Best Slow Cars To Drive Fast – /ROAD TESTAMENT

Best Slow Cars To Drive Fast – /ROAD TESTAMENT

to Road Testament. LEO PARENTE: That was
the first joke. Don’t say hey. MIKE SPINELLI: Leo Parente’s
here on Road Testament. I’m Mike Spinelli. Hit us up on @drive
on Twitter. Today, we’re going to be talking
about something that we would normally have asked you
beforehand, and then you would have contributed, and
we would have read your contributions. But today, you’re going to
answer the question because you’ve answered this
question before. I know you have. LEO PARENTE: And the
question is? MIKE SPINELLI: The question
is what’s the most fun car to drive– most fun slow car
to drive fast? LEO PARENTE: Yeah,
and actually, this kind of started– we were talking– my new best friend,
yeah, right. Actually, he mentioned he bought
a 458 Ferrari and sold it almost immediately because,
while it was a great car, on the road, he couldn’t use
any of the potential. So we got into this whole
discussion of what’s more fun to drive on the road. And here we are with the topic,
slow car fast or fast car slow on road. MIKE SPINELLI: Exactly,
but since– everybody has done this but us,
so that’s why we’re doing it today, because screw it. It’s fun, and there are a
million cars that we could be talking about. LEO PARENTE: And we’re going to
hang around and give you, maybe, five of our own, and then
after that, you can give us your additions to the list. MIKE SPINELLI: Exactly. LEO PARENTE: See, then
it’s kind of like– MIKE SPINELLI: And it’s
an endless list. I mean, I’ve seen a hundred
of these lists, and there’s still more. LEO PARENTE: So my criteria, my
criteria, it becomes more qualitative, it’s not
big horsepower. MIKE SPINELLI: No. LEO PARENTE: OK, but it’s an
engine that buzzes and gives you a little rev. Balanced,
neutral-type handling. I really don’t care about how
good or bad the brakes are, because I just want to carry
speed, and I want a lot a lateral G’s, which I’m sure
we’ll talk about that eventually. MIKE SPINELLI: All right, so for
me, I prefer a little bit more torque, although I like
the high revving– you want to really
wind that engine. LEO PARENTE: You’re
a hotrodder. MIKE SPINELLI: But I like small
torque-y engines because bouncing out of a corner is
always fun with that. Breaks, obviously, I
don’t care about. Obviously, neutral handling. Breaks, I don’t care about. I mean as long as the thing
stops, usually, these are fairly light cars we’re talking
about, and I don’t care as much about
lateral grip. LEO PARENTE: Ooh. MIKE SPINELLI: Don’t. LEO PARENTE: Well, you’re
of the BRZ family. MIKE SPINELLI: Well,
that’s the thing. I– LEO PARENTE: So what’s
our first car? MIKE SPINELLI: OK, let’s
just go right out. For me, it starts in the ’80s
with the Porsche 944. It’s got the super neutral
handling, amazing handling, amazing steering. But speaking of slow,
Porsche 944– I mean, what was it? 10 seconds to 60, in
’83, ’84, ’85. LEO PARENTE: But again,
I don’t care about accelerating from stop. I just want to know
how I can drive. MIKE SPINELLI: The only thing
that it maybe has a little too much lateral grip for
oppo moments. LEO PARENTE: For what? [INAUDIBLE] Chris Harris moment? MIKE SPINELLI: Sorry, I’m
throwing that at you. For the Chris Harris moment. Now, it’s called the Chris
Harris moment. LEO PARENTE: No offense, Chris,
I never want to enjoy the Chris Harris moment
deliberately. MIKE SPINELLI: Right, because
you, as a racer– No, I’m just saying. You probably have a
different outlook. LEO PARENTE: So my first two
cars were, and I’m sure my edge a little bit, but first
one is Fiat X19. MIKE SPINELLI: The wedge. The wedge shape. LEO PARENTE: There’s no power. I’m not sure how many lateral
