Best Used Cars In The World For 20 Grand — /ROAD TESTAMENT

Best Used Cars In The World For 20 Grand — /ROAD TESTAMENT

MIKE SPINELLI: Hey, welcome
to Road Testament. Today is the last installment
of Best Used Cars in the World. That’s $20,000, the top class. And obviously for the price of
a Toyota Camry– probably a little less than a Toyota
Camry– you can get a million awesome cars. And to help us decide, we’ve
got Matt Hardigree, editor-in-chief of Jalopnik. What’s up, Matt? MATT HARDIGREE: Nothing much. Excited to be here. MIKE SPINELLI: Very good. And also, it’s cool that you’re
here because later today, we are debuting
Jalopnik on Drive. MATT HARDIGREE: That’s right. Later today, you’ll
all be watching. You’ll watching this show. You’ll be watching that
show simultaneously– two screens open. If you run it backwards,
actually, this show, it’ll play Pink Floyd over
the other show. Important to know. MIKE SPINELLI: Perfectly
synced up with Dark Side of the Moon. MATT HARDIGREE: Exactly. MIKE SPINELLI: Or what
was that other one? MATT HARDIGREE: The Wall? MIKE SPINELLI: The Wall. Anyway, so we don’t run this
show four hours because this is the hardest one to do. There’s so many cars for
$20,000, no matter what currency you’re buying in, that
I had to actually break this down into five categories
to follow. Just so we could actually frame
this in a way that might be interesting to figure out. So here are the categories
we’re going to follow. Late model boy racer,
and obviously that’s your STIs and Evos. Also some other cool stuff in
there that we’ll talk about– R32s and some Saabs. We’ll ask Mr. Saab a little
later about that one. Late model V8 fight club,
obviously your Mustangs, your Corvettes, your GTOs. German motoring instrument– that’s your BMW,
your 3 Series. Probably E46 and your Audi. MATT HARDIGREE: Or you
can get an E39 M5. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah. Although E39 M5 I was going to
put in highly depreciated luxury bruiser. MATT HARDIGREE: That’s true. That’s a good one. MIKE SPINELLI: So you have your
AMG iron in there and you have, probably, your E39 M5. And also just your
awesome classics. So maybe you could find
a Bentley Turbo R. MATT HARDIGREE: You could,
or a Ferrari Mondial. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. Or a Barracuda, like a ’66. MATT HARDIGREE: Maybe
a bad one. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah,
well, probably not the greatest shape. Anyway, so let’s go with
late model boy racer. What do you got? MATT HARDIGREE: I’m going to
probably go with an STI. There was a year there where
Subaru screwed up and made actually the regular WRX
faster than the STI. And then they reversed it the
next year and made the STI faster again. So it’s 2008, 2009. So if you get a 2008 WRX, you’re
actually coming in cheaper than a 2009
STI, or a 2009– some people in the comments
might correct me. I might have this backwards–
but I think it’s 2008 WRX. Pretend you’re Colin McRae. You’re a rally driver. Pretend you’re Ken Block
before he got mad Ford sponsorship. There’s so much you can
do with that car. It’s great to drive. I took one out on a gravel
trap and just hooned the crap out of it. And it kept going. It stood up. It’s a great deal and it doesn’t
really– an Evo sounds great but you’re that
guy who owns an Evo. And if you own a WRX, you could
be that guy who wears North Face clothing
and all that. So there’s another way to go. MIKE SPINELLI: All right. And it’s funny you should say
that because I was going to say, you go with the STI if you
happen to want to drive gravel stages once in a while. But I’m totally going
with Evo. And the reason I’m going with
Evo is just because I just think it’s a more bat [BLEEP] kind of experience. The Evo has always
been a little bit more wild and crazy. It’s always felt a little
bit more on the edge. And I mean up to IX. I’m not talking about the X. I’m
just looking at the IX MR. I don’t know if the MRs
are in the $20,000– I think they might be a
little more than that. MATT HARDIGREE: Well, you might
get a deal because the original MRs are so
stripped down. Do they even have air
conditioning? I don’t– MIKE SPINELLI: I think so,
but I’m not positive. MATT HARDIGREE: That’s a really
