Bicycle Tips & Maintenance : How to Buy a Used Bike

Bicycle Tips & Maintenance : How to Buy a Used Bike

Hi, this is Jeff from the Two Wheeler Dealer.
Today I’m going to show you some things to look for when purchasing a used bike. First
thing would be to just visually inspect the frame. Make sure there’s no cracks. The most
common areas for cracking are at any of the seams where the welds are. Especially check
down on the chain stays by the bottom bracket. Very common place to find cracks. Once you’ve
inspected it, then go through and visually inspect the tires. On this one, you can see
that they’re flat, there’s not very much tread left. You know, tires can set you back an
additional sixty dollars, parts and labors. So something to consider if you do need to
replace tires. The other thing would be rusty chains. Pedal the bike. Make sure that there’s
no stiff links. As you can see here, there’s a few links that are not moving. So this chain
would need to be replaced. A chain can set you back another thirty to forty dollars to
have installed. And lastly would be probably the cables. Make sure that all the cables
are sliding properly, and that they’re not rusty, corroded, seized up. To re-cable an
entire bike could be another hundred dollars. Beyond that, just checking over all conditions–you
know, brake pads, the grips, handlebars. Make sure the hubs and the wheels aren’t loose.
That’s about it as far as checking things over. If there are things that need to be
replaced, the bill can run up fairly quickly on a used bike you’re trying to refurbish,
so take these things into consideration before purchasing a bike.

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