Best Front Wheel Drive Cars Ever | The Bestest

Best Front Wheel Drive Cars Ever | The Bestest

– [Tony Balde] If you
live in a crowded city, or you enjoy listening to drum
and bass with a side of tea, or you’re on a budget, front-wheel drive cars are
designed specifically for you. They have become icons of
the younger generation, and hold a special place
in everyone’s heart, even if you hate them. (turntable scratching music) This week, I’m covering the bestest front-wheel drive cars ever made. The City II Turbo is a super-light, super-compact, amazingly
stylish front-wheel drive car that came with its own foldable motorcycle that neatly tucks away in its trunk. The concept was created for crowded cities like Tokyo, which have
premium rates on parking. So people could park as
close as possible to work, then ride the 50cc Motocompo
the rest of the way. The Honda City was an ’80s hot hatch icon, and not just because of the sweet little motorcycle in the trunk,
but because of an innovative upright seating position
that created more legroom. The City was targeted at tall young men because of all the legroom. But the City II Turbo- – [Commercial Announcer] Turbo II – [Tony Balde] did not
care how tall you were. Because it was fast. It was an early product of
world-famous tuning house and race car constructor Mugen. Mugen was founded by Soichiro Honda’s son- – [Man] Hirotoshi – That introduced a turbo for the car that more than doubled the horsepower. To match the power, the City II turbo got a wider track and a wide body made by Pininfarina, the same guys that design Italian supercars. The Bulldog, as it was nicknamed, went on to have its own racing league, and is an early example of a
car that was designed and sold as a lifestyle product for
the younger generation. With a car this good
coming in at number 10, you better believe this entire
list is gonna be really good. (turntable scratching music) One front-wheel drive car you may not have known is real good is the Cobalt SS/TC
coming in at number nine. A highly underrated car that set a front-wheel
drive Nurburgring lap record at eight minutes, twenty
two seconds in 2008. GM’s performance division
sorted out the Cobalt to maximize its
competitiveness on the track. They swapped out the
supercharger for a turbo, giving it 260 horesepower, and
a zero to 60 in 5.7 seconds, and it can hit 160 miles an hour. That’s thanks to a taller gear ratio. But on the track like the Nurb, more power is not the only thing you need, and like most Nurburgring
record holders of any category, its suspension was specifically
developed to handle the hilly, bumpy, and
twisty nature of the course. Which resulted in a suspension that can mitigate afflictions
like torque steer, while still being soft enough
to daily drive on the street. The Cobalt SS/TC also comes
with big Brembo brakes, the ability to shift gears
without lifting the throttle, launch control, and a five-disc
anthology of Linkin Park. (turntable scratching music) Get ready for this oddball:
the 1970 Cadillac El Dorado. The El Dorado got its power
from an insanely large, 500 cubic inch, 8.2 liter V8, the largest V8 ever put
in a production car. And trust me, it needed it. When you think of front-wheel drive, you think of tiny, two doors, small engine, partying teenager. But this colossus weighed
in at nearly 5,000 pounds, and measured in at over 18 feet long. My dad’s deep-sea fishing
boat wasn’t even that long. No joke, I’m not quite sure
who this thing was built for. All I know is that he or she probably drinks King Cobra
out of a champagne glass. The engine was good for 400 horsepower, and rocketed the El Dorado
to zero to 60 in 7.6 seconds. A theoretical top speed
of 126 mile per hour while driving a horizontal skyscraper is not only impressive,
it’s downright dangerous. I don’t even think a brick wall would stand a chance against this thing. It had an enormous
sunroof, comfy-ass seats, and like most Cadillacs, it
completely ignored speed bumps. Honestly, I want an El Dorado now, and I also want platform
shoes with fish inside to go along with it. (turntable scratching music) The Clio RS 182 Trophy,
coming in at number seven, was one of the greatest
hot hatches ever made. The Clio itself is the world’s all-time bestselling French vehicle. And this second generation Clio was a limited performance
edition that outshined the rest. All 550 production units
came in one color option, Capsicum red, and they were
initially only sold in the UK. Priced at 15,500 Euros, it was a serious bargain for performance. Renault Sport hooked this car up with some serious performance upgrades. Remote reservoir dampers
is a suspension component that is more commonly used on racecars, and is about 10 times more expensive than standard struts
offered on a base model. That means this lightweight hatchback is absolutely planted through the turns. And the 16 valve, two liter engine got the Renault Sport treatment as well, giving it 182 horsepower that some claim can give it a 0 to 60 time of six seconds. It’s one of the last
lightweight hatchbacks that is so hyper, it
can turn drum and bass into sensual R&B. – Respect. (turntable scratching music) – This next car literally changed the automotive landscape forever, and it’s the OG of all front-wheel drive cars. The Mini MK1 influenced hundreds of economy cars that followed with its transverse-mounted engine. Sure, other cars did it before,
but the Mini actually sold, proving that mounting the engine sideways to power the front wheels could work. It gained serious popularity
after being featured in one of the most popular
car chases of all time: the original Italian Job. The movie showed how versatile
the Mini is for city driving, and sales went through the roof. You can learn more about this movie by watching my “Best 60s
Car Chase” video later on. Anyways, it’s possible that
without the Mini Cooper, I might not be talking about
any of the cars on this list. Besides influencing car design, and being perfect for crowded cities, the Mini was also a great driver’s car, winning countless road races and rallies. With a short wheel base and
a low center of gravity, the Mini had god-like maneuverability and wasn’t afraid to take on
cars with way more horsepower. The classic Mini design was so good, they didn’t stop building
it until the year 2000, selling over five and a half million Minis over the course of its life. It’s the ultimate underdog, and it’s more than deserving