stripped down car. That’s a car you get if you hate
your girlfriend and you hate your parents and
your neighbors. You buy an Evo MR. And you’re
like, screw you guys. You wear a flat bill
energy drink cap. MIKE SPINELLI: All right,
check please. I’ll see you guys later. You’re right. Culturally, it’s the same. There’s another problem further
down on the list that we’ll talk about like that,
too, a cultural problem. I’m kind of OK with going with
the Evo, only just because it’s just madcap. MATT HARDIGREE: It is. No, it is almost the craziest
car you can buy in this whole list that we’re going
to go through. For the money, but also,
it’s terrible. MIKE SPINELLI: You almost
have to wear a great suit every day. And I’d probably have to– I don’t want to be like
douchebag long hair Evo guy. MATT HARDIGREE: You
can’t, yeah. MIKE SPINELLI: Problems,
problems, problems. Anyway, so that’s cool. But also in this
category R32s? MATT HARDIGREE: R32 is
good, and that’s actually a good deal. Because the new Golf R drops the
VR6 motor for the Turbo 4, which is nice in a way and
better for the environment. But the VR6, if batshit is what
you want, too, makes it a lot more fun, that motor. MIKE SPINELLI: I wonder if,
because the VR6 had such a following, whether the prices
of the VR6 ones are going to go up. MATT HARDIGREE: They’re probably
going to go up. MIKE SPINELLI: Now that
you can’t get them. But the great thing about those
is that they’ve held their value so well over the
course of eight years almost now that they’ve been around. MATT HARDIGREE: It’s a while. MIKE SPINELLI: First generation,
second generation. MATT HARDIGREE: And a lot of
them have gone into trees because there’s so much motor
up front that people try to drive them fast and have
destroyed them. MIKE SPINELLI: They tend to
vector in a straight line. But there’s also– actually Ian, Mr. Saab? IAN: Turbo X, 9-3. MIKE SPINELLI: The Saab 9-3
Turbo X, which I totally forgot about. How many horsepower? IAN: About 280, front
all-wheel drive. They’re only in black
and kind of rare. But you can get it and it has
cool sports interior and sport suspension. MATT HARDIGREE: It’s
a great car. I hear the clutches go out
easily on that car. I think you might have some
trouble with that. Watch that. MIKE SPINELLI: They burn up? MATT HARDIGREE: They burn
up really quickly. And if you’re a Jalopnik and you
accidentally burn up the only car in America that’s
a Turbo X, wasn’t me. But that happened. The Turbo X is great. I would totally rock a Turbo
X. And there would be four people on the road who
would get that as you drove by, a year. And those four people
would be so happy. MIKE SPINELLI: They
would cheer. When you try to get it serviced,
you’d have to– the good thing about that car
is it’s like you have to be self sufficient. You’d have to be like the Cubans
with the American cars. You’d be putting, like, a diesel
Lada engine in after a couple of years. IAN: The Saab parts business
is ramping up again. MIKE SPINELLI: There
you go, Ian. So Mr. Saab chiming in. Thanks very much. MATT HARDIGREE: Invest
in Saab parts. MIKE SPINELLI: Really, if you
want to know anything about Saabs, maybe we’ll do a Saab
show with Ian one day. IAN: All right. MIKE SPINELLI: Cool. So that’s the first category. Second, late model
V8 fight club. I’m just going to
go straight out. And it’s a little bit more than
$20,000 right now, but the last gen of the
latest model GTO. The 6 liter LS2 one. Just because independent
rear– I did actually write
the pros and cons. Independent rear, 400
horsepower, of course, always good. Handles great for a muscle– probably the best-handling
muscle car of its time. MATT HARDIGREE: It’s almost
a Corvette, yeah. It’s right there. And do we really have anything
comparable to that now? We have the CTS-V, but
that’s another class. MIKE SPINELLI: Maybe
the Camaro. Camaro’s sort of similar. They both came out
of Australia. MATT HARDIGREE: They’re
both Zeta platform– or proto-Zeta. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah, right. The GTO was from that
Matilda concept. The cool thing about that is you
could badge it as a Holden Monaro, or is it “Mo-nair-o”? It’s “Mo-nair-o” if you’re
