BEST Upgrade to Your Tesla Model 3 – 20″ Turbines

(relaxing electronica music) – Alright guys, I have found
the wheels you must get for your Tesla Model 3. These are the turbines
that you’re familiar with from the S and the X, now on the Model 3. You can get a couple different colors and they’re from EV Wheel Direct. The cool thing about
these is that they are cheaper than any other competitor’s. So check them out in the link down below, and the thing about these
that I wanna tell you about specifically is that
until the end of February, you get free shipping worldwide. And I know a lot of you
don’t have your Model 3s yet, and I’m telling you it doesn’t matter. I can tell you after having
these for a couple weeks, that these are the wheels
that you’re going to get. You don’t wanna the
Aero Wheels, obviously, you don’t want the Sport wheels. These are the ones and I’m not really much for modifications on a
car as you guys know. But I am absolutely in
love with these wheels. Obviously they’re a sponsor and that’s what this whole video is about, but I do have some data
I wanna share as well. We’re gonna hop back to
the studio here in a second and take a look at that. But make sure to check these
out in the link down below for EV Wheel Direct turbines. Here on, and I have a link in the description. You can check out these wheels here. As I mentioned, you can
get free shipping worldwide until the end of February,
which is a pretty amazing deal. And what they talk about
here is the quality, and because they were able to negotiate with the actual manufacturer in China, they’re able to sell them
at a lot cheaper with the exact same quality that you
would get anywhere else. They also have versions for
the Model S and Model X, but what we’re talking about here are the set for the Model 3. So these are called the
EVT Wheel for Tesla Model 3 and they’re just under $1,200. $1,195 for the 19-inch variety and then $1,295 for the 20-inch variety. Just to cover the specs real quick, these are the same wheels that
are the turbine style wheels that are familiar on
the S and X that Tesla makes themselves, they don’t
make these for the Model 3. Now, they come in the
two different varieties. They’re 28 pounds for the 19-inch and 30 pounds for the 20-inch. This is a complete set of four wheels, and they only have the
three different colors, the Onyx or Satin Black,
the Brilliant Silver, and Metallic Gray. Now these are load rated
in excess of 1,650 pounds per corner, and impact tested
to the SAE J2530 standard. That includes the center cap
from the company themselves, EV Wheel Direct, but they fit
the regular Tesla center cap so you can go get those
at your service center, and you just pop ’em right in, and that way you have an
official looking Tesla wheel, Tesla turbine wheel for your Model 3. So these wheels are pretty incredible. Let’s talk tires for a second. So with these rims, I
really think you should get a performance tire. The one I have here is the
Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Performance Radial Tire. It’s a 235/35ZR20 and that
means it is rated to go fast. This is arguably the
best tire you can buy, and of course it’s not cheap. In fact, they cost just about,
if not a little bit more with shipping, than
the rims do themselves, but trust me, you are going to want this. I can attest that after having
these rims and these tires for a couple weeks now, the
handling and performance really is enhanced compared to what it was just with the stock
Aero wheels, obviously. Now whether or not this is
the expense and this is where you wanna put your money is of
course your personal choice. So there are other options,
and you can get really any tire with this size. Another one I found on Amazon here is the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 Radial. It fits as well, and it looks like there is a big sale going on. Now I’m not gonna speak to
the quality of these tires. I can only speak to the
ones that I have on my car which are those Michelin ones. So keep this in mind and make sure, you probably have a tire shop locally, but if not you can get the
exact tires that I have using the link in the
description down below. Alright guys, so thanks for
checking this video out. I hope you guys are as
excited about these as I am. Let me know in the comments
down below what you think and what color you’re gonna get. I can’t wait to see
all the photos of these out there on the road,
because I think it just makes this car look how
it was meant to look. So thanks for watching, and I’ll see you back here next time.

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