to be on this list. (turntable scratching music) Do you want something that’s loud, Italian and allegedly gets you babes, but you can’t afford a supercar? Well then the Fiat 500 Abarth is one of the cutest little
cars you can buy today. But don’t confuse cuteness for weakness, because once you turn the key, it becomes unmistakably badass. The Abarth might be one of the best-sounding cars on the road today, and that’s because it
doesn’t have a muffler. That’s right, the turbo
cuts down so much noise that Fiat didn’t bother
making the car any quieter. That’s the secret to its
awesome exhaust note. Besides the heavenly exhaust note, the Fiat is actually super fun to drive. I mean, it’s practically the same size as the OG Mini Cooper. It’s not the most powerful car around, but the exhaust note alone will make you feel like
Giancarlo Fisichella when you’re bombing around downtown. Plus, if you want more
power, it’s highly tuneable. It can become a serious little beast. The reason this car is so special is while everyone else in the industry is making their classic
front-wheel drive cars much bigger, Fiat went against the grain
and stuck to their roots, leaving the 500 to be a tiny
little city-ripper we all love. (turntable scratching music) Megane RS has always been
the go-to when talking high-performance hatchbacks
in the European Market. The first two generations
were highly praised, each setting their own new lap
records on the Nurburgring. And right when it seemed like
it couldn’t get any better, Renault released this third
generation of Megane RS. And yes, it too set its own
record around the Green Hell before the Civic Type R showed up. But if you ever partake
in the Touristenfahrten, which is the last couple
of hours of the Nurburgring opens up its gates to anyone and everyone who wants to drive it,
you’ll be completely swarmed by these cars flying all over the track. With a smaller, more
potent 1.8 liter turbo, and a whole bunch of
technical suspension upgrades, it’s a serious driver’s car. On top of that sheer
performance, I think this car is the best-looking one on the list. Even considering the god-like
presence of the El Dorado. But we can’t buy the
Megane RS in the U.S., so it’s disqualified
from winning anything. (turntable scratching music) The Civic Type R is the holy grail of front-wheel drive cars here in the U.S. because for the longest
time, we never got it. It took 20 years, but the
Civic Type R finally landed on American shores last year,
and it’s a show-stopper. Currently the fastest
front-wheel drive car around the Nurburgring, which means it’s the
fastest car you can drive around any town with shitty roads. To be totally honest, the
car makes a major impression when rolling up to boba shops. But to me, it’s a little
bit all over the place. It’s super edgy, and therefore cool, but you can spot it from a mile away. Sort of like one of us Americans walking around any foreign country. And if you look at one
of these things up close, there’s a lot of fake venting that sort of breaks my heart a little bit. But, that doesn’t stop the Type R from being an amazing
hatchback that is also one of the quickest out there. It’s currently the most hyped-up front-wheel drive on the planet, and I don’t believe it should overshadow the next two cars on this list. (turntable scratching music) The Golf GTI Mark 1 is without a doubt one of the biggest hot
hatch icons ever made. But the new 2016 GTI Club Sport
is a serious track weapon. Created as a response to the latest front-wheel drive Nurburgring record, it was so close to taking the title. No longer can VW’s two liter engine carry the nickname, “2.slow.” With a boost function that
accesses a 10% increase in power when the pedal hits the metal, it’s only 10 horsepower shy of 300. With a brand-new aerodynamic body kit that creates downforce where
there was previously lift, and an option for semi-slick tires, this thing comes straight from the factory ready to embarrass any of
your friends at any track day. And because of the Golf’s
rich history for being one of the most popular hatchbacks
for all auto enthusiasts, you’ll get the highest honors in the world wide gang of devers. Making this one of the most lusted-after front-wheel drive hatchbacks ever made. (turntable scratching music) The Integra Type R is said
by many, including Pumphrey, to be the best front-wheel
drive car ever made. – [Pumphrey] It was the
best, front-wheel drive, naturally-aspirated car of all time. – And after receiving an
anonymous death threat- – (yells loudly) – from Pumphrey for trying to
place it lower on the list, I had to reconsider why it
deserves to be number one. After some deep thoughts in the shower, I finally figured out why Integra fans are so out-of-control
passionate about this car. Sometimes, it’s not about being
the fastest car ever made. It’s about creating an all-around fantastic driving experience. Accura did not cut any corners
when developing this car. There isn’t anything on it that takes away from its
pure driving experience. It doesn’t have AC, or
cruise control, or a sunroof, or even a rear wiper. Accura even stitch-welded the chassis so that it doesn’t flex under stress. And the shape of the car
is beautifully simplistic. It’s sort of like the
Japanese road car version of the iconically-shaped
Lotus 56 Indy car. Like I said, I was having some really deep thoughts about this. But the Type R’s crown
jewel is it’s B18C5. Which, simply put, is one of
the best motors ever made. Each one was hand-built by
Honda’s engine builders, and they had a red line of 8300 RPM. It was one of the highest-revving motors you could buy at the time,
and it blew everyone’s mind. Just like most of the cars on this list, they are hard to find. Because it’s such a fun car to drive, people rarely sell them, and when they do, they ask the big bucks, and deservedly so, because
it’s one of the greatest front-wheel drive cars of all time. Well, that’s my list, and
I’m forced to stick to it. Let me know your favorite
front-wheel drive cars. Here’s a little secret: my favorite car isn’t even on this list. That’s because it was the
very first car I owned, the Corrado VR6. If you want to learn more about it, check out this other video
I made on the tuner cars you can buy for under $10K. Be sure to check out some of our merch at , go ahead and add me on IG, @secretskillz , and I’ll see you next week.

