Best New Cars for 2019-2020: Latest Cars, Trucks & SUVs | Edmunds

Best New Cars for 2019-2020: Latest Cars, Trucks & SUVs | Edmunds

to the LA Auto Show. This is the first domestic
show of the season. In this video, we’re going to
skip all the behind the scenes and most of the concepts
and get straight to what’s relevant to you. You see here is a collection
of all the new vehicles that you’re going to see
at dealerships next year. You can use to
find more detailed information on any of the vehicles
featured in this video. WILL KAUFMAN: The 2019 Acura
ILX has been refreshed, and it certainly looks
sharper on the outside. You’ll get more standard
safety features, an Apple CarPlay and Android
Auto integration are available. It’s comfortable and the
high-revving, naturally aspirated engine is fun to
drive in certain situations, but it lacks grunt
in normal driving. The interior also feels a
bit cheap and plasticky, because the ILX is still based
on the last generation Honda Civic. However, this is
the cheapest way to get into a new
small luxury sedan, with prices starting
at just around $26,000. This five passenger SUV has been
totally redesigned for 2019. We’ve had a chance to
test the all new RDX, and it ranked competitively
among small luxury SUVs, coming in a close fifth in
a hotly contested segment. The turbo motor feels strong,
and the RDX is fun to drive. It’s also comfortable, roomy,
and has great interior storage and cargo space. So why only fifth? Well, it’s not quite as premium
feeling as some competitors, and its German rivals are
a bit stronger dynamically. Still, with prices
starting under $40,000, the new RDX should present a
tempting value to shoppers. MARK TAKAHASHI: As SUVs
take over auto sales, the Audi A6 takes a
stand for those who still value performance and handling. It starts right around
$60,000 and drives a lot like the previous generation,
which is a good thing. The big difference is
the amount of technology they packed into it. Unfortunately, it’s a
little distracting to use. There’s also a new
Audi A7 at the show, and it drives a lot like the A6. It costs $9,100 more though,
but you get a lot more features and a much larger cargo space. Unfortunately, you also lose out
on a little rear seat headroom. Check out my first
drive on each of these to find out for yourself. Both the A6 and A7 compete
against the Mercedes Benz E-Class as well as
the BMW 5 Series. Right behind me as the Audi A8. As much as I like this flagship,
a lot of the technology has gone unfulfilled. The interface is
just as distracting to use as the supporting models
and its biggest development, level 3 automated driving,
isn’t coming to the US just yet. Even without that, it’s
a really strong choice in the class that includes the
BMW 7 series and Mercedes Benz S-Class. Also notable is the
all electric E Tron. It goes with more conventional
styling than its rivals the Jaguar I-PACE, Tesla
Model X and Mercedes EQC. Like those, it has
all-wheel drive and is packed with technology. Judging by the battery
specs, the 200 mile range should get close to the
Tesla Model X. Performance should still be good
the 0 to 60 time of 5 and 1/2 seconds,
which is slower than the Jag and the Tesla. BMW’s seventh generation 3
Series is here, with the M340i. 382 horsepower from
the turbo charged six cylinder is a big step
up from the 255 horsepower in the 330i. BMW estimates it’ll hit 60
miles an hour in 4.2 seconds. All-wheel drive is
an option, but if you want a manual transmission,
you’re out of luck. There’s more tech that
includes a virtual assistant like Mercedes
Benz’s MBUX system. The M340i will show
up in the spring and we expect it to cost
somewhere around $50,000. I like the 3 Series,
but I love the 8 Series. I also love convertibles,
and that version made its debut right here. It has the same 523 horsepower
turbo V8 as the coupe, and it sounds amazing,
but with the top down, that V8 should sound
even more amazing. Enjoy it for yourself
when it arrives in March for about $122,000. For about half that price, you
can get the all new BMW Z4. I got to drive it, and
it’s a huge improvement over the last generations. It’s a good middle ground
between the Porsche Boxter and Audi TT Roadster, both in
terms of price and personality. Prices start right
around $50,000 for the turbo charged,
four cylinder that makes 255 horsepower this March. The production
version of the BMW X7 also made its road debut here. This three row SUV
has seating for seven and a maximum cargo
capacity of 90 cubic feet. When the X7 goes
on sale this March, you’ll have two engine
choices, a 355 horsepower turbo charged six cylinder that
sells for about $75,000. You’ll also have a
456 horsepower V8 that sells for around $94,000. Shoppers are more
likely to gravitate towards the X5 than
the big X7, and it’s been fully redesigned for 2019. You get the same engine
choices as the X7, which means the V8
