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  1. These punks got off easy. They're always doing some crap to get in the way of traffic. Playing chicken with drivers. Cussing at everyone. These kids need to learn.

  2. STUPID You gonna break the law then your ass is gonna get what you deserve riding your bike having fun doesn't mean do it wrecklessly their are trails you can take in stead of riding on the streets endangering your self & others

  3. Bruh I wanna see them be in the shoes of the kids parents and see what they would do if that shit happened to there kids 🤦🏻‍♂️ fake ass pigs

  4. It’s the kids fault . I was once a kid too we played football and soccer in our block we stopped and moved when cars came and respected everyone

  5. Apparently, it's illegal to have a bike flash mob in Porterville.The cops there will beat you if they think you are a traffic hazard.

    Let freedom ring.

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