G’s, but it was just very neutral handling. You toss it into a corner,
it would stick and go. The brakes were OK, but it was
all about carrying momentum. I love that. And it was the right size. Nice little tight package. Hit the gear box, it would
do it’s rev thing. It would be fine. The next one is the old original
MR2, the origami one. MIKE SPINELLI: OK, so you’re
going to just go ahead and give me your whole list? Or can I– LEO PARENTE: No, I put
those two together– MIKE SPINELLI: Oh, I get it. All right. LEO PARENTE: –the type
of thing where– MIKE SPINELLI: I will
give you that. LEO PARENTE: –less mass than
your 944, and lateral G’s, the MR2 had a ton of lateral G’s,
so I was OK with those cars. MIKE SPINELLI: Cool. I sort of did this a little
bit in order of fun. LEO PARENTE: OK. MIKE SPINELLI: From worst
to best– worst. I mean, from less best
to best best. LEO PARENTE: Best best. MIKE SPINELLI: The next
one, Chevy Chevette. LEO PARENTE: Are
you freaking– MIKE SPINELLI: Chevy Chevette. Or Vauxhall Chevette,
I’m sorry. LEO PARENTE: OK, so you’ve got
to sell me that, because all I can envision is you’re trying
to slalom on the light poles at a Home Depot. MIKE SPINELLI: All right,
so yes, first of all. Second, the steering, obviously,
doesn’t rise to the level of the– LEO PARENTE: This
was the Vega. This was the next generation
Vega in my mind. MIKE SPINELLI: Rear-wheel
drive, very super light. LEO PARENTE: Tramp axle. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. And don’t forget– LEO PARENTE: By the way, that’s
not the name of a date. MIKE SPINELLI: Tramp axle? LEO PARENTE: I think
I dated her. Tramp axle. Or a band. It’s a band. MIKE SPINELLI: Tramp Axle. LEO PARENTE: Tonight
at the Roxy. Sorry, go ahead. MIKE SPINELLI: [DEEP VOICE] Tramp Axle. [NORMAL VOICE] Where the hell was I? LEO PARENTE: I’m channeling
Mike Spinelli. MIKE SPINELLI: And
by the way– LEO PARENTE: So Chevette. MIKE SPINELLI: Chevette. LEO PARENTE: Why do you think
that was a good car? MIKE SPINELLI: The Chevette
wasn’t a good car. It was a fun car to drive fast,
as fast as you could drive it because it
was very neutral. And by the way, ask– I’m not sure who did it, but
ask anyone who rallied a Vauxhall Chevette– LEO PARENTE: They rallied? They actually did? MIKE SPINELLI: Yes, they did. LEO PARENTE: Wow, see,
that beats– I was just reminding myself that
I work for Toyota, and I had, for a while, the
rear drive Tercel. MIKE SPINELLI: Oh, yes. LEO PARENTE: The equivalent
of the Chevette. MIKE SPINELLI: All
right, yeah. LEO PARENTE: OK, same thing. You’re right. Tossable. A tossable car. MIKE SPINELLI: A tossable car. LEO PARENTE: Got it. MIKE SPINELLI: And by the way
also, when the Fiero got its first sub frame in the front,
that was from a Chevette. LEO PARENTE: Chevette? MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. LEO PARENTE: I knew
I liked Fiero. MIKE SPINELLI: Exactly. All right, go ahead. What’s next? Speaking of, GM,
Cosworth Vega. V cam. MIKE SPINELLI: Wow, the first
double Overhead Cam, I think, in GM’s history. LEO PARENTE: I think so, because
we were talking about the Pontiac Overhead Cam
Straight SIX, with single Cam. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah,
yeah, yeah. MIKE SPINELLI: So they
went to Cosworth. MIKE SPINELLI: I mean,
but it was– LEO PARENTE: Revvy car. MIKE SPINELLI: It wasn’t
technically because that engine wasn’t built
in America. LEO PARENTE: No. MIKE SPINELLI: It was
built in the UK. LEO PARENTE: And imported and
assembled in Lordstown with union help. And then rusting with
American rain. And it wasn’t quick,