powered X5 should be a really strong performer. This fourth gen model is a
little bit bigger than before and also gets some light
off-road capabilities. It’s on sale now for around
$62,000 for the xDrive 40i and $77,000 for the xDrive 50i. A third row of
seats is optional. If you’re looking
to downsize, there’s also a new BMW X4,
with smaller dimensions and improved handling and
actually borders on sporty. Unfortunately, that roofline
cuts into the cargo space as well as rear seat headroom. Prices are going to start
right around $51,000 for the xDrive 30i. Stepping up to the
355 horsepower M40i should set you back
another 10 grand. TRAVIS LANGNESS: This is the
all new 2019 Chevy Blazer. They’ve brought the name back. And while it’s not the rough
and tumble Blazer of the 60s or 70s, or even the
S10-based Blazer of the 90s, it is an aggressively
styled family crossover. It’s got two rows of
seating on the inside, and it can tow up
to 4,500 pounds. I, for one, am excited to get
it into the Edmunds office and take it for a drive. The 2019 Chevy Camaro
gets refreshed looks. New headlights, new tail lights. It also gets a new infotainment
interface on the inside. And for this year, you
can get the 1LE track package with the base
four cylinder engine. Or if you want to, you can
still opt for two optional V8s, including a supercharged motor
that puts out 650 horsepower. This is the 2019
Chevy Silverado. It’s completely redesigned
but it feels a bit more like a refresh. We like it for its impressive
towing capabilities and its quiet and
comfortable interior, but it still ranked third
behind the Ram 1500 and the Ford F-150. Dodge keeps finding ways
to make the Challenger seem new and exciting,
the obvious play making it faster and faster
with the 797 horsepower Redeye is a-OK with us. But even in the V6
and Scat Pack models, Dodge offers new tech, flashy
body mods and all-wheel drive. Of all of the
American muscle cars, Challenger seems most
sure of its audience, focusing on bold colors and
quick quarter mile times. If you’re looking for
old school muscle, it’s right here in
a modern package. The 2019 Dodge Charger
isn’t a sensible car but man, it comes in bright
colors, makes loud noises and it goes real fast. And also really with four
doors and a roomy cabin, it’ll work as a
family car and you can drive it without giving
up your sense of adventure. For 2019, the Hellcat
gets all kinds of race specific technology, and
the Scat Pack and base models get optional adaptive
suspension and new styling. The latest generation has
been around since 2011, but it remains one of
our favorite big sedans because it blends
hot rod performance with daily usability. The Edge failed to impress
us in its early years, striking us as an
underpowered and under optioned mid-sized crossover. But it’s gotten better
every single year and for 2019, it’s packed
with safety features, contemporary technology
and plenty of room for passengers and cargo. The Ford F-150 is the
most popular truck in the United States. It’s more than just a
beefy pickup, though. The F-150 is a versatile work
truck and a pleasure to drive. The interior is modern
and comfortable, and there are half a dozen
engine options for everything from family cruising to
hardcore hauling and towing. Tech features such as
SYNC 3 are easy to use and many advanced driver
safety aides are now standard. The 2019 Mustang
offers more options for looking cool and going fast. The BULLITT is back. Ford continues to taunt us with
promises of a GT500 and more than 700 horsepower. But with a wide range of
pricing and performance at even the base level, there
is a lot to like about Mustang for 2019. With trucks growing
ever larger, it is a real joy to see the
return of the 2019 Ford Ranger in a conveniently
sized package. You can choose a crew
cab with a short bed or an extended cab
with a standard bed, and rear wheel drive,
part-time four wheel drive, or the Fx4 off-road package. There is only one
engine, the 2.3 liter EcoBoost four cylinder. Since the 2.7 liter EcoBoost
V6 is such an overachiever in the larger F-150,
we think the 2.3 liter is going to impress
in this smaller truck. WILL KAUFMAN: The
Genesis brand may not have been around
for a very long, but they have been producing
some impressive cars. The all new 2019 G70
is a small luxury sedan that is good fun to drive. Material quality and
comfort are good, although the technology
features don’t come off quite as impressive
as price your competitors, and you might find the
backseat a little cramped. This car’s lively
character on the road sets it apart, especially
when it’s equipped with the 365 horsepower V6. Prices for that V6 model
start at around $45,000, while the four cylinder
equipped model undercuts most competitors, starting
around 35 grand. Be sure to check out my full
first drive video for all of the details on this car. TRAVIS LANGNESS: Ranked
fourth among plug-in hybrids, the Honda Clarity gets three