in Long Island. You could get all the Australian
badges and just sort of drive around on a
left-hand drive version of an Australian car. So that’s kind of cool. MATT HARDIGREE: That’s cool. But if you’re going to do that,
I would just say just go full-on Monaro, convert it to
like an El Camino Ute SS. The problem with that car is
there are only two colors of that car you ever see. Red, which is so loud. It’s such an over-compensating
color. I love the car. I would totally buy one and
just paint it black. Because the blacks that you see
are just gorgeous cars. Or [BLEEP] magnet yellow. I could not drive a PMY GTO. MIKE SPINELLI: It’s
hard to do. And the problem is that then
they have the seats with the yellow trim. Like if it’s blue, it’s
got the blue trim. I mean, they’re not exactly
the most tasteful cars. And the problem is that
the design is actually kind of bland. It’s very jelly bean-y. it’s very dated looking because
it has that sort of straight wind-tunnel
jelly-bean look. MATT HARDIGREE: Yeah, it’s
a huge greenhouse. It’s like the Biodome. You could live underneath there
and grow your own food and be self-sufficient
underneath the roof of a GTO. Which is good, though, because
visibility is great. All these new cars, you’re up. And they’re really
high belt line. I’ll take really good visibility
and the con being looking bad. MIKE SPINELLI: I thought you
were going to say, I’ll take great visibility
for 800, Alex. MATT HARDIGREE: I’ll take it. MIKE SPINELLI: Another con for
that car is you need a shift kit because shifting is
in the next state. Another pro is that they’re
ridiculously tunable, so you can get all kinds of
stuff for them. So if you want a muscle car
you can take to the track, probably not cost a whole lot
to get it track worthy. If you have a little bit
more than the $20,000, I’d say go with that. MATT HARDIGREE: I’m going the
complete opposite direction. I’m going to say– not going to handle
quite as well. I’m going to say Bullitt GT,
Last-generation Bullitt GT– those prices are starting
to come down. First-generation Bullitt
GT is OK, too. The second generation is
fantastic, actually. The newer Mustang GT before the
5.0 was really just the Bullitt Mustang all tweaked. They took all those tweaks
and they ported them over to the new GT. And it’s great. The Bullitt Mustang
looks fantastic. The second generation of
it, they dropped the goofy fake gas cap. The exhaust, huge
3.5-inch tips. It’s designed to sound like the
original 390 that was in the Bullitt Mustang. It’s super fun to drive. On the inside, it’s kind
of cartoonish. It has a big cartoonish
shift knob. It’s like an 8 Ball, but an
aluminum 8 Ball, which is actually a great thing. Aluminum 8 Ball was
actually the name of my band in college. It was a punk reggae band. And it looks great. And when you see it, you know
that it’s a Bullitt car but it doesn’t scream. It’s great to drive. I took it out on a track. I took it actually at
Hennessey’s track, his little quarter mile back there. And you could just all day
long stomp on it– fantastic, wonderful car. Actually talking about value,
you can’t get a GT500 in the $20,000 price range. You can’t get close to it. But some of those GT500
accents, at least stylistically and on the
interior, came down from the GT500 to the Bullitt. So it’s great. And you can pretend you’re
Steve McQueen. And you can pretend you’re Steve
McQueen in a socially responsible way because
Steve McQueen couldn’t exist anymore. Because he would have
a Twitter account. And he would have to go on Oprah
because he beats his wife and is addicted to drugs. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah,
but that’s the way. You could do the reverse
burnouts and still look cool. MATT HARDIGREE: Absolutely. MIKE SPINELLI: Cool. No, I’m down. And just as an alternate, I’m
going to throw in the previous gen Mustang SVT Cobra. And just throw that
in as a tossup. MATT HARDIGREE: If you can
get a mystic paint job one, even better. MIKE SPINELLI: I thought
you were going to say mystic pizza. German motoring instrument–
all right. So basically, this is the
M3 verses S4 debate. So obviously, if you’re going
to ever go on a race track, you get the E46 M3. Basically, you buy the best M3
