Biggest Myths In The Car Wheel Industry

Biggest Myths In The Car Wheel Industry

– Wheels can be a bit, well, they can be a bit
misunderstood, okay? And it’s a hot topic,
“Why?” might you ask? Well, one could say, it’s a little bit like a
Rocky Rococo experience, which by the way if you’ve
never had Rocky Rococo, I feel very bad for you. When you jump into wheels and the argument comes along with, that analogy makes no sense. Anyway, well when you
jump into the wheel scene, there’s a lotta arguments
that come across, because people just don’t really understand a lot of the history that’s going in out of the wheel industry and all the fun, quirky
stuff that happens in it, because there’s quite a bit. There’s quite a bit of things that go on. That not a lot of people know, and it’s a little bit confusing. And then people argue on the internet, and then it’s just weird and
it makes me uncomfortable. It’s like if only there was a channel that could talk to you
about some of the myths in the car wheel industry, that help, you know, clear the air, if you will, kinda remove
the fog and allow you to know exactly what are
some of the car myths in the, in the, in the, in the wheel industry. I’m Alex, Alex.FI on Instagram, and today we are gonna be
talking about the top myths, in the car wheel industry. Lets go. And if you’re just jumping into this, don’t forget to subscribe, so we can keep makin’
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on something right now, our war is on bunk fitment, okay? And this will actually show what wheels fit on your car, so its actually very nice. Do yourself a favor, go check it out. Anyway, the wheel industry
is an odd place to be, okay? It usually requires a
good chunk of change, to actually get into. It’s incredibility difficult
to create anything, that is original in its
own way, shape or form, because there’s always like hints of different designs in everything. And has quite a few different communities, when you look at the wheel industry, that only run certain
wheel setups, or styles, because of the loyalty to the brand. You’ve got a lot of people that will just stay within one car wheel company, or car wheel manufacturing company, because that’s what they like. Now loyalty is good, but it can be a little
misrepresented in the wheel industry. You see, on this wonderful green earth, there’s only so many
factories that make wheels. You might be asking yourself, “why? “Why does that exist, Alex?” Well, I’ll tell you why, because wheel manufacturing
takes a good chunk of space, all right? It requires a massive
amount of upfront resources, and for the most part, is an actual pain to do. So most of these
factories end up overseas. Most predominantly, they end up in China. Now there’s a lot of
companies and factories that would want to make them in America, but they’re expensive to do it. There’s even been rumors
of companies like, Wheel Pros and stuff like that, trying to make an American factory, to make their wheels. Which sounds fantastic, and I pray that Rotiform Wheel
prices don’t go up, okay? But what does this mean? Well, it means you got a few
forging companies in America, since that’s all bespoke stuff, and that’s where you’ll see
a lot of wheel manufacturers say that their wheels are made in America. But really, there’s mostly
factories in Taiwan and Japan, a couple in Europe and the
rest of them are in China, because anything that’s
not a bespoke wheel style is gonna be made overseas. I am patiently waiting
for a coffee sponsor. I know we talk about China
and everybody gets mad, or they don’t get mad, maybe because they don’t
care anymore, I don’t know. When I was young, everybody
cared about that stuff. Then, people would be like, “what? (speaks in foreign language) Huh? That’s bad. Well, no and actually, mostly really no. Okay, because most cast wheels, even rotary forged wheels are going to be made overseas. Predominantly by Chinese factories, and it may be easy to
think that, that is bad, but the quality and finish kinda surpasses a lot of
the worldwide competition, ’cause when it comes to business everyone’s always gonna
go to the what’s the best, or what’s the cheapest. And a lot of times if
you go one way or another you’re gonna have one hell of a ride. To top it all off, because the factories
are so stacked with work, they’ll only take on the biggest orders. Now remember there are
only so many factories, especially overseas. Which means that a lot of
aftermarket wheel companies that are natural competitors, or indirect competitors,
to people like you, and people like me go in together on getting their wheels
made at the same factory. Different companies will make their wheels at the same factory. – We have technology! Dah dah dah dah! – Its true, lots of the differences in cast wheels are minuscule at best. With the biggest important being testing over everything else. You don’t want a wheel to
blow out underneath you. But go to a factory in China or Taiwan and you’ll find 10 to 20 different brand, all having their wheels
built at the same time. The same way, with the same systems. And its kind of interesting because nobody wants to talk about the fact that a lot of
those are made hand-in-hand. Once it hits the states though, people wouldn’t bet a dollar, that they were made the same way because of brand