different powertrain options. There’s the hydrogen
fuel cell, there’s the purely electric
model, and then there’s this, the one we
recommend, the plug-in hybrid. The plug-in hybrid gets
48 miles of EV range, and then it switches over
to use both the batteries and the internal
combustion engine that’s rated at 42 MPG combined. Now, while that’s good,
it’s not class leading and it’s not enough to make it
a top-ranked Edmunds hybrid. The Insight is one of
Edmunds top-ranked hybrids. It’s all new for 2019 and
it’s really good looking. It’s kind of sleek
and unassuming on the outside,
not typically what you associate with a hybrid,
something more like the Prius. But it’s also got a 52
MPG EPA combined estimate. That’s really efficient and
it’s really nice to drive. So the Insight might be the
perfect hybrid for someone who doesn’t want a hybrid
that looks like a hybrid. This is the all
new Honda Passport, and basically it’s a two row
version of the Honda Pilot. It’s shorter from
front to back, but it’s got the same wheelbase, the
same V6, and the same nine speed automatic transmission. It’s available in front
or all-wheel drive, and we already know
that’s going to have class leading interior quality. Basically, this is a more
off-road friendly version of the Pilot as well, thanks
to an additional inch of ground clearance, and the
shorter length of the back means it’s got a
better departure angle, the extra height in front
means better approach angles. We can’t wait to get it
in-house and test it off-road. This is the refreshed
2019 Honda Pilot. You get some interior updates,
but the outside looks the same, and you’ve still got the
same V6 and nine speed automatic under the hood. This is one of Edmunds
top-ranked SUVs and it’s the top-ranked
midsized three row. If you’re looking
to avoid a minivan, this one should be right at
the top of your short list. The Hyundai Elantra
is refreshed for 2019. You get some different exterior
styling bits in the front and in the back, but it also
gets some more standard safety equipment. And if you want a car that’s
got a lot of bang for the buck, we recommend taking a look
at the Hyundai Elantra. It’s got a refined and quiet
interior and a good ride on the highway. This is the 2019
Hyundai Kona Electric. It’s got 258 miles
of electric range, and although Hyundai
calls it an SUV, we like to think of it
more as a roomy hatchback. It’s also got great
driving dynamics for an EV. This is the all new
Hyundai Palisade. It’s their three row
premium flagship SUV and it’s got room
for eight inside. Under the hood, it’s got a V6
and an eight speed automatic. This is the all new
2019 Hyundai Santa Fe. We’ve got an early look
at it on a first drive, and we really like the optional
two liter turbo charged engine. But when we get it in for
full testing at Edmunds, we suspect it will be one of
our top-ranked mid-sized SUVs. The standard Hyundai Veloster
offers 147 horsepower. Well, this turbo model
makes 201 horsepower. But if you opt for the
racetrack inspired Veloster N, you get 250 horsepower, Or
the optional performance pack, which ups it to 275. It’s definitely enough for
us to call this a hot hatch. WILL KAUFMAN: We rated the all
new QX50 highly for comfort, but that comes with a cost. This five passenger SUV is a
pleasant place to spend time and has a generous cargo area,
but the infotainment system feels a bit dated. And while the much vaunted turbo
charged variable compression engine delivers
strong thrust, it’s a bit flummoxed by the
awkward CVT automatic, and the artificial feeling
steering doesn’t really help matters. The QX50 ultimately fell in the
middle of our small luxury SUV rankings. Prices for this vehicle
start around $37,000. ELANA SCHERR: We’ve been
expecting a Jeep Wrangler pickup and here it is. The 2020 Jeep Gladiator is
powered by the Wrangler’s 3.6 liter V6, which makes 285
horsepower and 260 pound feet of torque. The two liter eTorque
engine will not be offered, but a three liter diesel, which
makes 442 pound feet of torque, is in the works. With Jeeps reputation
in the dirt, Gladiator should be able to
eat the competition for lunch when it comes to
off-road capability. CARLOS LAGO: This is
the 2019 Kia Forte GT. Basically, it’s a pumped up
version of the standard Forte. It gets 201 horsepower
from a turbo charged four cylinder, which is a
big increase over the 147 in the standard Forte. There’s also some different
exterior and interior bits that set it apart and
the extra power, along with those different
trim level features, should be enough to
set it apart and make it an interesting competitor for
vehicles like the Honda Civic Si. This is the Kia Niro EV. And as you’d
probably expect, it’s a plug-in version of
the standard Niro. Gets an estimated
240 miles of range and it makes a great competitor
for vehicles like the Chevy Volt and the Tesla Model 3. Depending on pricing, this
