Best Time To Buy A Car

Best Time To Buy A Car

Bellco Credit Union Bank Smarter. Live Smarter. Car Smarts from our partner Automotive Avenues Hello I’m Michael Dane I’m with Automotive Avenues, I’ve been
a consultant here for 11 years now. I want to talk to you for a moment about auto
buying myths, time of month and time of year. Is there a “best” time of month to purchase a car? Traditional dealers have several advertising and marketing ploys that they will use to draw you in at the end of the month. One of those is that you can get your
best deal at the end of the month based on the idea that if they haven’t had a very good
month they better work very hard to get you a deal, and if they have had a good month then they
can afford to get you a deal. They owe just as much on the car or they paid just
as much for the car at the beginning of the month as they did at the end of the month
and they do have to make some money. Why do they wait until the end of the month? Well maybe they just haven’t been giving the
deals at the beginning of the month. That will happen a lot when people work on commission. That particular sales person might very well need to make that sale that day
in order to get any kind of a pay check at all. Therefore they are going to use extra pressure on you or the buyer, to purchase the car before midnight the last day of the month. What about time of year? The best time of year to buy a vehicle is when you need it. There’s always going to be certain deals out there, but some things that people don’t understand is they think that later in the
model year on a new car they’re gonna get a better deal. Oh they’re offering this discount, or they’re offing this much of a rebate, there is a problem with those, you’re not getting the actual new vehicle. Believe me, the most popular ones have gone and
the only reason they are giving these discounts is because at the same time the invoice
price on the vehicles has been raised. This is happening throughout the course of the year in order to counteract the discounts they have to
lure people in for those bargains. Bellco Credit Union. 75 Years of Banking Smarter. Bank Smarter. Live Smarter.

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  1. good tips but as a car consultant you buy the car when your ready. there will always be sales & cars. no sale? then you can negotiate more. sales? maybe all you can do is get the sale price or fixed discount, nothing more. so go when your ready

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