you can get for $20,000. And if it’s an E36 top with
30,000 miles on it, maybe that’s it. But basically, you
want the E46. MATT HARDIGREE: Yeah,
it’s hard to argue. There’s nothing else in that
class that was as good. I’ll take S4. S4 is great. But you hope you get it for
$10,000 so you can spend another $10,000 to keep
it on the road. Because it’s just such a
terrible generation of car. MIKE SPINELLI: Well,
the good thing– so the 4.2-liter V8 in the
Audi is probably the best-sounding engine
ever, ever made. MATT HARDIGREE: Amazing. MIKE SPINELLI: The other good
thing is if you have a fiancee whose parents you have to drive
around once in a while, you get the Audi. Because if you pull up with the
M3, you might as well just scream, I met your daughter
at a booze cruise. MATT HARDIGREE: And I banged
her on the first date, in that car. S4 said that I waited two dates,
three dates, took her out to a nice dinner. MIKE SPINELLI: I banged her in
the head on the booze cruise. I mean, a head on the boat,
you know, a head, like– anyway, moving on. MATT HARDIGREE: I think
it just wins this round straight out. If you’re meeting girls on a
booze cruise, you might as well have the car to match. MIKE SPINELLI: Exactly. Highly depreciated
luxury bruiser. So this is where the highly
depreciated AMG cars come in. Because basically, you can have
a $120,000 Mercedes AMG tuner for $20,000 right now. I wouldn’t want to go and have
to do a lot of work to it, because then you might
be paying another $20,000 every year. MATT HARDIGREE: Well, it’s like
the old saying, the most expensive car in the world
is a cheap Mercedes. MIKE SPINELLI: Exactly. So that’s the thing. But I do see a lot of people
driving around in $20,000 AMGs because you can get them
and they’re awesome. Yeah, they’re automatic. But I mean, if you travel long
distances, if you just want a German muscle car,
that’s awesome. Yeah, you get mostly– I guess in the $20,000 range,
it’s the compressor one. It’s the E55s, the 55 ones. But the competitor to this,
though, is the perpetual winner of almost everything
we ever do. And what is it? Because your XI, I think
that’s your pick. MATT HARDIGREE: I was going to
say Bentley Turbo R. Crap, I’m going to totally mix it up. I know where you’re going,
but I’m zagging. I am the Catera. I am the Caddy that zigs
or zags or whatever. MIKE SPINELLI: Why? I thought you were going
to say a BMW E39 M5. MATT HARDIGREE: Oh, well, OK. Yeah, I’m going to
move Bentley down here to awesome classic. It’s not really classic,
but we’re going to just screw with it. E39– best-looking pre-Bangle
BMW that exists. It’s before all of that
flame-surfacing crap. It is cool, it is cold, it
handles extremely well. It is the super sports sedan
that we all grew up loving. And it looks great. And they’re everywhere. And they apparently hold
up pretty well. Because I live in a small town
and it is full of E39 M5s. And here’s the trick, though. If you want to save your money,
don’t buy the E39 M5. Buy the 540– same engine, six speed, which
you can find with the M package, looks almost as good. It’s like $3,000 or
$4,000 cheaper. MIKE SPINELLI: I didn’t
coach him. I swear I didn’t coach him. We did this last week. MATT HARDIGREE: Really? MIKE SPINELLI: That was the
$10,000 pick because you can actually get those cheaper
than $20,000. MATT HARDIGREE: You can get
those cheaper than $20,000. MIKE SPINELLI: And
you, my friend– this is why we are like this. MATT HARDIGREE: Brothers
from another mother. MIKE SPINELLI: Yes, last week
that was exactly the thing that we were talking about. MATT HARDIGREE: You can
get the wagon, too. MIKE SPINELLI: See, that’s
another thing. So you can get one of those. So if you even want to go better
than that, you want to spend the $20,000 and get one of
those with particularly low mileage, then we’re talking
some cool [BLEEP]. MATT HARDIGREE: That’s
the way to do it. I would totally hop
in that car. MIKE SPINELLI: All
right, cool. So we missed one from back
up here, but quickly. Remember last week, we talked
about the 944 Turbo. MATT HARDIGREE: The
944 Turbo– you can get a nice 944 Turbo,
some crazy S2 whatever. You can get the world’s nicest
944 Turbo for $20,000. MIKE SPINELLI: So we figured,