could be the bargain deal in the segment. We’re excited to drive one and
get it around our test track as soon as we can. This is the all
new 2020 Kia Soul. It’s completely redesigned
from the ground up and man, does it looks sleek. It’s got that floating roof,
some great new headlights, and it’s got six
distinct trim levels. That’s up from only three
in the previous generation. It’s powered by a two liter,
naturally aspirated engine, and there’s an optional 1.6
liter turbo charged engine. But there’s also
an EV version that gets over 200 miles of range,
and the same great looks. What you’re looking at
here is the concept version of the Kia Telluride. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s
got a bunch of off-roady bits on the outside. It’s a three row
crossover SUV, and it’s likely to compete with
vehicles like the Chevy Traverse and the Ford Explorer. But with all this
stuff on the outside, it’ll probably appeal to a
crowd that gets more use out of the roof rack. This is still the
concept version and we’re waiting on details
to be released, but stay tuned for more information
after the Detroit Auto Show. ALISTAIR WEAVER:
Over at Lincoln, the 2019 Nautilus is
really an updated version of the unloved
MKX, so he sort of sits between
Lincoln old and new. The interior particularly
still feels a bit dated. It’s competent enough, and there
are also good deals to be had, but it doesn’t have
the depth of quality to challenge the segment
leaders, like the Mercedes GLC and Audi Q5. This new Aviator really
is Lincoln’s big bat. It’s a six or seven seater rival
to Europeans like the Mercedes GLE and Volvo XC90. Now, we’ve get to drive
it, but we’re certainly impressed by the style and
quality of this interior, and it will be very
competitively priced when it arrives next summer. CARLOS LAGO: That’s
the redesigned Mazda 3. Now we’ve always liked
this compact sedan because it looks nice and
it drives really well, too. This one looks to
be even better. Just take a look
at the hatchback. It’s gorgeous. Big news for this
car is it will be available with
all-wheel drive and we expect next year it will be
available with a hybrid drive train, as well. We don’t know too much
about pricing yet, but it shouldn’t change too much
versus the current model, which starts at around 20 grand,
but we really look forward to driving this car. We really like the MX-5 Miata. In fact, it’s our number
one ranked convertible on, and the
reasons are obvious. This thing is
really fun to drive. Changes for 2019 are
minor, but we like what they brought to the table. The engine revs higher,
there’s more power, the suspension has been retuned,
there’s some additional safety features, and thank god, the
steering wheel now telescopes. Now this thing starts
at around $26,000, and you’d have to pay a
lot more to have more fun. When it comes to
compact SUVs, you really can’t go wrong
with a Mazda CX-5. It’s neck and neck in our
rankings with the Honda CRV and for 2019, this
thing looks like it might be getting the edge. There’s a new top of line trim
called the signature, which adds more luxurious features
like leather and ambient lighting. There’s also Android Auto
and Apple CarPlay support, and the big news is the
addition of a turbo charged 2 and 1/2 liter engine
that makes 250 horsepower and 310 pound feet of torque. Now all that comes
in at about 30 grand, and we’re really looking forward
to driving this updated Mazda CX-5. MARK TAKAHASHI: The
new A-Class proves you don’t have to break the
bank to enjoy Mercedes-Benz levels of refinement. It starts right around $30,000
and tops out above $50,000. It has great driving
dynamics, luxurious comfort and a ton of tech. It’s the first vehicle
for Mercedes-Benz to include the MBUX
infotainment system and we love it, seriously. You should check it out. Watch our first
drive of the A220 to find out why we rank it
at the top of the entry level luxury sedan class. That includes the Audi
A3 and BMW 2 Series. The new GLE Class also gets
the MBUX system, as well as a lot more space. You can also get a
third row of seats. Prices start right around
$55,000 for the base GLE 350, but I think the one to get is
the GLE 450 for about $62,000. That’s because it’s eligible
for the E-Active body control suspension that leans into
turns almost like a motorcycle. It’s amazing. So keep an eye out for my
first drive of the GLE. At the moment, it’s my favorite
among the BMW X5 and Audi Q7. Sticking with SUVs, the
EQC represent the first in an upcoming line of
EVs from Mercedes-Benz. It looks a bit different
from the standard gas powered Mercedes SUVs, but avoids
looking like the typical EV. It’ll have 402 horsepower coming
from two electric motors that drive the front and rear
axles, with an estimated range of 279 miles. Inside you get
all the refinement expected of a Mercedes, with
a similar interior styling treatment as the bodywork. It won’t go on sale until 2020. But we expect it to