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  2. These are great cars…we need to talk about two cars that get very little praise…the Dodge SRT4 and the mighty Speed 3. 1st Gen neons still hold the record for winningest car in SCCA history. Road and track did a blerb on it saying that it was banned… because it was too fast.

  3. fake vents are just potential, when they are placed in areas that actually have space behind them. Do you want fog-lights, or a forced induction kit, you have fake vents, with nothing behind them, vs trying to figure out where to move your airbox…

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    Renualt Clio williams
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    Lotus Elan
    Citroen 2CV
    Peogeot 306 RALLYE
    Citroen DS
    Saab 900 Turbo
    Mazda Mazdaspeed 3
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  5. You have wrong data, honda held nurburgring record until megane came along and beat it. honda 7.43, megane 7.40

  6. Can we for once make a list of great things without "honoring the originals". Sure the Mini cooper was ok for city driving in the 60's, but i'm pretty sure any new car with front wheel drive will drive around it in circles. Lets just say the new mini cooper S or cooper D instead, atleast they have power.

  7. My last car was front wheel drive, didn't have AC, cruise control, or sunroof, or even a rear wiper, or a cd player, or power windows. That doesn't make it a better car….

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    Better than RWD!
    Why more traction,much better fuel efficiency,no wheel spin,can climb hills without any fuss,no oversteer,can try hard to come first in a drag race!

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