but it was revvy and fast and handled. MIKE SPINELLI: It was
Lee Iacocca’s answer to the BMW 1600. LEO PARENTE: Lee Iacocca was– MIKE SPINELLI: Not
Lee, I’m sorry. Geez, what the hell’s
wrong with me? No, no, no. LEO PARENTE: Dennis Leary? MIKE SPINELLI: No,
no, no, no no. John DeLorean. LEO PARENTE: Yes MIKE SPINELLI: John DeLorean’s
answer to the BMW 1600. LEO PARENTE: That was actually
unconscious, subliminal. Keep going. MIKE SPINELLI: OK is that–
that’s where you are? LEO PARENTE: Yeah, I’m
done with that one. What’s next? MIKE SPINELLI: OK, I’m going
to go also, what is it, the Mark 7 Mini Cooper. LEO PARENTE: Oh, I thought you
were going to say the Lincoln. MIKE SPINELLI: The
Lincoln Mark 7. Yeah, actually that’s– LEO PARENTE: The Mini Cooper? MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. LEO PARENTE: You and
I were in a car. MIKE SPINELLI: Yes,
we had a fun time. Actually, we drove back to New
York from Monticello on a very weird, rainy evening, in
a– it was a ’97, ’99. LEO PARENTE: It was kind
of refurbished. It was a mini restomod. MIKE SPINELLI: Well, right,
it’s the Rover. Yeah, the Rover Minis. LEO PARENTE: But it was cool. MIKE SPINELLI: 1.3 liter,
fuel-injected, but still very mini, with the bus
steering wheel. And we’d, I mean– LEO PARENTE: Changing lanes,
carving corners. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: Buzzing
the motor. MIKE SPINELLI: We kept up with
all those knuckleheads in the whatever they were driving,
the guys we were with. So yeah, that thing is
definitely and probably zero to 60 in 12 seconds,
but whatever. LEO PARENTE: So I’m going to
go contemporary, finally. I’m going to go with the
rent-a-car I had in Detroit this past weekend. The Ford Focus, the current
Ford Focus. MIKE SPINELLI: Oh no. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, and
I’ll tell you why. It had an automatic– MIKE SPINELLI: Wait,
to current– the latest model. LEO PARENTE: The latest gen– MIKE SPINELLI: Oh, OK. MIKE SPINELLI: OK? The brakes were good. The car cornered fantastic. MIKE SPINELLI: Lots of
lateral grip for you? LEO PARENTE: It had more than
enough for the little car. And I love the deceptive part
of, it’s just a normal car to carry people, but it was kind
of doing the corner thing really well. You touch the brake a little
to make it not be a front-drive car. And that gear box that
everyone hated? MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah. LEO PARENTE: It was
not a manual. It was a rent-a-car. MIKE SPINELLI: That’s my
question because I actually haven’t driven the new Focus. LEO PARENTE: So I heard
everything bad about it, and I’m not saying I was brilliant
with it, but if you just move your throttle foot a little bit
when I was anticipating the shift, in made
seamless shift. Bottom line, it was not a bad
car, and we’re going quick. It was not called a fast car,
it’s not a performance car. But it was fun to drive and
do the off-ramp thing. MIKE SPINELLI: But enough
to be on your list. LEO PARENTE: And it
made my list. MIKE SPINELLI: Wow,
interesting. LEO PARENTE: I think Ford’s got
the handling figured out on their cars. They’re feeling more European. MIKE SPINELLI: Right, right. I’m going to throw in a
brand new car, too. LEO PARENTE: Yay. MIKE SPINELLI: Well it feels
really obvious, but it’s the Subaru BRZ Scion FRS. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, but you’ve
got to go with it. MIKE SPINELLI: You’ve
got to go with it. LEO PARENTE: That’s exactly what
they’re talking about. MIKE SPINELLI: It’s like they
looked at a list of the cars that people like us always
yammer on about, and they went and built the modern
version of that. LEO PARENTE: Now, here comes my