start around $80,000. There is a new
G-Class too, and it’s the first redesign in decades. It’s wider, has
more interior space, and is way better to drive. Despite it’s better
on-road behavior, off-road prowess doesn’t suffer. The 416 horsepower G550 is on
sale now for about $126,000. WILL KAUFMAN: The
all new Nissan Kicks is a subcompact SUV that
returns an EPA estimated 33 miles per gallon combined. That efficiency comes
at a cost though, with sluggish
acceleration and longer than average braking
distances for the class. You also may not want to
get your kicks on route 66, as in our testing we found
the front seats lacked long distance comfort. There are competitors that drive
better or feel a little nicer on the inside, but with prices
starting around $18,000, the Kicks delivers personality
for not much money. The Nissan Murano has been
lightly refreshed for 2019. If you look very closely, you’ll
see some exterior differences. You’ll also find some new
available active safety features and driver aids. The Nissan Murano is our
number four ranked midsize five passenger SUV, thanks to its
comfort and nice material quality. Unfortunately, this refresh
doesn’t address our issues with the modest cargo capacity. Prices for the Murano start
at a reasonable $31,000. Like the Murano, the
Maxima has been lightly refreshed for 2019, with some
tweaks to the exterior styling and a few new interior details. Of course, you’ll
also find those new available active safety
features and driver aids. The Maxima is a
bit of an odd duck. Nissan calls it their
full size sedan, but it doesn’t quite have the
space to compete in that class. With prices starting
just over $33,000, we think you can find a room
in your car for a little less money. ALISTAIR WEAVER: The big
news from Porsche in 2019 is the arrival of this, the
new 911, known to aficionados by its code name 992. The outside is
instantly familiar, but inside it’s all new
and a big improvement over its predecessor. And my, is it fast. The Carrera S will debut
with a 443 horsepower engine, with either rear
or all-wheel drive. That hits showrooms
in the summer but by the end of
the year, there’ll also be a standard Carrera
with a Cabriolet, a Targa, and everything else to follow. We drive it in January
and we can’t wait. The midlife refresh
for the Porsche Macan is a classic case of it
ain’t bust, don’t fix it. One of our top-ranked luxury
SUV gains detail improvements. The way that it drives, a larger
touchscreen interface inside, and a new signature LED
strip across the rear which is a feature of
every contemporary Porsche. We’ve already driven it, So
check out our first drive on now and place
your order for delivery next summer. The big news from the
Porsche Cayenne in 2019 is the arrival of an updated
hybrid, the E-Hybrid. It combines a three
liter gasoline engine with an electric motor. It will be quick, zero to
60 in under five seconds, but don’t expect to go more than
around 20 miles on electricity alone. In showrooms in the summer. The GTS variants are normally
the sweet spot of the Porsche range, and that’s certainly
true of the new Panamera. It uses a detuned version of
the turbo’s V8 engine, detuned that is to 453 horsepower. We’ve driven it
on road and track, and you can read the first
drive now on Regular Edmunds watchers
will know that we’re big fans of the RAM 1500. It’s our top rank
full sized truck, and we own one as part
of our long term test fleet, that’s the V8. But for 2019, you’ll also be
able to choose a V6 eTorque with a mild hybrid system. It’s marginally cheaper to buy
but should be a lot cheaper to run, with official
consumption of 22 compared with 17
for the standard V8. Well worth a look. WILL KAUFMAN: We like the
all new Ascent’s technology, comfort and build quality. It also comes with all of
Subaru’s off-road goodness baked in, with generous
ground clearance and standard all-wheel drive. You get all of the features
you expect from a three row SUV with seating for up
to eight, including plenty of USB ports
and cup holders to keep everyone
charged and hydrated. There are some competitors
that offer more third row room and better on road
driving dynamics, however. Prices for the new Subaru
Ascent start at around $31,000. Subaru has introduced a hybrid
version of their Crosstrek. The Crosstrek hybrid is
a small plug-in crossover that gets up to 17 miles
of all electric range. It also has good
off-road ability, thanks to its ride height
and standard all-wheel drive. On our YouTube channel,
you can check out our comparison between the
standard Crosstrek and a Jeep Wrangler to see just how
capable this platform is. This hybrid model averages
6 miles per gallon better than the standard
Crosstrek, but it also comes with the price
premium of almost $8,000. The Crosstrek hybrid is only
available in one trim level, and that is the
highest trim level. You’ll get a lot of great
