Best SUVs for 2019 & 2020 ― Top-Rated Small, Midsize, Large, and Luxury SUVs

Best SUVs for 2019 & 2020 ― Top-Rated Small, Midsize, Large, and Luxury SUVs

we’re here to help you find the SUV that’s right
for you and your lifestyle. To make things simple,
we’ve picked only the best. ELANA SCHERR: Everything that
we’re going to talk about has been through our
full rating and testing process, which you can find
out more about by clicking here or there or over there. Wherever they put
the link, click it. This video covers
everything that we’ve tested up until the point that
we started shooting this video. We aren’t time travelers. We aren’t able to test
cars from the future– WILL KAUFMAN: –yet. ELANA SCHERR: We will, though. Anyway, they’re always
coming out with new SUV. And that’s why our ratings
are updated in real time. If the SUV that you’re shopping
for isn’t in this video, well, head over to
for the latest updates. [MUSIC PLAYING] Let’s start with
the little guys. Subcompacts are the least
expensive crossovers you can buy. They aren’t big and beefy,
more like raised-up hatchbacks. But they still offer an elevated
driving position and more cargo room. Our pick in the subcompact
category is the Hyundai Kona. It may look a little funky,
but the Kona is our wee winner because it has a good
grasp on all the basics and no dramatic failings. Strength number one? The interior. The cargo space
is easy to access, and there’s plenty of room. You get standard support for
Android and Apple phones. Best part for car geeks? It’s a nice ride. We like the comfort, handling,
and the turbocharged engine. WILL KAUFMAN: The
Kona isn’t perfect. But in a class full
of compromises, it brews up a great combination
of strengths in a package that feels firmly put together. It’s also available
as an EV that we happen to like very much. If you’re looking for
a little more luxury, subcompact SUVs give you
that tall hatchback life but with nicer
materials, more features, and a prestigious badge. Our pick is the BMW X1. It’s actually really
nice to drive, and the interior is very easy
to use and very well assembled. The X1’s turbocharged
engine produces just over 200 horsepower. So it scoots around respectably
for a subcompact SUV. Despite its small
size, the X1 has plenty of space for
people and luggage. The cargo capacity
is impressive, and the lift-over height is low. Just keep in mind that
some of that cargo volume comes from the
under-floor storage area, where a spare tire
would normally be kept. And outfitted with
the M Sport options, it looks pretty good too. This is one “X” you
won’t be sad to find waiting for you outside
your house in the morning. ELANA SCHERR: The X1 is
BMW’s lowest priced SUV, but it doesn’t skimp on the
things you want in a crossover. If you want something
less traditional looking, check out the Volvo XC 40, which
tied the X1 in our rankings. They are just both so good. [MUSIC PLAYING] Compact SUVs have
reasonable pricing. They’re useful in a lot of ways. And they’re a just-right size. It’s easy to see why they’ve
replaced midsize sedans as the go-to family vehicle. Our pick in small
SUVs is the Honda CRV. Since this generation’s
debut in 2017, the CRV has been an easy
recommendation to any shopper. It drives well,
has a ton of space, and a smartly designed interior. The cargo area is massive
and full of clever details. You can lower the
floor for more room or leave it flush
for easy load-in. The infotainment system supports
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The center console has
multiple configurations, allowing you to keep even large
items covered and out of view. It’s pleasant to drive. It’s no race car. But the turbocharged
engine makes passing easy and conquers
hills with quiet efficiency. WILL KAUFMAN: If you’re
looking for something that’s a little sharper to
drive, you might want to check out the Mazda CX5. It tied the CRV in
our ratings, thanks to its fun-to-drive character
and its near-luxury interior. However, you do
lose a little bit of cargo space and passenger
room in the second row. ELANA SCHERR: Oh, but what
if you need more seats? Well, you can get a compact
SUV with three rows of seating. But adding a third row does
not magically make it bigger. If anything, it takes
up your cargo room. Those rear seats are going
to be kid-only stuff. Because of that
packaging challenge, there aren’t a lot of
three-row small SUVs out there. Of them, the Volkswagen
T1 one is your best bet because of its advanced safety
and technology features. [MUSIC PLAYING] WILL KAUFMAN:
Luxury manufacturers are also throwing everything
they’ve got at the small SUV segment and coming out with
everything from stylish family hollers to high-horsepower
performance machines. Our pick is the 2019
Mercedes-Benz GLC. Now, there’s one caveat to that. A 2020 model is coming with more
power and efficiency and a more capable infotainment system. Still, the current model
is worth talking about. And hopefully most
of its strengths will carry over
into the new year. You get a lot of choices
when it comes to engines, 4- 6- and even
8-cylinder options are available, with power
and performance increasing as you go. There’s also a plug-in
hybrid version available. The interior is
roomy and functional, although the cargo space falls a
little behind some of the class leaders for sheer cargo volume. But that interior looks
upscale and feels comfortable. This is an elegant car with
a lot of high-tech features, just like you’d expect
from Mercedes-Benz. ELANA SCHERR: The
Mercedes-Benz GLC class sets a high bar for
small luxury SUVs, with its fancy cabin and
balanced driving dynamic. On that topic, we better give a
shout out to the Porsche Macan. It’s pricier, but, woo, talk
about a pleasure to drive. [MUSIC PLAYING] WILL KAUFMAN: If you have
to move a lot of gear, a growing family,
or kids who are outgrowing your current ride– ELANA SCHERR: –or dogs– like, if you have a lot
of dogs, you can also send me pictures of the dogs? WILL KAUFMAN: –then