fight, because even Toyota and Subaru are making a big deal
about low grip to get the cornering sensation, be able to
have a lot of slip angle– MIKE SPINELLI: Well, they’re
also low rolling resistance. They’re the same tires that– they’re on the Prius V.
Or the other one. LEO PARENTE: But they’re trying
to market is as, see, you can drift the car
or slide the car. MIKE SPINELLI: But It’s not
right, and they’re not those crappy big wheel tires like that
used to be the rolling resistance. I mean, they’ve come
a long way. Michelin actually has
come a really long way with those tires. But you’re right. LEO PARENTE: Despite the
Cadillac ad in the front of our shows that show the G meter
only going to 0.46, and I know the car does more, I want
a car that can arc that corner at a high limit of G’s,
and I don’t think that’s a problem in a road car. That’s part of the fun. So to have a low coefficient of
friction, to feel like, oh, I’m having fun because
I’m steering at 0.46, I don’t want that. MIKE SPINELLI: Right, but a slow
car’s not going to get you around the track or around,
let’s say, a course any quicker. LEO PARENTE: Yes, it will. If I’m pulling more
G’s than you. MIKE SPINELLI: I’m sorry, that’s
a stupid thing to say. You’re right, it will
relatively faster. You’re right, but if
it’s about fun– LEO PARENTE: I’m having– MIKE SPINELLI: You’re
having more fun getting that corner right. LEO PARENTE: I’m having more
fun in that offramp at 0.7, 0.8, than you are at 0.46, in
my mind, because I know– MIKE SPINELLI: Why do
I have to go 0.46? Where’d you get me down– LEO PARENTE: Because
Cadillac told me. That’s as far as I know. MIKE SPINELLI: So I can
only do one course– LEO PARENTE: My next car. MIKE SPINELLI: All right,
go ahead, go ahead. LEO PARENTE: So when we went to
the Nurburgring, we were in a Audi A3 TDI Turbo Diesel. Every time I talk about that
car, everyone slams me for how can you enjoy a diesel. You mentioned the buzzword,
the magic word, earlier, torque. I have this little [INAUDIBLE] niche coming off every goddamn
corner, just banging the thing accelerating out. MIKE SPINELLI: So I mean, I
guess that’s technically a slow car, even though
it’s pretty- LEO PARENTE: I mean, if we
talked about fast cars like GT 500s and Camaro this, those
are the classic fast cars. My version of slow car is just
that, something you wouldn’t expect to be quick, an
everyday-ish type car. You mentioned 10 seconds
acceleration. I’m sure this wasn’t at fours
and fives and threes. But it felt like a fun car. It was a fun car
to drive fast. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah. I mean, it’s in the six. But still, OK, all right,
I’ll give you that. I’ll give you that one. I’m at the top of my
list right now. Is that the top of your– Oh, you didn’t do
yours in order? LEO PARENTE: No, no, no. MIKE SPINELLI: Oh, all right. Anyway, I’m at the
top of my list. The BMW E30 318 IS. LEO PARENTE: Good, I’m going
to look for the picture because I never know what
it’s E’s and I’s are. MIKE SPINELLI: By the way,
it’s at the very top. Well, next to Porsche, best
steering, best handling, best cornering, most fun. Little slow. LEO PARENTE: Totally on board. So I’m going to add two more
since JF is not here. MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. LEO PARENTE: Number one, I’m
going to add one to my list. When I worked at Ford, they
introduced the first Ford Fiesta front drive, that
was a German car. Right? Wasn’t it Cologne
was his name? LEO PARENTE: Very good. MIKE SPINELLI: I’m
just saying. LEO PARENTE: And actually, I
think Bob Lutz was involved with that in his Ford
days or something. Anyway– MIKE SPINELLI: Was that their