yeah, let’s push that back into $20,000. Just because if you find
one for $20,000, it’s going to be awesome. MATT HARDIGREE: Concours
quality. MIKE SPINELLI: Concours
quality. Where are we? MATT HARDIGREE: I want to talk
about the Bentley, though. MIKE SPINELLI: Where are
you putting it, here? MATT HARDIGREE: I’m going
to still put it here. Forget AMG, forget BMW M.
Bentley even now does not really have a performance arm. They have super sports, they
have speed, but they don’t really have a name for it. So if you go back further,
the Bentley Turbo R– I swear I’ve seen these
for under $20,000. Look on Craigslist, post
the links in the comments to what you find. There are Turbo Rs out there. And here’s what you get
for your $20,000. You get the steak knives. You get the rotisserie. You get a 6.75-liter V8. Now, here’s the great thing
about a 6.75-liter V8. Your extra dollar gets you that
hundredth decimal place. MIKE SPINELLI: That’s huge. MATT HARDIGREE: It has
a fraction on it. Actually, if you look at the
engine, this is the only engine with a fraction
on it that is not portrayed as a decimal. And it’s fantastic. So they never released numbers
on this car because it’s so bat [BLEEP]. MIKE SPINELLI: It’s adequate. MATT HARDIGREE: It’s adequate
because that’s all they said. But Motor Trend looked
into it. And it was like 500 pound-feet
of torque out of this motor. It is phenomenal. So people like you would hate
on a Bentley because of reliability. It would be like, oh, you buy
it for $13,000 and spend another $7,000 to
drive it once. But it’s not like
an old Lotus. It’s not that bad. Because if you think about it,
the British built this engine kind of forever. Because originally they built
it for South Africa to fight in the Boer War. MIKE SPINELLI: I didn’t
know that. MATT HARDIGREE: They
did that, and then they fought the Kaiser– MIKE SPINELLI: With
the same engine? MATT HARDIGREE: With
the same engine. Then they fought the Nazis
with the same engine. And then the space Nazis,
when they came. I get all my history
from movies. That’s the space Nazis next. And then Argentinians in the
Falkland Island War, and they’re still building
the engine now. So great reliability. $20,000, just buy a
Bentley Turbo R. MIKE SPINELLI: What was
it in when they were fighting the Nazis? MATT HARDIGREE: It was
in a Spitfire. You think of rotary,
radial engines. They just put two Bentley
engines in it. And it was great. And you had your chauffeur in
the backseat running the guns. MIKE SPINELLI: Running
the guns. And your scarf just
was flowing. MATT HARDIGREE: It was great,
and you’re killing Nazis. MIKE SPINELLI: That’s awesome. OK, Turbo R. I’m going with– awesome classic, right? We don’t have any Ferraris
in here. So I have two choices. If you want to go absolutely
crazy– first of all, David E Davis,
the famous automotive journalist– the late David E
Davis– said, everybody, every man needs to own a
V12 in his life. Paraphrasing– I don’t know what he
actually said. Something like that. But the V12 to get is a Ferrari
V12, obviously. And the cheapest Ferrari V12
you can get is in a 400i. Which is the poor relation to
most Ferraris because it’s automatic, first of all. MATT HARDIGREE: It’s not only
automatic, it’s a three-speed GM automatic. MIKE SPINELLI: It’s a GM
automatic, which is the most ridiculous thing you
could think of. MATT HARDIGREE: Three speeds. One speed for every
four cylinders. MIKE SPINELLI: Exactly. But you are driving
a V12 Ferrari. And I actually really
like the design. MATT HARDIGREE: It
looks great. MIKE SPINELLI: It
looks fantastic. MATT HARDIGREE: It’s like
Pininfarina but totally sleek and low key. I think if you looked at it you
wouldn’t necessarily jump to Ferrari. I think you might think
Fiat, Lancia. There’s something else there. It’s cool. You would not be a poser running
around in a 400, which gets us to our next
car, actually. MIKE SPINELLI: Well, actually,
that’s true. But seriously, that car– you
could pull up anywhere and get out of a Ferrari 400i,
and you’re awesome. There is no douchebaggery
anywhere near that car, which is probably maybe the only
Ferrari you can say that with. Where there’s absolutely zero
