Best of Luigi and Guido! | Pixar Cars

Best of Luigi and Guido! | Pixar Cars

– My friend Guido, he dream
to pit a real race car. A pit stop. – Pit stop? – Uh, the race is only one lap guys. Uno lapo, don’t need any help, I work solo mio. – Fine, race your way. – No pit stop-o, comprendo? – Okay. – Well this sounds like something that needs to be settled
on the race course, what do you say Lightning McQueen? We still got room for one more racer. – Well, I would love to, the only thing is my
crew’s off for the season. – Pit stop. – You know what, they just
got back, deal me in baby. – Great win today, Cal. – Thank you Shannon, it was a great boost. Hey, hey. (laughing) Guido. – Pit stop. – Ha ha, laugh it up, real funny. – I brought my friend
Mater along on the trip, and I told him he needed to act different, that we weren’t in Radiator Springs. – This Mater is a close friend? – He’s my best friend. – Then why would you ask
him to be someone else? (Italian music) – What did I do? I said some things during our fight. – You know, back when Guido
Luigi used to work for me, they would fight over everything. They fight over what Ferrari
was the best Ferrari. Which one of them looked
more like a Ferrari. There were even some non-Ferrari fights. So I tell them, ever
been, it’s okay to fight, everybody fights now and
then, especially best friends. But you gotta make up fast. No fight more important than friendship. – Good, that’s good, now give it more throttle. – Hey, what’s going on here? – I’m teaching Guido how to fly. – Come on, what do you know about flying? – Everything. – What? – Oh yeah. (singing in Italian) – You’re going great kid,
just keep your head up. – All right, bye bye. – Hey Shrimpy, where did McQueen find you? Those round things are called tires, and they go under the car. (yelling in Italian) – No, no, you will have your chance Guido, you will have your chance. (car screeching) – Guys, I’m flat, I’m flat. – Can you get back to the pits? – [Lightning] Yeah yeah, I think so. – Hey, got a yellow, bring it in. Don’t tear yourself up kid. – We gotta get him back out there fast, or we’re gonna be a lap down and we’ll never win this race. – Guido, it’s time. – Hey tiny, you gonna
clean his windshield? (air gun running) (engine revving) – [Announcer] I don’t believe it. – [Announcer] That was the
fastest pit stop I’ve ever seen. – [Announcer] It was a great stop, but he’s still gotta
beat that pace car out. – [Announcer] It’s gonna be close. (engine revving) (cheering) – [Announcer] Yeah he’s back in the race. – Pit stop. – [Everyone] Guido! (upbeat music)

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  1. Fun Fact: The wide pity is voiced by Rodger Bumpass, Who Voiced Squidward Tentacles, Professor Membrane and Doctor Light

  2. My friend Guido, he dream to pit a real race car. A pit stop. Pit Stop?-Uh,the race is only one lap guys, uno lapo, don’t need any help, I work solo mio
    (Luigi and guido were always funny)

  3. I have an uncle named Luigi! I can’t watch Cars without thinking of him! Sadly he doesn’t own a tire shop, he’s a pilot

  4. 2:15 me and my friends trying to teach the baby we have to babysit what the parts of a car are

  5. So basically when you are italian and you understand that in english version they talk in italian and you actually understand all the insults that most people cant get

  6. yellow flag waves
    Ain't no way McQueen is goin to make it to get ba–
    Guido fixing the tires in one and a half second

  7. What like about luigi , guido are a good team and execept guido is the fastest tire changing
    in pit crew as lightning pit crew it takes guido exactly count 4 seconds to change tires in cars .

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