features and equipment, but you’ll also pay a
price of almost $36,000. The fully redesigned Forester
may not look very different on the outside, but it is much
more comfortable to sit in. It also received all of Subaru’s
latest available technology features, including a
facial recognition system. The Forester makes an
interesting alternative to a small SUV like a
Honda CRV, with tons of cargo and passenger space,
standard all-wheel drive, and off-road friendly
ground clearance. Sadly, the old optional
turbo charged motor is dead. That means you’re stuck with
a slightly sluggish, naturally aspirated four cylinder. And that also means that
competitive SUVs can offer better towing capacity. Prices for the Forester
start under $25,000. CARLOS LAGO: The Toyota
RAV4 is currently the best-selling vehicle
that’s not a pickup truck, so you’re going to see a lot
of this redesigned version right here. It’s got more aggressive body
work on the outside, sure, but there’s a lot
of improvements underneath as well. This hybrid makes around
220 horsepower and returns about 39 MPG. And with a price ranging
between 26 grand to 37 grand for a hybrid limited,
it’s easy to see why this is such a compelling vehicle. Big news for the
Toyota Prius this year. It’s available with
all-wheel drive. Now there’s an electric motor
powering the rear wheels, and that’s going to
help with traction when you’re accelerating
and it worked up to about 43 miles an hour. This will be a big
help for people who live in colder climates
and have to deal with snow but who still want
good fuel economy. And as it sits, this version
still does 50 MPG combined. The Corolla is one of
the best-selling vehicles of all time, so it’s
kind of a big deal when there’s a new one. The hatchback came
out first last year and now we have the
sedan, but we’re going to talk about here is this
hybrid model behind me, which will be available
in the near future. Toyota projects it will
have Prius-like fuel economy of 50 MPG. And hopefully it’ll come with
those blue decals, right? Yeah, what do you think? See the wing on this Camry? No, we’re not at SEMA, this
is the TRD Toyota Camry, and right there is
the TRD Toyota Avalon. You may not think
of performance when you think about Avalon and
Camry, but maybe you should. After all, these have 300
horsepower V6 engines. And these TRD versions
get upgraded tires, upgraded brakes, pretty
nice looking wheels and sport tuned suspension. Consider us cautiously
optimistic about driving these next year. MARK TAKAHASHI:
The new Volvo S60 proves that Sweden
can be considered against the German
sport luxury sedans. Check out our first
drive and you’ll see that it has the performance,
comfort, and refinement to take on BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. With a starting price
just under $37,000 and Volvo’s reputation for
safety, it has an advantage. It also has
stunningly good looks in an understated kind of way. Wagons have been
overshadowed by SUVs, but the Volvo V60
keeps the class alive. It’s based on the S60 and
has all the same features and benefits as well as an
SUV-like cargo capacity. We expect prices to
start in the mid $40,000 range when it goes on
sale early in 2019. For more outdoorsy
wagon enthusiasts, there’s this V60 Cross Country. Check back with us soon
for more information. It’s been a year since we
first drove the Volvo XC40, but we’re including
it in this video because it’s just that good. And we ranked it very
highly in its class. With the starting price
right around $37,000, it competes very strongly in
the class of luxury subcompact SUVs. It sets itself apart
from the BMW X1, Audi Q3 and Mercedes GLA with its super
clean Scandinavian design. What can I say? The Volvo XC40 deserves
your attention. CARLOS LAGO: The Beetle is dead. That’s right, this
isn’t new for 2019. In fact, quite the opposite. This is the last year of
production for this car. Volkswagen is commemorating it
with the final edition Beetle, which is available for
the coupe for 24 grand, and a convertible form like
this one for around 28 grand. There some styling updates,
some feature editions and that’s really it. And now we can take
a moment of silence for this iconic nameplate. OK. This year saw the introduction
of the redesigned Volkswagen Jetta. Its interior is larger and
more comfortable than before, and you get good phone support
through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard. The sole engine choice
is a turbo 1.4 liter that makes around
150 horsepower, and it’ll do 30
for MPG combined. It’s a compelling package
with a price range starting between 20 grand and $28,000,
but we haven’t rated one yet, so keep an eye out
for’s ranking to see if this compact sedan
should be on your shopping list. SPEAKER: Thanks for watching. We’ll be testing all
the latest new vehicles through the next year. For reviews and
ratings on the cars, trucks, and SUV as on
your shopping list, check