douchebaggery involved. MATT HARDIGREE: The least
douchebaggy Ferrari. We proclaim it here. The late David E Davis said,
if you’re not going to look like a douchebag in a car, don’t
look like a douchebag in a Ferrari 400. He’s dead so we can put
words in his mouth. MIKE SPINELLI: Funny enough, the
least douchebaggy Ferrari has a GM transmission. So I put in the other
$20,000 Ferrari just because, you know what? It’s a Ferrari. The Mondial. MATT HARDIGREE: Mondial. Mondial T– it’s that weird engine far in
the back and you have all this extra room. MIKE SPINELLI: And the metric
wheels so you’ve got to change them or else you’ll never
be able to get tires. MATT HARDIGREE: Absolutely,
no. It’s a crazy car to own which
is why they’re on eBay for– we just saw one for $19,500. Buy it now. You can totally buy it. Here is why I think you should
actually get a Mondial. The 400 is the classy choice. You should get a Mondial
Quattrovalvole. Four valves, newer engine–
they fixed some things. It’s about 270 horsepower,
so it’s not slow. You’re going to get a red
one because that’s apparently all they made. MIKE SPINELLI: Or blue,
whatever that Ferrari blue was. And you’ve got to get a coupe. MATT HARDIGREE: Yeah, not a
cabriolet because you don’t want to be like Scent
of a Woman. MIKE SPINELLI: You don’t want
to be like, hoo-ah. MATT HARDIGREE: Hoo-ah. MIKE SPINELLI: Take the wheel. MATT HARDIGREE: What is that? MIKE SPINELLI: Sorry. That’s all I got. MATT HARDIGREE: No, that’s a
wonderful Pacino impression. MIKE SPINELLI: I don’t know
if wonderful is the word. MATT HARDIGREE: If you’ve ever
been anywhere with a Ferrari owner, all they do is wear
Ferrari clothes– not all of them. There’s some really great
Ferraris out there. Big love to Glickenhaus. But there’s so many Ferrari
owners out there– they wear the Ferrari shoes and
the Ferrari pants and the windbreaker. And it’s the worst thing
in the world. And a lot of them know
they have nice cars. If you have a 599, you spent a
lot of money to wear a lot of Ferrari gear. Show up next to that guy in the
same outfit, in the same Ferrari hat autographed by
Alonso or some crap, and sit next to him in a Mondial. And act like you’re
the same guy. Just follow him around all day
and be like, us Ferrari owners, you know how it is. Oh, going to the shop. Me and Miffy in our Ferraris. Just until they just give up. MIKE SPINELLI: I mean, there’s
no way that they– they think you’re like the puppy
that followed them home and you’re just like this. No, screw them because
you know what? You have the cooler car. MATT HARDIGREE: Oh,
absolutely. I see a 599, I look like,
oh cool, it’s a 599. Flying buttresses, whatever. But I see a Mondial and
I’m like, that guy. Actually, I was at a
Cars and Coffee and there was one there. And so I was like, dude. It was next to a Lamborghini
and it was just like, screw it. Mondial. MIKE SPINELLI: Here I
am, that’s right. The cool thing about the Mondial
is that it’s the least pretentious thing
you could have. You pull up. It’s just like you’re
pulling up in an old Duster or something. It’s like, oh cool, a Duster. It’s the Duster of Ferraris. MATT HARDIGREE: Makes
perfect sense. The late David E Davis. MIKE SPINELLI: Yes, thank you. Says David E Davis. I think that’s it. That’s it for us. We’re out of numbers. And that is Road Testament. That’s the end of our Best
Used Cars in the World. And thank you for being
part of it. Matt Hardigree, editor-in-chief
of Jalopnik. And we will see you next week. And in a couple of weeks,
we’re taking a hiatus to rebuild our set. Because this set is a little
grim, as you’ve said. We’re actually going
do some cool stuff. And also later today,
watch Jalopnik TV. It’s up. MATT HARDIGREE: Yeah,
Jalopnik on Drive. It’s going to be awesome. MIKE SPINELLI: Did I
say Jalopnik TV? MATT HARDIGREE: You did. MIKE SPINELLI: It’s all right. Jalopnik on Drive. It’s not TV, it’s MTV. See you later. [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I was in this predicament 2 months ago looking for car came down to 3 choices Porsche carrera ,Audi RS4 and a CLK550 i ended up with the CLK550 and i absolutely love it ,had it serviced at the dealership and only set me back $1K and a new set of rear tires .