recognition and marketing, because once it hits the states the companies they go their very, very, very much separate ways. Now people making wheels together isn’t the only thing
that seems to be a myth. Or at least seem to be a thing that not a lot of people know about. But another thing is that people usually don’t get too mad about it, because it doesn’t hit
their front door yet. A big myth about the
wheel game though is that, because if you have an expensive wheel, that means that you have the best quality. And you have to kinda
look at that and say yes, but no because if you take
a good example like Konig, they’re kind of the ones that would be fighting that the most. They make original rotary forge wheels that are super functional looking, and most of them are
right around a $1,000.00 But those wheels in any other company, and the price will probably be more around 1400 bucks, or 1600 bucks, one would maybe even say 1700 bucks, because of the amount of
function that’s in the wheel. Because Konigs are under the price point, some people feel that they don’t make good enough wheels, because they associate price with quality. Which is entirely not true, the reason their pricing is where it’s at is due to the sheer volume of wheels that Konig makes
with it’s subsidiary partners and it’s big boy upstairs,
which is YHI International. Pair that with the tech that YHI has and what they share with Konig and their affiliation through some other companies, like Enkei. And all of the sudden
everything gets really confusing and gray, because certain factories make these parts but not these parts, or these parts, but not these parts. But Konig gets the best of both worlds because they ultimately get
to have their wheels made with some of the best tech out there, without paying a super high price point, because they share the space
with their other brands. These older companies
like Konig, Enkei, Work and even Rays all share history like this. And even though officially
they’ll probably never come out with that, they have many ties, connections and similarities with
others in the industry that the price they set on their wheels is largely based on whether they are going after a very specific customer or just simply because people
are willing to pay for it. That’s where the loyalty thing and the price thing go hand-in-hand. When we talked about, back at
the beginning of the video, when we said loyalty is important but you need to be careful. Now loyalty is good but it can be a little
misrepresented in the wheel industry. Because loyalty will also
make you usually pay more, for something even if
the quality is a standard to somebody else. And finally another big myth is the image of what makes a wheel real. Now I’m sure we’ve all heard it before, people on the internet, they’re like: “I’ll only buy the real wheels,” which is good, that’s okay, support real wheels. Yes, okay, and I completely agree. Finding wheel brands that
care about their product and not just about a sale, and build that loyalty with them. That’s what you wanna do, okay? Work is iconic for having huge following of loyal customers because of how much
care and craftsmanship, they put behind their wheels. But just like all good things in life, that doesn’t mean big
brands don’t make designs that look like another company. Just happens, it happens all of the time. Now whether people care
to admit it or not, is whether they’d like
to turn the old blinders and say “No I didn’t see that.” But it happens literally all the time. You’ll find old Enkei wheels,
Weds and even Rotiforms that share design similarities with other different designs. And its not a bad thing, and you don’t wanna be mad, because it just happens. It’s better to find a brand that aligns with what you care about as a wheel, than solely looking at a design creation as their validity, because
I’m gonna just pinky, pinky, pinky promise, that every single wheel out there took inspiration from
another brand or design. Again, what I’m saying there is that your wanna find a brand that you can find loyalty with, because they care about their product. And the quality that they’re making not just the design, okay? Try getting your hair cut unlike anything else out there, and it probably end up looking like a Velociraptor, which is why
so many wheel designs share so many similarities. So what was a question you
always wanted to have answered when it came to the wheel industry? You have to remember that there’s probably quite a few questions that
you may have out there, so drop a comment below and we will answer them for you. Because guess what? This isn’t health class, so be careful what you write
down there in the comments, okay, we’re not here to answer
your 7th grade questions. And if you’re looking for aftermarket, wheels tires or suspension though? Be sure to check us out over
at where we literally have
every single wheel, and tire suspension option
possible, all right? Plus you can check out the gallery, where you can build your wheels, tires make sure everything fits, so you don’t have bunk fitment. I’m Alex , from Fitment Industries. We will see you later, peace.

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