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Shopping list.. are these for real… reality is diesel is on the way out! Across Europe. So why by these gorgeous but soon to be obsolete models! Oh by the way 1st diesel then unleaded… which leaves .. yep hybrid then Electric! Come on E Niro! .. and others like It

  2. How do you base yourself to say that those are the best cars. I thought you had to drive the car or suv for at least 5 years to know if it’s a good vehicle.


  4. Very interesting that they critique some cars or manufacturers and no opinion of others , I would not base my car shopping on these opinions, thumbs down 👎🏽

  5. The 2019 RDX has allot of issues since it's release in June 2018. Acurazine and Facebook pages are loaded with complaints and some question when one glitch is too many.

  6. Useless reviews that don't focus on what really means a lot to consumers and the actual state of the world. Most people will not entertain the few expensive cars they ranked high. The RAM is the lowest selling truck for a reason… its a piece of unreliable garbage that lasts as long as a high school love fling!

  7. The dash in the Jeep is red, instead of the same color as the car? How ugly, a red dash on a green vehicle, etc? Dirtbikes need a tailgate behind them, not another pricey assessory to buy and install and be in the way of the truck bed. Stop making the trucks beds so short! 6.5' is minimum for usefulness. My 5.5' bed sucks.

  8. There's a reason people lust for classic muscle and luxury cars. New cars dont turn heads. I watch Nash Bridges just to look at Don Johnson's beautiful 71 yellow convertible Cuda. Awesome. New vehicles can't compete. Hell they bring back the Challenger and don't even make it a true hardtop. Car makers today are chumps.

  9. Mazda and Hybridization… And they just said a few years ago they wouldn't go this route. I guess their new buddy Toyota is rubbing off on them.

  10. Where are the electric trucks? None of the car makers are bold enough to offer electric trucks. Now is the time. Technology has vastly improved and electric motors could offer more torque than any diesel.