  2. Really puzzled why Saab's make it on to this list – they are very unique I guess, but really pretty awful cars to live with, especially now – I don't think they would even make my top 100.

    In my experience, don't buy a second hand Mitsubishi.  Maybe the Evo's are better, but Mitsi engines are generally garbage, with soft rings and valve seats & guides that turn them into oil burning smokers after a few years, especially if they have had even a whiff of neglect.

    Other than that some great ideas.

  3. For that money, and less, you get well maintained low milage  SL500s, about 10 years old, or a 996 911 cab, or any 996 really. Or a CL 500.

  4. Did anyone actually get to the end of the video without skipping all the crap talk in the middle? God. Unbearably dull video.

  5. I like how they considered evo guys douchey, sti drivers always wear monster ken block hats and drive like assholes on 30mph roads while evo drivers are 30 year old classier guys that respect people who like their cars

  6. Dude on the right is wrong on one thing the 540i is not the same as the M5. It has the M62 while the S62 is in the M5. 

  7. Dont buy the E39 M5, buy the 540i, its the same engine, $3-4k cheaper???

    Thought these guys knew what they were talking about. The M5's 400hp S62 is NOTHING like the 540i's 285hp M62…

  8. The Supermarine Spitfire quite famously used a 27 litre Rolls-Royce Merlin (and later 37 litre Griffon) v12 which was first built in 1936 and was in NO WAY derived from the Rolls-Royce – Bentley L series engine used in the Turbo R. It was most certainly NOT a 13.5 litre v16 made by sticking together two engines for which development began in 1952 as the L series was not at all related to the 1905 Rolls-Royce v8. Matt Hardigree you are an idiot who needs to stop talking shit.


  10. E46 and E36 M3's are awesome but people think they are rare for some reason and want way too much for them even with over 100k on them. I'd rather buy a used Mustang Gt, might not handle as well out of the box but it's faster in a straight line.

  11. Most of M3 are not made in Germany !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  From 1994, most of M3 in US were made in South Africa, or US or some southeast Asian countries. M3 is mass producing car more than JDM sports cars.What a shame. They don't even know it.As for producing BMW countries, 10years ago, it was already criticized. But they say " German motoring instrument " because BMW is German car company?  cut the crap, I can't believe ……

  12. If the GTO is almost a Corvette, why not just go ahead and get the Corvette? Corvette C5 or C6. 6 sp manual, Magnetic Selective Ride Control. 350 to 450 hp

  13. Are you joking…. 11:40 has to be THE WORST dub I've listened too……… Give me a break…….

  14. Evo owner and douchebag extraordinarie here. The jalopnik guy just doesnt know wtf hes talking about on Evos or Sti.

    The MR is the most loaded evo and anyone into the evo community knows the 6 speed in the MR are shit. The GSR is the better car to build and tune. Its a evo you know you're gonna tune it done buy that weak sauce 6 speed transmission. I know all of 1 MR owner who hasnt swapped it out yet.

