Best Wheel Lock Motorcycle-Front Wheel Bike Lock Anti Theft System-Wheel Lock Mechanism Installation

This is the wheel lock for two wheeler
bikes it is better to fit such type of wheel lock to avoid thefting of vehicle
it has these parts one clamp one U bend locking unit and the two the allen
key size is 5 mm let us see how to fit this Take the clamp the gripping area
must fit on this Place the other pad here after placing tight the bolt just hand tight it After hand tightening, tight both equally
after this, firmly on both the sides and And lock it and remove the lock that’s all
your wheel is locked When the bolts are fully tightened your
job is done that’s all it is very simple This is provided for the purpose of
keeping this you can find the difference of holes this is the big one and this is
the small one when you insert it it will get locked what happens provides a
perfect gripping so there will not be any play in the lock so it will be
secured firmly for that purpose they provided this plastic part to fit
exactly in this securing area remember This should be close to the shock absorber not to be placed in this direction If you place in this direction it will
obstract for example I will show you It should be like this close to the vehicle
not in the reverse direction it should be like this this is the standard
practice. It should not be like this

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