you should probably check out a midsize SUV. Midsize SUVs combine the comfort
and ease of their smaller car-based cousins, with a good
helping of the towing, hauling, and people-moving capability of
their big truck-based siblings. ELANA SCHERR: The Telluride
may have just debuted, but it’s already our
favorite three-row SUV. It’s quiet, comfortable,
roomy, capable. And in the higher trims,
it offers luxury touches that you would normally
only find in vehicles costing thousands more. WILL KAUFMAN: Not only is
it roomy and comfortable, with space for adults
in all three rows, but it’s versatile and
thoughtfully designed. There are some nice
touches you won’t find in competitors, along
with plenty of cup holders and charge points. There’s only one
engine on offer, but it’s a punchy
V6 that offers up to 5,000 pounds of towing
capacity, if properly equipped. The Telluride isn’t the
fastest SUV in the segment, but it is smooth and
quiet on the road. Not only is the
Telluride practical, but the technology
upgrades go beyond what any other competitor
offers for the money. The Telluride really is a
great value in any trim level. ELANA SCHERR: If you need to
tow more than 5,000 pounds, check over at for
more vehicles in this category. Our top choice for a
two-row midsize SUV is the Honda Passport. Two-row, or five-passenger
midsize SUVs generally run
slightly smaller than their three-row counterparts. But they provide
more passenger room. The Passport takes
Honda’s excellent Pilot, makes it a little shorter, gives
it some off-road capability and some extra personality. Along with a spacious
interior and seats you could spend all
day in, the Honda offers a wonderful ride quality
and tri-zone climate control. Its V6 engine and
nine-speed automatic provide up to 5,000 pounds
of towing capability and strong acceleration. From its generous door pockets
to its large cargo area, this is just a roomy SUV. [MUSIC PLAYING] WILL KAUFMAN:
Luxury midsize SUVs don’t break down into two- and
three-row categories quite so easily, since many have the
option of seating four, five, six, or even seven passengers. Our favorite luxury midsize
SUV is another Mercedes. The-Mercedes Benz GLE class
has been totally redesigned for 2020, and it’s
a big improvement over its predecessor. It drives well, regardless
of which engine you choose. There’s an excellent
array of features. And the MBUX infotainment system
is the best in the business. The GLE offers plenty of space
in its high-quality interior. And you can opt for a third
row of seating if you need it. You can also get the GLE
in a coupe-body style. The new subclass of
so-called SUV coupes are very popular in the
midsize luxury segment. Don’t be fooled by the name. These coupes still come with
four doors and a hatchback. But you do trade a
little bit of cargo space and some passenger room for
more style and sometimes even a little more performance. The GLE can tow
up to 7,700 pounds when equipped with a
class-three tow hitch, regardless of which
engine you choose. It can also be an aggressive
performer in AMG guise. The new Mercedes MBUX
system is highly capable and super usable. It has intuitive controls and
a new voice command system designed to respond to you
like your cell phone voice assistant. Android Auto and Apple
CarPlay are standard. ELANA SCHERR: The
Mercedes-Benz GLE class is a great choice for
a luxury crossover. Its cabin is exceptionally
well executed. And it’s highly
refined on the road. [MUSIC PLAYING] These are the classic
utility vehicles, truck-based workhorses
that can tow a boat and haul a family of
eight at the same time. Fuel economy is
predictably forgettable, at least until you get
your credit card bill. But if maximum versatility
is what you need, these big rigs deliver. Our pick for a large SUV
is the Ford Expedition. If you have room for
it, the Expedition offers a truly cavernous
interior, quick acceleration, comfortable seats, and
high-tech towing aids. You’ll need those because
properly equipped, an Expedition can tow
up to 9,300 pounds. The Expedition may be huge,
but its turbocharged V6 makes it impressively quick and
gives it that amazing towing capacity. There are tons of helpful
technology extras, from surround-view cameras
to Ford’s easy-to-use SYNC infotainment system. The gigantic doors give
easy access to the interior. You can just walk right
into the third row. If the Expedition size is
a deal breaker for you, the Chevy Tahoe is
slightly smaller, although it’s not quite as nice
or as high tech as the Ford. [MUSIC PLAYING] In terms of road presence, there
is nothing like a large luxury SUV. With plenty of seating
and towing capabilities, these behemoths are
as functional as they are impressive. When you’re looking at
an SUV in this category, you want some personality
on top of capability. The Lincoln Navigator has both. It’s our Editor’s Choice
Award in this segment and for good reason,
style and design. It’s just charismatic
inside and out, and in a way that’s different
from the usual German luxury crowd. The widely adjustable
seats are terrific. And the yacht-like interior
offers plenty of space, especially in the extended
wheelbase L variant. It’s simply giant inside. And we like how the rear seats
fold down electronically. You get a powerful twin
turbo V6 with 450 horsepower. That is stout. And it feels great on the road. Just be ready. While that big engine can
run fine on 87 octane, it performs best on premium. WILL KAUFMAN: The
Navigator is built to impress, from its
incredible tow rating to its plush interior
and complete suite of modern technology features. The Navigator makes a very
convincing luxury ride. To find full reviews and
great deals on all the SUVs we’ve talked about today,
make sure to cross over to ELANA SCHERR: For
more videos like this, subscribe to the
channel and follow us on Instagram,
Facebook, and Twitter. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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