not least is a car that not a lot
of people anticipate but is one that we have a
tendency to absolutely love. The Fiesta ST. Now the Fiesta boys we’ve
talked about in the past but they’re like, their own breed. Everybody talks about
having a Ford Focus ST and then they pick up a Fiesta
and then they get the Fiesta and they talk about how incredible it is and its like they’ve
never owned a Focus before in their entire life. They’ve recently become
extremely affordable. They come with recaros,
they’re a ton of fun, they’re auto-cross beasts. They’re pretty much a
street legal go cart. They are a Mazda Miata on steroids if you can get into the hot hatch game. They’re not inherently
a very mean car, though so you have to decide if
that’s kind of your thing. Fiestas though, at the end of the day is probably one of the
best cars you can buy if you’re looking to have a
true automotive fun in a car right next to that Mazda Miata right next to some of those 350z platforms or if you just like the
big old smokey burnouts like the Ford Mustangs. But the Fiesta ST have
become recently affordable a`nd because they’re newer,
you get a couple of the goodies that some of the other cars
on the list just don’t get. One of the biggest
things with the Fiesta ST is of course watch out for
those maintenance items and making sure that the
person before didn’t beat it up as much as you’re about to beat it up. And they do go around all year round. We’ve got the rain coming back in. Absolutely fantastic time. So let us know what car you
think is one of the best bang for your bucks and of course, if you just picked up one of these cars or if you just picked up car in general and looking for after market
wheels, tires, suspension hit up because we pretty much got it all. If you’re looking to win
a free set of coil-overs, we got a description link below for you to pick up a t-shirt. And of course, I’m Alex
from Fitment Industries and if you haven’t done any of that at least subscribe so we can
keep making awesome videos like this. We will see you later. Peace.

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  1. What do you think would be the best first car to own? Comment below! Also are you Looking for that chance to win a set of BC RACING coilovers? Check out how to enter here!

  2. First car is a Honda Accord 2001 and she runs beautifully as a stock car, cant wait to modify her a bit. FWD is such a lovely experience.

  3. I personally would replace the Acura rsx for a 3rd gen tl. for a little bit more money, you get alot more power. if they are manuals you get massive 4 piston front brakes. just as reliable. great cars.

  4. Where's the rx 7? I mean, I get that it got the rotary engine and is rear wheeled but like the amount of mods you could REALLY do…

  5. 2002-2005 Lexus IS300 are great!
    4 doors, rear wheel drive, sporty looks, good aftermarket scene, Toyota’s reliability, and it comes with a 2JZ (sadly is national aspirated)

  6. The cars you said that werent the best at the start were already at the back of the line so idrc all i want is a gtr r35 spec v

  7. Some of these would have expensive insurance for example the 350z. 2 door sports car….. not very cheap. Good video though🙂

  8. I’m 13 but I’m working hard and I’ve gathered 4,000 $ by time I’m 16 i want to have a Nissan 350z and I’m gonna modify the shits out of it , drop it a lil bit of camber rims wheels LEDs etc🤯

  9. One car he didn’t mention is a Mazda Rx8 but be AWARE they do require a lot of care (oil and heating up) also it’s not your original piston engine it has a rotary engine that are super easy to fix so you have to be able to learn how to pre mix to keep something you call apex seals in good shape so they don’t blow

  10. Old Volvo 945 or v70 perfect for first car the 945 is super easy to mode, engine swap to a ls and practical. V70 also easy to mode and practical the best part is they just drinking 23 mpg

  11. I’m about to purchase my first car is a g35 terrible on gas? I’m not gonna have a whole lot of money to spend on that lol

  12. Gays, It's unbelievable how they do it. 0-300 ACCELERATION

  13. US has it lucky, here in England the only first cars you can insure are Clios, polos, puntos and corsas. I pay 1800 a year for a 1.2 clio, theft

  14. I think a well sorted e36 is a great first car. Cheap to buy, great aftermarket support, and reasonable insurance if you get a non-M car. Just paid 3k for my 328i sedan, 35 bucks a month for insurance. Has four doors, a 5 speed, and rwd. If you find one that's been taken care of, it will take care of you. Great way to learn maintenance at an early age as well, plenty of diy's for most common fixes and maintenance for these cars.

  15. I'm 15 and ive been saving up for a porsche boxter, at the moment I have enough for the car but as I become 16 I need money for the license lessons.

  16. Some of the tires on this video on some of those cars look like a big girl wearing high heels. 🙄 It doesn't work out…..get some tires that fit comfortably. 🤣🤣

  17. My parents wont let me get a miata because they think it's the most unsafe vehicle, and I have a death wish to buy one.

  18. If I have a Fiesta SE, am I still able to mod it in such a way that I can still have fun with it? Most of the people I talk to tell me the model I have isn't "made" for modifications like the ST is, so to swap car if I really want to change aspects of it, without ruining it.

  19. one of my friends has 3 cars and is 15: G wagon, Tesla model X and a Huracan. yeah im envious af.

  20. Well my First Car was a Mazda 323f hatchback from 1999 an it served me about 9 jears from 2010 Up to 3 Werks ago where it endet Up in an terrible parking Lot exident…. It broke my Heart.
    If you can Pik Up one. Do it. Old Mazda engines are nearly indestruktebel, a Manuel Transmission 323F Sporty now cost Like 3500€.

    All Love drin Germany to you 😁

  21. My first car was a 95 mustang. Let me tell you, I made a lot of mistakes, like a lot. There is a page on face book for roasting my car. I've learned tho and that's what matters. Not a good first car for sure. Good cars I've owned gs300, volvo 244dl, toyota celica, fiero, and a integra all good handling cars in snow.

  22. I got a brand new 2017 Lancer EX GT as my first car. And nope not planning to mod it cause to me the thing already looks perfect (I laugh at people putting EvoX bodykits on their Lancer EXs, still cool 👍). I really enjoy the way it drives though. Attacking roundabouts and turns like a maniac. Plus it's good on gas (my driving gives me about 40 mpg from it).

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