  15. these guys are fucking annoying, just get to the point and show us the cars.. bla bla bla bla just stfu

  16. there was an lancia delta hf integrale for sale in the US for around 20, hard to beat that, or my go: a clean unfucked with fd rx7

  17. I enjoyed the commentary but I agree more pictures and maybe even short video clips would make the segment much more engaging.

  18. W12 Phaeton, or V12 S600.  Good documentation and just be willing to pay the price after admission with lots of expensive fluids, you have a hell of a monster with wood and leather.

  19. It's the 2009 WRX you want. aftermarket turboback exhaust, cold air intake and a tune is all you need. 280hp at all four wheel with 700 Newton Meters. 60" 1.78, 1/4 mile 12.6s @ 108mph not bad for a practical hatch.

  20. The E39 M5 fits categories 2 through 5. Everyone should at least drive one once — the first time you go all out in 2nd & 3rd it is an unforgettable moment.

  21. When someone says r32 my mind goes to one place. When they continue on about something from germanland I'm instantly confused. "This person doesn't know what they're talk… oh."

  22. So nobody caught that the guy said the BMW 540i and M5 have the same motor? 4.4 vs 5.0. 280hp vs 394…come on. If i have to listen to people dribble facts out of their mouth instead of actually drive them, they better know what they're talking about.

  23. Groan… More Bangle-bashing. It's apparently a little known fact that Chris Bangle was head of design when the E39 M5 was approved. Also, the term "flame surfacing" is attributed to an auto journalist, and was never used by Bangle or his team. And not everyone agrees that the E39 is the last word on styling, either – many people prefer the aggressiveness of the E60 M5.

  24. Why the hell would you buy a GM-era Saab sedan? I can see the wagons and coupes being cool, but any Saab sedan made after ~1995 is basically a Malibu/Impala/Equinox with twice the price and slightly less cheesy plastic wood grain. Anyone who likes Saab enough to buy one is probably looking at a 900 or 9000. Performance? What performance? It's got that same rental car engine lineup, which produces marginally more power but doesn't really push the car any faster if you ordered a turbo. GM killed Saab. They spent tons of money on a brand and heritage that could finally truly get them into the premium space, that wouldn't be relegated to nursing home shuttle duty like Cadillacs, Buicks, and Oldsmobiles were, and they decided that the best way to go about that was to kill everything they'd just bought and use the badge as a price booster for fully loaded Opels and Chevys. The 9-3 convertible and 9-5 Aero wagon were the only good cars to come out of that partnership. The 9-5 sedan, 9-3 sedan, and 9-7x are literally the least desirable Saabs ever made. There are plenty of cars that you can get for $20k. The Saab 9-5 sedan happens to be one. So does the Toyota Camry. The Toyota Camry will stand out more anyway, there are tons of them but the newest ones at least stand out in a bad way, the Saab 9-5 is a standard mid-2000s blob with a $25k flame emoji on the hood.

  25. Look guys, the 540i is a very nice car…but it's really not anywhere near the M5 with that 400hp 5 liter V8. The statement that the M5-engine is just a beefed up 540i-block is ludicrous. These two engines have nothing in common, nothing except maybe the V-angle of the cylinder block. The technology on the M5 is in a totally different league than the pretty classic 540i V8.

  26. In case someone sees this and goes shopping for the late model boy racer. WRX years are incorrect. 2008 has the smaller turbo and output. You want a 2009-2010 for the non-flare lightweight big power years. sorry if the was covered below, wasnt going to verify 1k comments, just trying to save some heartache.

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