response to anything? Or what was that about? LEO PARENTE: Now, you’re
really testing me. It was a response to something
I can’t recall. MIKE SPINELLI: Fuel economy. LEO PARENTE: And for bringing it
to America, it was to fuel economy and have some
personality. MIKE SPINELLI: Right, that’s
when gas went over $1 for the first time. LEO PARENTE: I had one
as a company car, a little orange one. MIKE SPINELLI: Oh. That was a nice orange, too. LEO PARENTE: I was trying
to learn how to rally Scandinavian flick with
my company car. They can’t catch me now. Every snow bank in White Plains,
New York, had the impression of the
Fiesta grill. They never figured it out. And then my last one, the one
that JF would probably mention, Mazda Miata. MIKE SPINELLI: Oh, yeah. LEO PARENTE: How do
you not go Miata? MIKE SPINELLI: That’s pretty
obvious, yeah. I know they’re getting
quicker. I know Chris and you talked
about how they’re getting heavier, but the original
ones were cool. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah, well,
they’re going to look at making them lighter,
so the next one’s going to be lighter. LEO PARENTE: Because they saw
DRIVE, and they commented on it at DRIVE. MIKE SPINELLI: That’s exactly
why they did it. LEO PARENTE: But we want you
to add to that list. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah, yeah. LEO PARENTE: What do you
categorize as your favorite slow car fast have fun
driving on the road. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. I think there was one
I wanted to add, the first gen Honda Accord. What’s that, ’78? LEO PARENTE: Yeah, I can
see it in my mind. It’s a great car. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah,
’70 to ’81. A real fun car to drive, great
engine, torque-y for its size, not real quick, but
great handling. LEO PARENTE: So when you said
you had something else to add, I thought you were going
to mention the promo. MIKE SPINELLI: Oh, no. The Le Mans promo, but you
are the racing guy. So I figured I’d leave
it to you. LEO PARENTE: So I
get to do it? MIKE SPINELLI: Yes, you do. LEO PARENTE: All right,
so DRIVE is going back to Le Mans. Another 25 hours of the 24-hour
Le Mans live stream here from the DRIVE studio with
all of us from DRIVE. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah, all your
favorite DRIVE celebrities. LEO PARENTE: And those that– MIKE SPINELLI: And your
not-so-favorite DRIVE celebrities. But whatever, it’s fine,
I’ll be there. LEO PARENTE: Yeah, yeah. And we’re going to
have Skypes, some reports from the field. We’re going to have connections
to the race teams that are there at Le Mans,
the ones you like. And we’re going to find out
whether we break first before the 24 hours are up or
the delta wing does. MIKE SPINELLI: Great. And whoever– oh, nice. Or whoever falls asleep first,
we’ll write track positions on them in mustard. LEO PARENTE: Who needs
a telestrator? We’ve got mustards and
a sleeping guy. MIKE SPINELLI: Exactly. LEO PARENTE: So tune in. OK? It’s the day of the race. MIKE SPINELLI: Day
of the race. Anyway, that is Road
Testament. Hit us up on @drive
on Twitter. Let us know, slow cars
to drive fast. LEO PARENTE: Give
us your list. MIKE SPINELLI: Give
us your list. You’re been working
on it forever. I know you have. That’s it. LEO PARENTE: You just can’t
turn off the revs. MIKE SPINELLI: I can’t
turn it off. Good-bye. Right? So anyway, what were talking
about before. LEO PARENTE: I’m not
talking to you.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I had 2 Fiat's, 78- 124 fun car bad on clutch cables , 78 Fiat X-19 could have put a 6 in it some how like the Lancia . oh well got rid of it, still a fun little poor mans Ferrari.