  11. i understand why the Acuras are just like hondas but it really begs to question why you would pay more for a basic lexus when you can just get a loaded honda on the same platform. Really let down by acura as of late

  12. All brands are the worst automobile in automobile market by using code forbidden AE styles which can't drive formula one speed on circuits.

  13. I like what Ford is doing with the mustang! Like when I look at it, I think bull, well what does a bull have to do with a car? Bulls are angry, fast and mean, and that's exactly what the mustang is, it's angry, its fast, and it's mean!

  14. I've never had a new car. All my cars have been nearly 10 years old! I don't see how people can afford new cars with a mortgage and a family

  15. You missed some alphabet I don’t care 1 second,10 horse power but I like to know after you buy a car cost of
    maintenance or depressions or how the safety work or easy to used Technology’s. And the truth on mpg.

  16. All these designs leave me cold…..too many creases and lines and too dare I say too 'futuristic' looking…the only good looking ones were the Mazda 5 and maybe the Volvo SC40….which are at least clean and handsome.

  17. I don't like body of car isn't hard of metal. A hard body of car might protect you all when have any accident on the streets.

  18. Can't entirely agree when it comes to Toyota. My family has been driving Toyota's since our 1985 Corolla (9 in total). But, they seem to be slipping. Our latest and probably last Toyota is a 2016 RAV4. So far, terrible and very noisy front brakes, replaced prematurely. Warped front left drive shaft, replaced. Very cheap paint quality that scratches far too easily, even fingernails will do it. Front driver's seat creaks and groans, although I'm average weight. And, most annoyingly and as reported by many other late-model RAV4 owners, the dash is cheap and full of creaks, rattles, groans and clicks. At certain speeds on certain road surfaces, there's a buzzing vibration sound that emanates from the dash (sounds a bit like a blown tweeter but isn't) that is impossible to drown out and is driving me bonkers. We had a 1991 Camry wagon with nearly 300,000 kms on it that had no dash rattles or noises. I expected at least that level from a 2016. I'm now counting down the months until the end of my lease so I can dump this lemon. They're trying to get me out of my lease early and into another Toyota, but everything they have on offer (interior-wise at least) appears so plasticky and cheap. I looked at the 2019 RAV4, and it's interior is at least as tacky and cheap looking as my 2016, and the new styling isn't great either. My previous Toyota was a 2004 Highlander, which had a much better interior and build quality, but then so did my Mom's 2003 Corolla for that matter. But somewhere around 2009 or 10 it seems that a downward slide began. Very annoyed. Never imagined that I'd regret leasing a Toyota.

  19. I am legit obsessed with future concept cars, i recommend you check out this vid if you feel the same

  20. The Goblin: "I'm beefy and know how to read."

    The Asian Guy: "This car has a color! If you wanna know more visit my website. It costs money too!"

    The Car Enthusiast: "I'm secretly deadpool and actually like my job. Also don't buy this car.. "

  21. Honking Car Locking and Alarm Setting Needs to Be Changed.
    Please ……Auto Industry Be Aware this Technology Wakes People Up at Night and Causes Great Stress to All of Us Who Have To Listen To It All Day and Worse Night Long. Please Find A More Environmentally and Community Friendly and Peaceful Way. As for Me I am A Cardiac Patient and the Ongoing Jarring Noise Can ThrowMe Into Arrhythmia. It is Terrfying. It Also Wakes Babies and Kids Up. Please Find New Technology. PLEASE!

  22. Skipping behind the scenes and the concepts… like every other review Channel showing the same five or six cars.

  23. Every car reviewed should include the approximate price and MPG…..even I know that. Who're the experts?

  24. TOO MUCH EFFING ELECTRONICS CONTROLLING THE CARS, should be people controlling it. and modern cars are now too short lived, unreliable, and dangerous to drive…. if the electricity cuts out or computers malfunction.

  25. 8:57 exactly what car , mod , configuration is this checked Ford's site and nothing looked exactly like this?

  26. Really pushing those "hybrids" and "electric" cars. I'll pass. I'm tired enough keeping up with battery changes in my flashlights and ceiling fan controls. I'll stick with the tested "straight" gasoline engine.

  27. We are loving the redesigned Blazer! and the return of the Ranger and Bullitt!

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