Best Lipo Checker Under $10? URUAV Lipo Checker Review

Best Lipo Checker Under $10? URUAV Lipo Checker Review

if you want a good low cost lipo
checker guys then you look no further as this is my URUAV lipo
checker review yours for under $10 want to see why I think it’s so good then
keep watching because this thing is quite feature packed which ot these lipos its full which one’s empty
which ones maybe got a duff sell you just can’t tell simply by looking at
them guys now there is a sort of expensive but very good way to check them
which is this well the expensive way and I highly recommend this charger by the way guys from venom is to get a nice charger like
this where you can scan through and see every one of the cell voltages there’s a
4S pack I’ve got charging on there now but you can see up to 6S can be
shown on the charger nice and easy but a little bit more expensive. Some of the
cheaper charges don’t have a digital display and you won’t be able to get
that information on the battery voltages but they I do appreciate that a lot of
people are out there on a budget and something that not venom proquad
charger is not for everyone and there are lots of good low chargers out there for lipos but if you are using one that hasn’t got a digital
display if a cell in one of these lipos goes bad you won’t know until the thing
either fails in the field and the car simply just goes very very slowly
because that cell is failing or worst case the cell drops too low down in
voltage and the thing bursts into flames that is why keeping a good check on the
individual cell voltages on the lipo guys is absolutely vital
traditionally I’ve used this hitec battery checker which is yours for about $20 online very good as I’ll show you in just a second it does have
one downside though in that the display on it it’s just purely a black LED one
so in bright sunlight or at night you can’t see it at all which brings me to my new
purchase which be taking out in the field with
me this is a URUAV lipo checker and it also acts as a receiver
signal strength checker now that’s not something I know a great deal about
so anyone with knowledge of that function guys please do have your say in
the comments section below the video as I’d love some value add checking the
received signal strength has, anyway time to demo both of them and show you why
this one is looking good particularly yours for under ten bucks and I’ll put a
link to it below the video just remember guys if you’re like what you see today
don’t forget to subscribe and my cheap low cost tip of the day guys is next
time your parents are discarding one of these bread bag ties take it and write ‘full’ on one side and ’empty’ on the other and then just clip them on your lipo when they’re on the shelf with the relevant one facing upwards so you know
just which battery is full and you don’t go taking the empty one out in the field
by accident so that’s my tip of the day for you anyway first up the hitec lipo checker on here so I put the battery in and you can see all four cell
voltages up there straightaway it also does have the advantage that you can see
the how much charge there is left in the pack up there but it does have the
disadvantage with no backlight to it in bright sunlight it’s very hard to likewise at night you’re not going to see it at all whereas with my newer URUAV Lipo Checker full-color display on there guys so even at night you’re gonna
be able to see the display on that showing you exactly what each cell
voltage is to establish if there’s a problem on there now the only thing you
will note is this doesn’t show the capacity left in the pack but importantly
it does show the voltage of each cell very very clearly on there and it’s going
to work in all lights which is a key advantage to my mind and if you’ve got a
pack that you’ve put in the car and the car is running slowly you can
immediately be able to see what the problem is by plugging it into this in
pretty much all weathers so that’s a huge advantage to my mind now I know it has
several other functions when it comes to the receiver signal strength
checking which our SBUS, and you scan through by using this button at the bottom DSM10 24, DSM 2048, PPM and PWM and before getting back to our voltages on
there so as I say anybody wants to explain the receiver signal strength bit
would much appreciate it on the back of it it’s got two input voltages here here
you can have five volts or 3.3 volts you can input the power for checking the
receiver either via a C-USB port on this side
conventional USB port on that side or the lipo as I’ve got plugged in here
and it will take two different types of receiver lead in there so I’m sure that
it’s very very useful I’m thinking that’s probably more use for people
doing aeronautical stuff than RC cars but I would like somebody’s to
explain the function of that anyway this this is very very neat it’s very well
built I would say that’s easily gonna be able to fit in my toolbox in the back of
the car and take at that out in the field Mary predominatly because a lot of
the time here in California it’s bright Sun and that is not the best thing at
all in bright sun! Well that concludes my URUAV lipo checker
review guys I’ll loving that full-color display on there I think if you are
checking the receiver signal strength I’m assuming it that is got a very very
good capability for doing that indeed but as I say if someone wants to explain
that in more detail to me I would much appreciate that as I’m sure others
watching this video but in terms of a super cheap lipo checker very very
cost effective and less than half the price of the hitec one I have to say
this is ticking a lot of boxes for yours truly
anyone guys let me know what you think in the comments section below the video well
thumbs up if you like this video guys post any comments you might have in the
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  1. Very nice device! I shall be getting one to add to the tool collection!
    Is there a chance you may review a couple decent soldering irons? Thanks for your time, Richie!

  2. Cool little…and, I DO mean "little"…device. If I didn't already have the Spektrum battery checker, I'd seriously consider this one.

  3. FYI: when you purchase AWANFI lipo batteries they come with a free digital cell checker that plugs directly into the balance port on the lipo. They also come with a free velcro strap. Great batteries at a great price. I got mine on Amazon 3s 5000mah 60c hardcase for only $39.99 . I don't work for them or anytingjust a good battery at a good price that I recommend to my RC friends.

  4. Get it for under $9 (as of today!) Right here –
    Get the 6ch Radio Transmitter & Receiver We Now Use Here – It's got a built in Gyro, ABS Braking, and a 500M Range For Under $30!

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