  2. The most fun i ever had driving a slow car was in a 98 Saturn SL w a stick. I know LMAO right, but it was light, handled well and if I put it in a ditch…who cares!!! Soooo much fun.

  3. 2000 Alfa Romeo 147 1.6 105-120 Hp 3 doors. Great fun car with a lot of grip. Best one th ones without ASR (Traction control)

  4. My vote would go for an original Mini. Those things are a bunch of fun.

    Chevette was the only car I ever refused to drive. Couldn't handle the way the stick rotated.

  5. My best slow car to try to drive fast was a girlfriend's then new 1985 Chevette. It was a slug with wheels and never could understand why she drove so slow until I drove it one day; no power, plus acceleration meant going down a hill.

  6. I would've been so upset if y'all didn't list even one Honda in your lists. I used to have a 1990 Civic and as slow as that car was it was so fun to drive fast whenever I could!

  7. Late to the party: Opel/Vauxhall Zafira OPC/VXR. 7 seater people carrier, 2.0 turbo engine, huge brakes and sport suspension. It is huge fun outdriving the A4's, C class and 3 series lease diesels on twisty roads (living in europe, we have loads of slow diesels and twisties).

  8. The 944 did not take 10 seconds to 60. The 924 with the Audi 2.0 takes 8.6 to 60 and the 944 minimum has the Porsche 2.5 that makes 163 horse.

  9. I'm only 4 years on weighing in on this 'un, but X1/9 was damn quick… not fast, but damn quick. I wish I still had it

  10. 1987 daihatsu charade GTti. First company I ever worked for had one. Most fun I ever had, leaving Porsches behind at the traffic lights with a weird look on their face. Genius little car.

  11. Only 3 numbers needed to get the right answer for me….914..that was the first Porsche I ever stole…yes I said that…..but living in the mountain community of Ruidoso,NM it would of been irresponsible of me not too.

  12. Most cars fall into this category. I'm 6'1" 220lbs and I ride a Yamaha DT 50! Always wfo except at a red light! Lol!

  13. 10sec on 60s and 70s was fast enough…you have to put a period limit otherwise the list is huge…
    what about the alfas?

  14. Never paid attention to the Mazda Protege until I rode in my wife's (before we married) 1997 Mazda Protege. Dull exterior, sports car suspension.

  15. 1987 Tercel Hatchback. That little car is pokey (63-65hp), no power steering, bare bones little car… go kart. Absolute go kart. I miss mine so much 🙁

  16. '85 Celica GT-S. 115 HP new, fantastic handling (except for neutral steering lock, which is kinda loose) and just generally awesome. Oregon coast roads bow before the Celica. That is my best slow car to drive fast, since my Fiat X1/9 is still completely broken.

  17. No small VWs? Mk I,II,V and VII Golfs are obvious choices.
    As far as weird choices though, I had a '93 Pontiac Firefly that was slow AF, but cornered like a go-kart and weighed nothing (after I took the back seat out…).

  18. my 1996 mitsubishi eclipse had the best steering of any car i've ever driven.. I don't mean handling though.. Something about the steering just really let you feel the road like if you've ever been karting its similar to that. Imo those eclipses are slow as hell.

  19. my current 1993 celica gts is a blast on the road. great handling great brakes. manual transmission is fun. 0-60 about 10 seconds

  20. 1st and 2nd gen Rx7, 1st gen Supra, and Datsun 240Z. All are cheap, rear wheel drive, not fast stock, and are fun to drive.

