Biggest Exhaust Sound Test – Akrapovic vs Stock – BRP Can Am

Biggest Exhaust Sound Test – Akrapovic vs Stock – BRP Can Am

Hi guys, welcome this new episode new today we’re going to do for the biggest sound and exhaust test that anybody does with we the CanAm I heard just purchased this brand new Akrapovic exhaust 2017 looks absolutely amazing normally i’m using this it’s Lamonster pipe together with a BIg City Thunder QQ buffle or whatever so it creates the back pressure so this is what I run normally with a stock exhaust and what we going to do today are we going to run all possible combinations so you’re going to be able to compare it you’re going to see how it looks like the bike and yeah we have a ton to do so lets start so we’ll run all four set-ups so Akrapovic ON stock exhaust on and Lamoster Pipe ON and OFF all and all the time we will do the same way so you will hear it when I start the bike then we will do acceleration from 0 to something passing by and downshifting also up shifting and we will do 40 kilometres an hour and I will just drop the gas so we can you can hear how it bubbles run it was quite a long day and this is my sum up I think if you’re really looking for a best value and if you would like to increase the sound or you want your bike to scream more I would go for Lamonster part if you would like to look cool and exhaust will still be okay not really extra loud I will go for a new Akrapovic combination of LAMONSTER and AKrapovic, boy its crazy probably I forgot to tell you two important things first one is that in Europe I’m running 95 Octans sometimes the 99 plus so if you are watching in America that’s the reason why my exhaust is bubbling a little bit more than yours and the second thing is once you put Lamonster Pipe on even if you put muffler buffler I don’t know how it is called the QQ thunder and it creates back pressure but still you will get more power but you will lose torque so that’s thing to consider as well well thanks for watching and if you liked the video just subscribe to my channel and remember always have fun

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  1. awesome..thanks
    I have lamonster pipe with stock exhaust. I'd like the voodoo pipes, I think the look cool. but these just may be too annoying to everyone else, including my wife

  2. I have a 1330 RT with a custom made pipe like lemosters running the Same standard exhaust as You F3 this mod changes the RT from sounding like a sawing machine to a Motorbike … Would love to hear the new Akrapovic for real as a camera can only do so much .
    Great video I loved the effort You have put into making it THANKS !!!

  3. Great video! Will I keep the torque in my F3 engine if I switch to Akrapovic only? Or will it reduce over all performance?

  4. Thanks for the great test! I have Akrapovic Straight Shot on my F3 and I am satisfied with the sound. I was considering to try the Lamonster pipe, but I do not want to lose the torque to have louder sound. I was wandering how much torque the F3 loses when using Lamonster pipe (together with baffle) with Akrapovic exhaust? Is it minor torque loss ? Do you also use K&N air filter as well?

  5. Martin, I'm running the 1330 Lamonster pipe now for two years on my F3-S, but the risk is too great to be stopped by the German polizei, so I'm replacing the OEM exhaust with the new Akrapovic Sinister, and putting the CAT back on to make it all legal. I know I will loose the good sound, and especially the "bubbling" of the straight pipe is super. My question, are there DB killers (baffels) in the new Sinister that can be removed? What is the sound like then? Cheers, BavarianAmi

  6. Lamonster pipe on = drunk fly sound yuk. I prefer BASS to treble any day. So in summing up…ditch that Lamonster pipe as all it does is add treble…

  7. I have a question ..I`m running the la monster pipe WITH the new soda can baffle AND the akrapovic sinister exhaust like yours …are you having any problems with your f-3 fuel to air ratio …as in running too lean?

  8. Hi, I just installed the sinister akropovic exhaust. Honestly I am disappointed with the sound. For such an expensive Exhuast, with VERY little difference from factory sound.
    Will try with lamonstrr pipe. Anything else you recommend? K&n filter? A performance chip?

  9. i want more deep sound i am not sure which one should i buy ? two brothers or akrapovic. i definitely dont want too loud. and what is lamonster pipe on ? should i buy it with exhaust for this sound ?

  10. Akropovic and lamonster is the right combo for my F3-S. Sounds awesome, it's loud and it crackles at shifts. Thanks for the video. Very helpful.

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