  21. ugh i regret not buying a 944 that a desperate person was selling for under 1k…but i already had 2 cars I thought 3 would be overkill. I'm a dumbass

  22. dude on the left seems related to Jimmy Fallon, in a good way. 😉 I'm just sayin' HEY NOW!!! The best fun in a cheap sport rig FOR ME was a late 60s Spider with the smaller rear engine:, CA Emmissions sez <50ci = no emission controls nessary. (!) Throw on a set of Canon, etc. headers with the tiniest muffler you can find, so it won't clog up due a lack of heat to destroy the particulate matter that clogs up your muffler. Then have your mechanic rejet the stock Weber carb to Abarth specs. Have the front transverse leaf spring and rear coils stiffened and lowered by just over an inch; add a set of Koni adjustable shocks, dial in from down from the firmest setting. I went for Cosmic lightweight mags and a set of Michelin 185-70-13 tyres. The trick is to keep the car's speed as high as possible. Duh (!!). My Fiat could run at 80-85 mph all day, and still get 50+ MPG. The fun part was watching guys driving TR4/4As, MGs, Spitfire, etc. taking crazy chances to try and pass me. Another fun bit was women: the front boot would hold six brown paper bags of groceries to boot, so the was great for picnics (yes! It could hold two additional adults if you removed convertible top. I've own many, many cars since then, but it was a truly exciting car to drive. Some years later, I realized it had a working radio, but the wind and the thrills were more than enough to have fun. That engine never quit or stranded me?

  23. 1991 Audi 90 Quattro 20v. Slow as shit but it has a ridiculous amount of grip and a great turning circle. My biggest beef with the car is that it doesn't feel fun until you are in the triple digits "mph" and as someone who doesn't like speeding tickets it sucks to drive because it takes so much time to get up to speed and it hates going slow. I've been in seriously sketchy situations in that car and it always got me through. Parts availability is nonexistent in the US because they only imported like 250 of them and they are worth nothing "$5000 in pristine condition", their electrical system is unique to the car itself so fixing electrical gremlins is a huge pain in the ass. If you got the dough to fix it you won't find a better handling car anywhere near its price range. Personally I'd rather have something that is RWD with a manual transmission, straight axle, and a light rear end so I can get the ass to hang out well below the speed limit to minimize the number of expensive tickets I get.

  24. Peugeot 205 GT, found one for like 650€ in the classified, real fun to drive, dirt cheap to buy and service. More fun that an Audi R8 for the price of maybe one Audi certified brake disc.

  25. Austin mini all the way. The sportier version have about 60 to 70 horsepower and you can go around a corner like a maniac, it sticks even with 145 tyres. An awesome little car.

  26. I love my FRS. Get into it, turn the computer off immediately, flog the puss out of it; its like going back to the 70's.

  27. Saabs. With those people focused on 0-60. If they actually drove them, they would know they cornered flat and from 5-100 would leave most things in the dust.
    VW Rabbits and Golfs. All of them. Best three wheel cornering.

  28. Renault 5 first generation(le Car in US),front wheel drive…..BUT engine weight was behind front wheel center.The benefits of front wheel drive and almost the mid engined car.You can enter the turn without slowing down and stir with a bit of left foot braking.

  29. Mazda 2 (Demio), 100 hp & ft/lbs, 2300 lbs, excellent crisp controls, and tires pushed to each corner.

  30. Well.. luved my MR2 supercharged.. a pulley, shocks and .. not real quick , but so much fun (solo winner), and if you're old enough, my FIAT 124 sport coupe, a twin cam from 1970 yum.

  31. 84 gti rabbit sway bars, port pollished heads, shirt shift kit … 88 supra, great balance , both cars made me smile each time i was behind the wheel. both under 3 grand.

  32. 1960s Honda S600 , That little DOHC roller bearing crank engine just screams and revs to 9 grand . You feel like your doing a 120 at 60 mph.

  33. 1989 Oldsmobile delta 88 royale brougham sedan, 3.8L V6 fwd. speedo goes to 85 but car goes to 120. Gaps every other normal mans car on the road. Honda’s, different hatches, camrys, etc. Under 35 mph at half throttle it’ll downshift and get up to 80 pretty quick. Over 35 at full throttle it will also downshift and get up to 100 in a matter of seconds. It’s not very slow but it isn’t the fastest thing in the world but it is a sleeper and a blast to drive.

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